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DOC kea monitoring results

These are DOC records of monitored kea found dead after 1080 drops in Franz Fox and Okarito; there are also entries for Otira (2013).

The necropsy results all show that the kea died from eating bait, not from secondary poisoning. 166 mots de plus

1080 Myths

Where in the modern world can a local council turn off somebody's water supply for 660 days? Only in the Horowhenua

This is the stuff of the third world right? Here in ‘yeah right’ clean green NZ (next to one of the worst polluted/trashed lakes in NZ) …  a NZ land owner, mana whenua I believe, is denied access to the town supply water. 191 mots de plus


Steven Tyler: Out On A Limb

Year: 2018
Directed by: Casey Tebo

Written by Jessica Peña

Tune in to any classic rock radio at any given day and it’s likely you’ll hear an… 583 mots de plus


New Mental Health Unit Opens At Oregon State Penitentiary

The Oregon Department of Corrections cut the ribbon on a new behavioral health unit at the state penitentiary in Salem on Friday.

A couple of years ago, an investigation by Disability Rights Oregon found that inmates with mental illness at the state penitentiary spent only about an hour a day outside their cells. 39 mots de plus

Dept. Of Corrections

G.I. Joe Adventure Team

   These commercials fueled a young boy’s dreams… my dreams. My era of G.I. JOE was all about adventure. War was something that everybody wished to forget. 47 mots de plus


Long-lived kea die after visit from DOC, who insisted on taking blood samples - long-term carers blame the department for their death (video)

This is a heart rending story. And one where surely insanity prevailed. Where did common sense go?


A Darfield family asked DOC not to take blood from their two 43-year-old kea, Casper and Stumpy. 210 mots de plus