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I hate myself. I realize that’s a common theme with me these days, but today I can’t stop crying about how awful I am. This woman on the train was howling, that awful guttural cry you make when something is horribly wrong. 440 mots de plus


You Are When Nothing Else Is

When sorrow beats my faith down

When heartache won’t subside

When anger burns through my soul

And despair knocks me down, over & over

You stand with me, kneel with me, … 170 mots de plus


ALL GOOD......

Afternoon all. The slow upward trend continues, went to my CBT counsellor today to discuss the events of the last few weeks. Things have been moving on apace, notwithstanding some very difficult moments. 194 mots de plus

Ian Fullbrook

Tiny Lines #13

Lost amidst the deep dark clouds,
I yearn for freedom
Hands that tied me belonged to no one,
But the roots of my mind..


Emotionally Numb

Tragedy,loss, heartache, illness and depression are just some of the reasons we are not in tune with our emotions. When we are suffering we get in so deep that we feel nothing. 654 mots de plus

Random Thoughts

I feel for Sinead O'Connor

We all have bad days. We all feel awful about ourselves sometimes, and that is perfectly normal – at least that is what my cognitive behavioural therapist tells me every time I see her. 728 mots de plus

Sinead O'Connor