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A Defining Word

For me, so much of writing is about finding that first word.  It takes a partially formed thought and through inspiration turns a jumbled mess into coherent expression.   534 mots de plus


too anxious about letting it feel pretty to actually let it feel pretty until you're actually in it and it feels pretty then what were you so worried about the whole time?

Do you ever think
You’ve experienced
Maximum beauty?

Rolling on the floor
Laughter, Freedom, Love
All movie moments with
Little shiny light circle glimmers in the top corner… 172 mots de plus


Saving Me From Me

Countlessly I do this to myself,
seeking beyond the limits,
I expect too much,
my mind cracked against the stones,
explosions go off within my head… 95 mots de plus




Depression is simply a mood state

You try to accept that, to breathe

As it silently weighs you down

A heavy, blanketing burden of despair… 226 mots de plus

Daily Life


I cannot simply say how much this has been said to me. Whether it’s said to my face or on the internet. My entire life had pretty much revolved around my self-confidence because of my scars. 194 mots de plus


I made a friend, I CANCELED THE PRINTS, and I feel my self slipping

The life updates saga continues

I forget if I told you guys in the last post and im too lazy to check so im just gonna explain it here. 285 mots de plus