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Farewell, Central City

Central City, Nebraska.

Who would have thought that a town with a population of 3,000 would become a second home to this girl from Los Angeles? 1 042 mots de plus


The Worst of Times

it was the worst of times,

getting high in a stranger’s house,

where my friends slept on the couch,

they were homeless and

he still owes me for his bail, 38 mots de plus

Life Update

Hello. I feel depressed, again. Somethings just do not go away. They keep coming back. Even if they did not happen. Those events can come back at you and try and attack you. 228 mots de plus

Stolen Lost

Lost is stolen
from you.

A slot for lack,
a called need
for the things you
can never name
nor have.

Tossed disorientation
drifts in the hidden… 63 mots de plus

Just Another Day

  • Sertaline – 100 mg
  • Brexpiprazole – 2 mg
  • Bupropion – 150 mg

Things took a sharp turn 2 weeks ago. I hit close to bottom again. 297 mots de plus

Mental Disorder

Laughing Out Loud

So today we went on an adventure to find a Christmas tree.  We piled my 2 daughters, who are still at home, and the dog in our trusty old suburban and traveled about an hour into the mountains.  1 551 mots de plus


Thankfulness Mondays -" I Have A Dream "

Another Monday (week 24 of 52) participating with Bernadette from ‘Haddon Musings’, recognizing things in our live to be thankful for, offsetting many negative issues that surround us all daily. 372 mots de plus