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SEO is a bitch

After reading several blog posts by others on SEO, I figured it’s time to have a serious look at mine. After stuffing my URL in I decided that SEO is a bitch. 193 mots de plus


Week 3

This week I spoke with multiple people about various segments of my project. First, I spoke with Ashley Turnbaugh, a student in the Edison Musical to inquire about the dates of the musical and to get information about the musical in general. 45 mots de plus


The way to live

Right now I’m just laying out words on my qwerty. At this moment the only thought running in my head is – how to live better? 320 mots de plus

Tear Sheet: Georgia Owen on

A couple of weeks ago, when I landed in New Jersey from Atlanta, I had a nice surprise waiting for me.

A link was texted to me to a story about Georgia Owen, whom I shot earlier this year. 157 mots de plus


Have yourself a vapid little Christmas.

They’re everywhere, the KaDeWe in Berlin is filled with these little Santa Claus martians, some kind of old school futuristic kitsch, post-midcentury monsters making it to the homes of metrosexual hipsters, giving me the creeps in any of their various colourings, I want to get away, make it to the fifth floor, to get my favourite cake from Lenôtre, but I’m mesmerized, their shiny empty faces seem to captivate us, we’re spellbound by some vapid features, purposeless design, free of any expression, faces void of character and emotion, insignificance galore, like the people from these TV shows in « Fahrenheit 451 », pointless triviality starting at €39,90, so that everybody can have one, but why would anyone want one? 10 mots de plus




Remember the days when you could glue some macaroni to a piece of paper and you were all set for Mother’s Day?? Well, those days are gone and it’s time to up your game with a handmade gift your Mom will hang on her wall for years. 385 mots de plus

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