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I’m sorry that I haven’t updated in a few days, but the proverbial shit hit the fan as soon as my husband came home and I regressed into an emotional mess once again. 1 146 mots de plus

What's in a Bowl?

Something inside me continues to question why. Why is that our brains have to make us suffer? Why is it that our hearts have to make us suffer? 330 mots de plus


Perfect Strangers

I heard or read somewhere that we should try and turn our heartache or pain into art. So here I am in front of my laptop about to bleed on it. 770 mots de plus



I’ve never been a big fan of gardening, most likely because I grew up during years of drought here in Australia and nothing really grew except Australia native, which while beautiful don’t require a lot of care once established. 697 mots de plus


Successful: daily prompt

4 am



Your dick

Does nothing

For me

Half day

Slept away

Oil pull

Herbal hair

put the fabric

On the skin

Go… 25 mots de plus


College stresses

I am officially two weeks into the Personal Support Worker (PSW) program at Loyalist College. The first week was hard. I had issues with my anxiety and had a hard time meeting my classmates and professors, but this last week has been pure hell for me. 755 mots de plus


#NuancedExposures: Mental Health with Lisa Gilliam

Today’s VLOG is a discussion with my good friend, Lisa Gilliam, about mental health.  She is a counselor by profession, a licensed minister, and founder of Celebrate Life – an annual event that uses the creative arts to spread a message of hope and educate about mental health. 14 mots de plus