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Dear parents,

please encourage your son or daughter to do their homework.

Read a book of your choice and complete the activity below.

Spelling words: 34 mots de plus

BOAIS ANE: lewis Bissett AIRetc...

We are delighted to present a solo exhibition of new work by Lewis Bissett produced during his AIRetc.. residency at Edinburgh College Granton:  

Fawkirk-Born ‘n’ Embra based Artist Lewis Bissett examines his working class up bringing in central Scotland  and uses the following anagram tae describe his practice: 49 mots de plus



Finally! Once again, I was in my element yesterday. It was our PD session and we had it at our affiliate hospital, the Bicol Regional Teaching and Training Hospital(BRTTH) just across the road from our building. 545 mots de plus


Last Week on My Mac: Malware has got the upper hand

One of the greatest human achievements during my lifetime has been the eradication of smallpox. From long before the dawn of civilisation until 1977, countless millions had died of that disease. 951 mots de plus


On Coconuts, Rivers, and Mountains II - What it takes to be a Doktor Para sa Bayan

February 20, 2017

I arrive at the Bicol University College of Medicine building bringing with me 4 bags – 1 for clothes, 1 for my laptop, chargers, and books, 1 small sling bag for my phone and coin purse, and 1 eco bag for the food from the dormitory(they converted my rent to food). 2 845 mots de plus


Malware: OSX/Dok isn't done yet

The recent appearance of new malware affecting macOS, in two variants of OSX/Dok, seemed to be under control. Apple revoked the abused developer certificate being used to sign the malware, so enabling Gatekeeper to block any attempt to run the installer. 202 mots de plus


More new malware: OSX.Dok.B or OSX.Bella, but we're already protected

Apple’s recent updates to XProtect and MRT covered not only OSX/Dok, the new Trojan discovered by Ofer Caspi of the Check Point malware research team, but a variant, named by Apple as OSX.Dok.B. 231 mots de plus