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A text to a friend during COVID 19

Hi. So things are not good for everyone right now obviously. But I’m really struggling. There’s a lot weighing on me. And I can’t help but feel that I shouldn’t be so upset because so many have it worse than me. 94 mots de plus


Late at night

Is weird seeing all the people complain about not being able to sleeps since quarantine started

They can’t get some rest, they try to close their eyes but their mind keep making their thoughts get the best of them… 78 mots de plus

Mental Health


We’ve been locked out from the world for 2 weeks now. I never thought I’d miss so much to take a coffee out somewhere, or go into a nearby forest just for a walk. 173 mots de plus

True love?

Thank you for loving me better than I had ever loved myself

Winter is coming!!!!

As we see

The GDP of Iceland was 13 billion dollar, pretty fascinating for a county of 3,20,000 people. In 2000. the Govt. decided to fully privatize the three banks of the country, they stopped speculation and loosen their grips over those banks. 459 mots de plus

two metres in lockdown (29/March/20)

still dark… thunder is such a huge sound… a sound that makes it feels like it shifts the whole planet an inch or two one way or the other… we’re on borrowed time now, one hour to be precise, having travelled through time although it happened while we were asleep; we missed it, typical… what was it like?… can I remember?… not sure it helps any more, this shift, particularly as one day now becomes another, there are no weekends any more, nor Monday’s to hate, nor hump-days or tomorrow’s Friday days… just one long day periodically interspersed with period when the eyes are closed, of… 153 mots de plus


Insomniac Lounge 1:13 a.m.

I should and could be asleep right now. But I started falling to sleep and bolted awake from an abrupt panic attack. I’m no psych professional but I think it was subconscious guilt. 1 231 mots de plus