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Who would’ve thought of having a bagel for dessert?

…. The Bagel Nook in New Jersey did!!

This weeks shout out goes to @the_bagel_nook.

This rainbow bagel is paired with a sugar cookie, icing, and rainbow sprinkles! 135 mots de plus


Ice Cream Craving? Try Bloom Hill Farm

It never fails to surprise me that even after living in Connecticut for my entire life, there are still places I have never been to or heard of. 257 mots de plus

AIP Lemon Blueberry Scones

I am so proud of this recipe. And even more elated to be sharing it with you!

Being diagnosed with Auto Immune Diseases was not easy to swallow. 588 mots de plus

Cookies and Cream Pie- No Bake

Do you have a May birthday? Probably, it seems like May is a popular month to give birth. That being said, neither of my children were born in May, nor were Kristen and myself. 456 mots de plus


Apple-Date Squares

It’s been a hot minute since I experimented in the kitchen, but all travel and no baking disasters make Alex appear marginally functional, so I decided it was time to bust out the old recipe box and deflate my ego. 453 mots de plus



Finally jumped on the dessert hummus train ( although I’ve long loved my edible cookie dough which is also called cookie dough hummus!! ) so I made chocolate! 77 mots de plus


Chocolate Cake

It doesn’t look like much but don’t let it fool you – this was an amazing cake.  I told my family I found a recipe for diet cake – basically, it’s just less cake than normal recipes.  197 mots de plus

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