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Melancholia & a Bed of Roses

It’s hard to feel so weighed down

and yet so empty.

Like a balloon without enough air left to float away.

My life feels like a sheet, 92 mots de plus

Time goes so fast

Time goes so fast, well it feels like it anyway. It tricks you, you think you have so much time and then it’s gone. 

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It didn’t take much for me to feel deeply insecure, as soon as AH started talking about his ex-girlfriend in the first few weeks after we started sleeping with each other. 314 mots de plus


So I go my first not complete rejection today, I have a job interview. I suck at interviews but that is ok.

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I complained 

I complained about my previous councillor because I felt like he didn’t care or put effort in. But I feel like such a bad person for it.

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The Liebster Award

I was both surprised and flattered to learn that Bluish Taka (https://moreorlessbluish.wordpress.com/) has kindly nominated me for this award. Thank you so much. He’s a great up and coming blogger in his own right – check out his post on… 1 117 mots de plus