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February 7th Thoughts

I can’t go away to lie in sleep
For I long to remain in this moment of clarity
Elevated and aligned
As if awakened for the first time… 83 mots de plus

The Tale of Two Panic Attacks featuring the Societal Stigma Around Mental Illness

Yesterday, I had two panic attacks. This has never happened in one day before. I’ve done a lot of thinking today and have decided to share my experience and my hope for the future following this posting. 1 383 mots de plus


Let Me Drown... For Now.

I don’t know how to start again. The exam results gave me a roller coaster of emotions, mostly negative, though. I’m trying to stay positive and keep my hopes high but you know, things got a little depressing lately. 157 mots de plus



I’m tired of drama, of feeling betrayed, of being treated like shit, of my « friends » acting like me being depressed is something that just is; as thought it’s not a mental illness that effects my life on a daily basis. 226 mots de plus


Redemption, Part 1

**** So, i feel the need to clarify that this particular narrative is a little darker than the narratives with dallin in them. jackson, as it turns out, has a much more troubled soul than dallin, and perhaps a more hopeless view on life than him, too. 2 277 mots de plus


That's not just "life"

Beware of the phrase, « that’s life ». Those who say it think they have given up on what life can truly be- wild, wonderful, and amazing. 120 mots de plus

Reflections from Rock Bottom.

I stumbled across my diary from when I first fell ill – written literally a few weeks into my illness. Usually all of my diaries are written in hand, but this is one of the rare ones which was typed, and I know exactly why; because I was too weak to hold a pencil when I wrote it, so I typed aggressively until my fingers went numb. 1 597 mots de plus