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A poem a friend shared with me and given permission to publish here.

Empty and broken

that’s how he left me.

Numb in the heart and shattered… 73 mots de plus


Progress and Prozac

Since the last blog entry, we’ve improved our situation immensely.  The mental health hospital hadn’t had a bed available, so we dealt with this at home.  235 mots de plus

My first blog post

I have taken it upon myself to start writing a blog. Time and time again I have sat and wrote little snippets of my life, but I have never had the courage to post them for the whole world to see. 233 mots de plus


How the positive movement is not so positive

There has been a new wave around positivity for a couple of years. ‘Think positive and positive things will happen to you’. ‘Be grateful and the universe will give you more’. 565 mots de plus


Well, sh*t...

I exploded. My parents (and the neighbors too) know everything now.


I’m waiting for some leftover pizza to warm up now.

I guess at least I’m not thinking about killing myself? 6 mots de plus

Borderline Personality Disorder

Shouty to mousey

Sorry sorry sorry, I’ve been away for a little while. I meant to write, but you know how it is, you just get caught up being alive that you forget. 563 mots de plus