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Happy New Year 2017 :)

Oi pessoal tudo bem com vocês ?


Hoje eu vim falar desse novo ano  2017. 

I hope enjoy <3

Primeiro eu vou falar como é a Virada do ano aqui no Brasil, sim eu sou brasileira  :) … 365 mots de plus


Eating healthy AND yummy

Hi, everyone!

I’ve always been thinking ‘healthy food can’t be yummy, right?’.  When I think of eating healthy I immediately think about veggies and not really tasty things. 164 mots de plus


Crews in Lake Erie find what may be human remains from plane

CLEVELAND (AP) — Crews searching Lake Erie on Friday found what may be human remains on a seat from a plane that was carrying six people when it disappeared more than a week ago. 450 mots de plus


Dive into Happiness 

Dear Readers,

Quickly: sorry for not posting anything yesterday. It has been quite stormy and we don’t have a connection most of the time which is also nice sometimes. 279 mots de plus


Policy Based Routing (PBR)

  • First create names access-lists for the specified hosts and permit them for the desired access of services.
  • Then create a route-map with permit statement and match the ip address of the named access list, then using set select the desired next-hop accordingly.
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