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Mac Trick: Add Website Shortcuts to the Dock

Have you thought of creating a shortcut on the Dock so you can directly jump to your favorite website in one click? Usually, Mac users need to open a browser app first, and then navigate to the websites using bookmarks or URL addresses. 365 mots de plus

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Samsung DeX: The Galaxy S8 desktop dock really works

Can you survive business travel with just a Galaxy S8+ smartphone and DeX dock? Seven days of dedicated productivity testing says yes.

US Nuke Sub to Dock in Korean Port

As tensions on the Korean peninsula have increased over North Korea’s nuclear weapons and missile tests, the United States recently made a massive power move by sending a nuclear-powered submarine into the region. 425 mots de plus

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Lakeside Retreat and Wrong Places

Writing down my weekend recalls are tough. I get distracted by the need for privacy when writing out my dreams and mostly by waking up to the welcome snuggles with SFS and the puppies. 334 mots de plus


This small collection of photos were taken around Portsmouth while out on a day trip. I particularly like the quality of layering and texture within the rope photos. 34 mots de plus


MacRumors Giveaway: Win a Gravitas iPhone Dock From Henge Docks

(Source: www.macrumors.com)

Made from a heavy, sturdy metal alloy base, the Gravitas is designed for single-handed docking and undocking, but it’s also made to minimize the amount of space that it takes up on a desk. 576 mots de plus


Severn Beach to Bristol, Part 1

Time for some more urban walking. Follow me on a journey of two great rivers that showed me a different side to a city that I thought I knew well. 812 mots de plus