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It's over

So it looks like me and my boyfriend won’t be together for much longer. I got a call from him last night to tell me that he doesn’t know if he feels the same way. 135 mots de plus

Damn life is both a bitch and good.

The truth of my life is I was given a time frame on its expiration, unless I get a transplant. The funny thing is I am not sick enough to be on the list. 168 mots de plus

My Mind

Sometimes my mind resembles a nest of one milion tiny maggots who are vigourously trying to destroy it.


From “Who to be” to “Who I am?” (2 min read)

Written by Millionaire’s Digest Team Member: Shubham Gupta

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As I write this, a quote in my high school corridor flashes across my eyes: “Do not underestimate yourself. 449 mots de plus


Poem 35

Unwarranted shame imprints on the mind

Poisoning otherwise pure moments

Infecting the smiles of momentary relief

From a grief abundantly potent.

The struggle to heal and fight is real… 52 mots de plus


Depression, Doom & Gloom, The Dark Cloud

It took me years to recognize when I was depressed.  I was always running on empty, raising the kids, working all the time, going to school and hardly sleeping. 301 mots de plus


this is grief . . .

I either see my father on-the-go at work

Or I see him exhausted. burnt out and fed up with his work.

In both scenarios, he is ignoring me. 408 mots de plus