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[Dior] Dior Fever (#576)

Dior Fever. Amazing colour. This combines a fuchsia base with the faintest of blue and pink shimmer.

Two coats applied.

Natural light – or even more than that because the sun was shining.

Close-up photo.


Happy birthday to Queen C

Hey guys, instead of fashion this week I wanted to focus a bit on purses. Especially, Dior saddle bags. As far as the 2000’s Dior saddle bag’s have been around. 236 mots de plus


Favorite Perfume

Hello Everyone!! Sometime very difficult choose  perfume so I want share with my favorite:




Rouge Dior 999 Review

I don’t know about you, but for me, I find it difficult to pull off bright red lipsticks. I feel like its color is intimidating that’s why I refrain from using/buying red lippies. 329 mots de plus


FYI Facts About Maison Christian Dior ION Orchard


April 24, 2018

Christian Dior is one of the most recognisable names in luxury, an impressive feat especially since Christian Dior himself only helmed the brand for a mere eleven years. 234 mots de plus