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I had a dream. The sky was brighter and bluer. Standing by the pier facing and looking at a huge ship. Just a few feet away from me, it is watching and staring back at me, if it has eyes. 339 mots de plus

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After the sunset Pelican sunset

The muted colors after sunset in Key West. The Pelican nicely givers the photos new approach. Pelican sunset ?


Seen better days.

An old dock off Rocky Point in Warwick, RI.

Running Headlong Into Winter

Running headlong into Winter
The cold air forced inside my lungs
Stopping abruptly at the end of the dock
Arms out, catching a snowflake on my tongue… 32 mots de plus


McKellar Lake, Ontario.

View from cottage deck.


Donut care.

View from dock.

View from dock.

Paddle board.

Giant floaty.


Paddle board.