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the dock.

Sometimes, I run down to my dock. I lie down, stare at the sky, and I just think.

I’m thinking about how the sky changes colors because it feels the need to impress us. 69 mots de plus

Increasing The Safety Of A Dock

When someone has lake access, they may purchase a dock to use the area for swimming, fishing, or as a boat launching area. Since a dock can easily become a slippery surface, it is important to add some safety precautions to the structure to keep people from becoming injured. 376 mots de plus


Dredge and Survey

Here’s another photo from the dredging of the back basin at the Philadelphia Navy Yard. This time, you see the survey boat checking the depth. 19 mots de plus

Philadelphia Area

Nintendo Switch Revealed! (new console)

As you may now be aware Nintendo unveiled their brand new hybrid console today called the Nintendo Switch.

The information I can gather about the Nintendo Switch from the preview Nintendo showed us are the following :- 174 mots de plus