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The Depression Report: Reflections on moving

*brushes aside layer of dust*

Oh hey there blog. Yep, I haven’t totally forgotten about you.

There’s a whole number of excuse I could give, but let’s skip to the interesting part. 675 mots de plus


I Want To Go Home, But I Don't Know Where Home Is

I’ll admit, it has been hard lately. I’m sure tons of people know the feeling, when you’re really down and all you can think about is how badly you want to go home. 327 mots de plus


Just who is dangerous to know? – This book keeps you guessing.

Today is my stop on the ‘Dangerous to Know’ Blog Tour.

First a bit about the novel:
‘Dangerous to Know’ by Australian author Anne Buist features troubled forensic psychiatrist Natalie King, who is back from a stay on the psych ward. 423 mots de plus

Book Reviews

Day 2

To further reduce the complexity in my mind, I am in process of de cluttering my work and home spaces. Cluttered environment most of time distracts and creates unnecessary stress, just looking at or thinking about it. 132 mots de plus

To Cut or Not To Cut

A topic came up the other day at a training I was doing at work where one of my colleagues asked « what brings a person to succumb to cutting themselves or other self harming behaviors? 899 mots de plus

Funniest video yesterday.

Yesterday I saw a video of a bullfighter being gored up the butt by a 530 kl bull. He got anally fucked by a 30 cm horn! 24 mots de plus


Stay for awhile

Lord have you seen me floating

Untroubled and smiling?

Have you seen me passionate

In both joy and excitement?

When you look down at me… 48 mots de plus

Contemplative Poetry