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Nikita obsession de tuer

Sophia, obsédée sexuelle, ne sait que hurler toute la nuit à la chasse de son prince charmant.

Cette dame obèse et mal coiffée à l’âge de 60 ne comprend pas la prise d’âge. 1 401 mots de plus

International Crime

Show me your peacock

So a couple weeks ago my friends came to LA and brought me some clothes from home, so what is a fashionista’s first thought? Let’s do a photo shoot! 177 mots de plus


My Current Favorites | June 2018

I really wanted to make a list of my current favorites, because there’s been a lot of random favorites that have popped into my life recently ranging from fashion to beauty. 310 mots de plus

London Windows

At some point I might post something worthwhile on this blog. In the meantime here ar some photos I took, of fashion brands in London. 924 mots de plus


[Dior] Wizz (#541)

I’ll be off to my mother’s again, but let me show Wizz before I won’t be posting for the next few days because I am not taking my laptop with me. 16 mots de plus


Men's style: The new rules of summer suiting

From blousons to bleached jeans, pastel suits to printed DJs, it’s time to throw out the old rulebook when it comes to men’s summer style, says Robert Johnston… 438 mots de plus