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DIY Lip Balm

Lip balms are a must for every human, unless you’ve been gifted with soft, supple and pink lips which stay so, for long without being affected by environmental factors. 933 mots de plus


DIY- Count Dracula's bloody badge

As I said before I’ve been creating constantly for days and been listening to Dracula as an swedish audio book , so today I decided to combine the two and this is the result. 13 mots de plus


The Art of House Therapy

« to make living itself an art, that is the goal »~henry miller

When there’s a lot of excitement, its easy to make ART out of life. 1 060 mots de plus

My Artworks


Hey chicos lo siento por la falta de publicación, la vida es sólo un montón de líos! Seré más organizado y publicaré mucho más lo prometo:) Por favor, siéntase libre de seguirme y siempre voy a seguir Un montón de amor xxx

DIY toddler project: wrapping paper

Every mom knows that there are days which seem to be endless and at some point you don´t know anymore what to do next to entertain the kids. 235 mots de plus


Kan en søppelpumpe være 'smart'? Du Bet. | Av | J. Christine Feeley

Kan en søppelpumpe være ‘smart’? Du Bet. | Av | J. Christine Feeley
Vi har alle sett de overstrømmende søppelpumpene som ofte sitter halvskjult bak en fastfood-franchise, din lokale kjøpmann eller den vakre høyden. 40 mots de plus

Kitchen Renovation Inspiration

With the kitchen reno well under way, I can’t help but start dreaming about the more decorative aspects of the design (AKA the only part I really like). 260 mots de plus