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Beasts on Water

Took some time to capture these large ships coming into the port next to my house.


July 26, 2016 | Dream Journal | My Former Classmate HL And Embarrassment

Dream 1

I had some interesting and detailed and deep dreams last night, I failed to voice record them the first time that I woke up, and the second time that I woke up so I forgot most of them and most of what was left after the third time that I woke up to finally voice record what I could remember even though I did not want to share them. 977 mots de plus


Iron Ore Dock Interior, No. 2

Here’s my rendition of the inside of an iron ore dock located in the downtown harbor of Marquette, Michigan. Based on an analog photograph from the 1970’s, this interior chamber has a length of approximately 500 feet, with a ceiling height of 60 feet. 75 mots de plus


Moon Rise

The menu for the day was outstanding with Davids work, first we had a nice stuffed pita with peppers, onions, cheese, sause, and sausage. He fallowed that with his yummy curry and ended with brownies I made the other day. 62 mots de plus

General Belize