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Antidepressants aren't just for depression anymore, study finds

Antidepressants didn’t get to be the third-most commonly prescribed medication in the United States for nothing. In fact, says a new study, the medications taken by more than 10% of American adults may be so ubiquitous because they are used to do so much. 660 mots de plus

Daily News

black dog

I’ve been reading up on depression ever since my therapist gave me antidepressants and today, just now, i encountered the term « black dog ». 57 mots de plus

The impetus to LIVE life

It has struck me so often over the last nine months as to how I acted around my wife versus how I acted around Miranda, how I felt around one versus the other. 581 mots de plus


When jumping from the US Bank building outside my window feels like winning the jackpot

How do you deal?

There are days, and then there are real motherfuckers. Recently, they have all been the latter for me. It’s not a stretch to say I feel hopeless more often than not. 1 036 mots de plus

We all have Bad Days.

It is often something we chronics don’t allow ourselves.  Allowing ourselves bad days without guilt and other emotional attachments.  It is hard to go from an active person, to someone who struggles with every day tasks.   768 mots de plus

Chronic Illness

Not Again

My mother is ill. The general consensus of the medical world is that it is highly likely to be cancer. I haven’t even reached the second anniversary of the loss of my father yet. 8 mots de plus


The beginning.  

I have been thinking on writing about all different things I have in my mind. I thought on writing about my passion i.e design, food or even music but I don’t feel that way anymore I’m a person who suffers from depression and anxiety the best two things you can have if dealing with anxiety is not enough. 307 mots de plus