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WYSIWYG: A Seiko 7548-700B

Genuine. Straight. Honest. Three words that should foster a sense of confidence that a transaction you are about to embark upon is one in which you can trust that what you see in your object of desire is what you expect to get. 1 727 mots de plus


Publication Bias in Meta-Analysis: how to slay the Dragon?

McShane and his colleagues recently published a paper on publications bias and selection methods. Publications bias represent concerns one can have over the representativeness of a study or set of studies and has been subject of debates for centuries now (McShane even quoted Boyle, the Anglo-Irish chemist who was supposedly one of the first having shed a light on these concerns (I haven’t read the book but I let you check… 1 024 mots de plus


Aidez-moi à réaliser un Bus Trip!

*English version below*

En quelques mots, le Rotary propose à tous les exchange students d’Amérique du Nord un « bus trip » sur la côte ouest des US à effectuer à la fin de leur année d’échange. 173 mots de plus


New Sourpuss Scarves Are Here!

Looking to find the right accessory liven up your look ? Look no further than our brand new Rosie and Bad Girl Scarves!Our… 120 mots de plus

Sourpuss Clothing

programme anglophone au Havre

Venez découvrir la troisième année dans un parcours anglophone sur le campus du Havre!


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Bonjour et bienvenue sur mon blog


Hi again!

Today I’ll tell you guys what I love to have for lunch. I’m a real foodie so basically you can make me happy with any food but since summer is coming closer, I need to start eating healthy again. 103 mots de plus