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I wanted to believe him. He told me. The words that came out of his mouth are flying around in my head. He loves me. He would never do it again. 9 mots de plus


Monday Morning Rage

Monday is such a common pet peeve in our society.

– How are you?

– Ugh it’s Monday (insert a frown).

To be completely honest, I struggle with that too. 852 mots de plus


Who Am I Really?

Sometimes when I look at myself, I feel so uncomfortable and feel like I’m watching this person in a me-body doing me-things but I always have the distinct impression that I don’t know who « me » is. 459 mots de plus

Moaning time

Needing a proper moan so here goes!!! Feeling a little stressed and out of sorts the past couple days. Could definitely class myself as irritable, on the verge of tears every 5 minutes, absolutely shattered & generally meh! 151 mots de plus


5 Bible Verses for Hard Times

« Your word is a lamp to guide my feet and a light for my path » Psalm 109:105

I decided to share on here something I’ve had on my heart for a while.

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Day 23: Accepting depression?

Today, I came across both a blog post and You Tube video of different women who were ‘coming out’ as experiencing depression or just the fact that they are unhappy in some aspect of their life. 785 mots de plus

30 Day Challenge

My First Shitty Apartment

…My first shitty apartment was a third-floor walk-up in a house that didn’t really have a third floor – like if your grandma rented out her attic. 490 mots de plus

Object Writing