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Sometimes, There is Light

So it recently came to my attention that I haven’t posted on my little blog for over a year- how hideously neglectful of me! Creating and curating this page has been invaluable in regards to understanding and dealing with my mental health issues, and while I have only 100 or so followers, every single one of you means the world to me. 665 mots de plus

Mental Health

Not Coping

To be honest with you all, I’m not coping at the moment. My ankle injury is ruling my life. I know that sounds really dramatic but it really feels like it is. 336 mots de plus


22nd May - Am I Slipping Back Into Depression


Mood – worried

This is my first entry in ages, few reasons I stopped blogging my diary but the main one was I felt alright. 372 mots de plus

Daily Entry


The shop’s beige couch was vacant and up for grabs. I ordered a highly caffeinated drink. There were only a few people inside: an elderly lady reading… 333 mots de plus

Panty Junkyard

(Insert interesting title here)

I know I should speak to someone but I can't I can't because I'm too terrified and I don't know why I just want to get better My heart is telling me "speak out, get help" But my brain is shouting "die" 332 mots de plus


Holiday Anxiety

My partner and I are going on holiday this week. In our four years together we have rarely been away; once to Italy for a friend’s wedding two years ago; once to a cottage in Cumbria for a few days with all our friends for New Year’s; a night away here and there for weddings and trips to see my parents. 1 356 mots de plus

Mental Health