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I find myself quite at a loss: I’m not really interested in doing anything.

What is this feeling? I don’t quite get it. How do you function when you don’t want to do anything? 50 mots de plus


Friendships & Recovery

« It’s not always easy to know how to help a friend who’s struggling with depression. »

« It turns out that just being there for that person might be the best thing that you can do, according to a new British study. 417 mots de plus

Learn Something

Tropical Depression : Life lost in Paradise

Oahu, an invitation to all. International flights scan the horizon all hours out of Honolulu. Twenty to thirty thousand people grace the passenger count on these planes each day. 1 106 mots de plus


8.27.15 6.30PM

& the sweet escape of a cigarette
& the darkness of the internet

& sugar in my espresso
& the sharp point of a stiletto… 25 mots de plus

From Back Then

This is one very early drawing. I was really into swirls and thorny vines.

This is the first week in a few where the morning sadness sends me out the door to work in tears. 156 mots de plus


I try to stay positive. Something that sometimes seems to be an impossible task. This morning was difficult. I locked myself in the bathroom and cried. 124 mots de plus


Precious Treasure Thrown Away

Empty eyes and smiling lies, side-arm hug and quick good-byes;
Twenty in pocketbook oversized, off to traces of talking faces;
Girl left behind again, bereft of mother with strain of tears… 246 mots de plus

Personal Growth