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There’s a hole, in my heart, or in my lungs.

There’s a hole and I can feel my commitment issues leaking into my chest like dirty water. 123 mots de plus

Lessons learned

One thing my therapist and I have talked about is growing pains. Those moments when I can feel . . . something. I’m never quite sure if it’s anxiety, depression, a combination of both, or something else entirely. 241 mots de plus


The Cost of Crazy

I wanted to expand a little on what I wrote about yesterday. I’m still not feeling all that much better, but I thought I’d talk about some of my issues with trying to push myself through those days like yesterday, when the anxiety and depression sets in, and I can’t for the life of me figure out the underlying reasons. 879 mots de plus



If I had one wish that was guaranteed to come true, I wouldn’t choose for him to love me or my father to love me or to see my future or to find a new… 152 mots de plus


I have been struggling with my anxiety lately. Tonight I have been feeling really bad, and I think I will need to take medical action. It’s getting to the point where I am acutely suffering, and maybe an anti anxiety med is needed. 223 mots de plus

Mental Illness

Follow your thoughts.

I was always getting sacked.
Shelves were left unstacked.
While I talked to a cabbage I thought was a cat.
You aint seen me.
I have dissolved into LSD. 95 mots de plus

Mental Engineering--with friends!

I’ve been visiting family. I know my parents were worried about family politics beforehand—both of them talked to my sisters and me about it. They had different fears. 721 mots de plus