Mots-clefs » Depression


Ohh Monster. . Ohh monster..
Where are you?

It’s been awhile since you stared into my eyes.

What do you do?

Since You haven’t been dragging me down? 77 mots de plus


True colours

Why is it bad to be mad?

To feel mad, and separate from others. To enjoy to be separate from others.

I hear it seap through my skin, a high pitch ring, triumphant in win. 56 mots de plus


Day 6 - My Birthday!

Yesterday was my 23rd birthday! And I was pooped!!!

The party the night before had completely wiped me out in the morning but somehow the adrenaline kicked in and kept me awake. 385 mots de plus


Little Poem I Wrote Last Night (short)

Woke up tired and retired till fired

Surpass the laughing gas with masks from the past

Sit up straight till fate is late and open the gate… 49 mots de plus


Internal (?) Secrets...

What are you hiding
you have a secret
whatever it is, you need to release it

What you display, is internal pain
the behavior promiscuous… 7 mots de plus


My fault because i'm a depressed frig?

Getting angry for no apparent reason. Sometimes because of the things i IMAGINED. And sometimes because nobody knows better than me (cause i notice too much). 294 mots de plus



Life is messy, and then it’s right.

Life is guided with a map, and then then a storm routes elsewhere.

Life bites, until you bite harder. 58 mots de plus