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Would you think I was crazy

If I said the dark gave me peace?

There are no blaring lights,

In these calming nights.

No one can really see, 91 mots de plus

My Obsessions

You Gotta be Hungry

I’m experiencing a nasty seasonal depression.  I don’t know why. This is the year that an entire generation of my family officially died (less my mother) but it isn’t tragic. 608 mots de plus

the library of my past

is it wrong

for a part of me

to long to be back in the past

when i did not have a monster

to fight everyday… 215 mots de plus

Ba Hum Bug or Why I Hate The Holidays

I used to love this time of year! When my kids were little, Christmas was a blast! We always decorated the house and put up a tree. 515 mots de plus

Bad Days

Sh** That was a mistake

I’ve been studying for almost 2 weeks now because of finals. Which anyone whose been in college knows that means little real food and major chip consumption. 44 mots de plus