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I love how people can ruin your life and then go about like nothing ever happened. It’s ok. It’s not like I was just starting to feel a little better or anything. 25 mots de plus


social media

We live in a generation that thrives through the Internet. Social media is everywhere, and everyone uses it in one way or another. Since today’s generation seemingly lives on the various platforms of social media, that is where they seek praise and attention. 930 mots de plus



You have been staring blankly at the clock for hours, and you have no idea why. You didn’t bother to figure it out. You just kept on waiting, waiting for something to happen, someone, to come to you, and do something that would make you feel alive again. 267 mots de plus


I'll be okay

I’ll be okay I always say
Those 3 words I say again and again
It’s been 39 years in this life of mine
And it feels like I do this all of the time… 230 mots de plus


What's the Point of Exposure Response Prevention Therapy?

We are in Tok right now on way back from a trip into town for appointments and shopping. I was thinking about something on the long road trip. 1 702 mots de plus

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Looking up the ladder

I can tell you I’ve started more blogs than I’d like to admit. And, this time….I don’t want to blog. If truth be told, I just want to write. 284 mots de plus


My body...please wait 

I’m sorry you don’t feel loved

I promise to fall in love with you one day

I’m working on it

Please give me time

Time to love the stretch marks on my thighs… 38 mots de plus