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RECETTE / RECIPE : Cookies aux pepites de chocolat blanc et noix de macadamia - Cookies with white chocolate chips & macadamia nuts

Depuis Hawaii, je rêvais d’utiliser la noix de macadamia dans une recette, plus particulierement un dessert. A Hawaii, j’avais essayé plusieurs biscuits au goût inoubliable et j’avais envie d’ajouter cette saveur à ma vie quotidienne. 904 mots de plus


Coconut Jam Tart (Kaya Tart)

This is like the national jam of Malaysia, in Malay language, we call it « Kaya ». Made from coconut milk, egg and fragrant with pandan leaves, this jam is usually spread on toast along with margarine or butter. 812 mots de plus


Yellow Plum and Apple Crumble

It is summer in New Zealand, and so we are all currently inundated with lots of juicy, refreshingly sweet summer fruits. Among my favourite summer fruits are plums and nectarines and I absolutely love cooking and baking with them. 597 mots de plus

Kitchen Creations

what are friends for if not chai cookies?

Imagine chai-spiced warmth running through your body with each bite. These cookies are wonderfully soft and chewy, with a delicate touch of sweetness. 

Part of growing up means heading out to new places, having new experiences. 690 mots de plus

Lenses And Lentils

Very Cherry Cheesecake

This week’s Wednesday binge is brought to you by: Cheesecake! I managed to successfully bake my first cheesecake last week as a Valentine’s Day treat, and although I was intimidated by the process I was quite pleased with the results. 428 mots de plus


UYU Soft Serve Ice Cream

Saw images of UYU’s soft serve on my Instagram feed for awhile before I finally found an opportunity to check it out. Usually I’m either too full or it’s too cold for ice cream. 63 mots de plus

Eating Out

Spring Homemade Cake Jars by Lola's Place

In honor of the season of butterflies, I have the perfect dessert that will blow your mind. Here at True Vivant I love to write about lifestyle products, but nothing beats eating sweet treats. 441 mots de plus