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Catch a Wave, You'll Be Sittin' on Top of the World

I’ll confess…I’m feeling depressed.  With my recent stomach virus that kept me out of work all last week, my children getting strep throat with an alarming high fever, and things not going the way I perceive at work, I would say my episode of depression was inevitable.   420 mots de plus


Sunny day, sunny me!

Oh, my gosh! I have had such a great day thus far!

First, my really exciting news. I applied for a busker position at a farmers’ market, as a singer, and I got it! 1 600 mots de plus


So, I went to New York this past weekend!

Man, everything was so overwhelming. I love cities. I beg Nate all the time to move me the heck to Detroit. 1 496 mots de plus

Love is a Process

I think there is a misconception that as soon as mothers find out they are pregnant, especially those who have planned their pregnancies, they will love their unborn baby as soon as they realize they are pregnant. 608 mots de plus


She Returns

I see the clouds on the horizon,

building, stacking, darkening,

Its always the first sign that She is returning.

I spend the day hoping that the sun will win out, 44 mots de plus


Artificial Intelligence

History does not repeat itself here , I am history. Well that and a database of memories, known and unknown, by which I futally make sense of the worlds operations. 30 mots de plus