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Diy no nic CBD e-juice info via /r/DIY_eJuice

Diy no nic CBD e-juice info

Been vaping the UK "medipen" for about a year made with coconut something. And decided to try to make my own due to cost. 273 mots de plus


Porch transformation

A few months ago a friend of mine was telling me about her newest Pinterest obsession, the She Shed.  I’d never heard of this new trend and she happily showed me many pins of gorgeous sheds filled with sheers and cushions and inviting colours that you could easily imagine spending hours just sitting in. 604 mots de plus

This is what I've been up to.

You might have noticed that I’ve been MIA from the blog for a number of weeks.

Yes, I’ve had to put writing off to the side for a bit – bills had to be paid, which required a change of jobs, and a major rearranging of schedules for everyone. 1 179 mots de plus


Simple embossed backgrounds

I don’t know if it is just me but I always struggle with cards designed to be given to men.  I think its because at the most basic level I just love pretty things, I love butterflies and flowers and ultimately things do not look complete to me without a scattering of sparkles and pearls. 219 mots de plus

Greeting Cards

FSJ Creative Team

I have no idea where to begin, beside 😱OMG! Woo Hoo! I made it to the FSJ Creative Team!! I am thrilled to share this wonderful news with you all! 244 mots de plus


Creative DIY Projects for Your Coles Little Shop Mini Collectables

As most of my readers are from other countries (hiiiii! 👋), I’m not sure how many of you will have heard about the great controversy and craze that is the Coles Little Shop Mini Collectables, but here in Australia, it is big news. 791 mots de plus


L's Birthday Interview 2018

Another birthday, another interview!  I can’t believe L, my original baby, is now 8 and will be going into grade 3 in a just a couple weeks! 20 mots de plus