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Christmas Art & Craft: a letter box for Santa

Every year, our department hosts a « Christmas decorating competition« , and it is this time of the year that we found out we happen to be, extremely competitive :) 347 mots de plus


Snowman Wreath Craft

If you are interested in a DIY Christmas present or a decoration for winter you should check out this easy snowman craft. My mom ran a craft group at our church demonstrating how to make this adorable snowman and it was super easy and would make a great gift for anyone on your list. 251 mots de plus


Now I Know Why Pots are So Expensive.

Maybe not a perfect quote, but that was the gist of a comment during a recent ceramics workshop with some bonsai society members, « Now I know why pots are so expensive! 259 mots de plus


Chaga Tea

Okie, so I made a pot of Chaga Tea. I used a few chunks, which were hard to break off, so I see why people grind it up before using. 276 mots de plus


Icicles, White Twigs, and Polar Bears

Charlie finished putting up the tree and hanging lights on it.

He sent me a fuzzy photo of his accomplishment. I sent him a photo of my… 135 mots de plus



Hey Curlistas,

The Mask of the Month for November is a DIY Honey Hair Mask!!!! But wait, it’s December tho….? Yes hunty! I’m late with my monthly posts…again! 267 mots de plus


It’s so easy to buy product off the shelves. You can easily pick up anything you need at the local super center. But this shift in premade product is newer than you may realize. 191 mots de plus