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Running into a Brick Wall - 2


The man slowly walks the woman back away from the wall. When they get about twelve feet from it, he says « There is a nice patch of grass and sunshine just a few more steps away. 1 005 mots de plus


I Accept My Resignation

Okay a follow-up.

The $0.00 art challenge was a failure in every way, shape & form. While I’d had offers of free art supplies from people on Kijiji, actually picking them up was a nightmare. 175 mots de plus

Really? ANYONE You Know?

Things you don’t want to hear your psychiatrist say when you tell her you have the flu:

« Wow. You get sick more than anyone I know. »

Random Thoughts/Happenings

Looking Into The Crystal Ball

Are you able to recognise good advice when it’s given?, I’m not entirely sure, you see there are so many opinions that abound around mental health even from the professionals it’s hard to differentiate between professional and personal and just plain bad. 592 mots de plus


Counseling and the Cross Walk Life - Part 4

Counseling and the Local Church

There are so many things that could be discussed concerning the local church, but at this particular time, I want to talk about the local church as a counseling center. 1 081 mots de plus


Red Schwinn Update

The parts are starting to flow in. I just received the newest part for the build. The color scheme is definitely becoming more apparent.. Check out the… 14 mots de plus

3/1 and 2/28: Time Bleeds

Time bleeds, bleeds onward. Days fade through each other.

It’s 6 am Monday and I haven’t slept in about 48 hours, at least ten of which were spent lying in bed trying. 235 mots de plus