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Next Week's News: August 30 - September 5

Discovery Kids Family Picnic
All PreK—5th graders and their families are invited on an outing Sunday, August 30 from 12:30—2:00 PM. Let’s get to know each other, play games, and enjoy the start of a new year! 262 mots de plus

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My Summer Leadership PD, 2015

As a person who was a life long learner before I knew it was a good thing, I have always spent my time and personal monies to increase my understanding of my work, regardless of whether it was in education or my previous career in finance. 525 mots de plus


News for August 9-15

Special Sunday « Kick-Off » Forum
This Sunday, August 9, marks the beginning of our Fall ministry season! To help introduce a few of the developments and additions to our common life, I will host an informal forum on Sunday morning at 9:30 AM in the Nave.  497 mots de plus

News & Events

The worst part about getting raped

I used to think the hardest part of getting raped was the getting your body violated. But truth is even the flash backs they don’t hurt as much. 432 mots de plus


DOK | Amsterdam's city beaches #3

Our SO DAM LOCAL team check out DOK at the Houthavens, West, part #3 of a mini-series on Amsterdam’s many city beaches, just right for your ‘So Dam Local summer’.


The "Alphabet Soup" of Educational Acronyms

“Learning never exhausts the mind.” – Leonardo da Vinci

Article submitted for future publication in PMEA News – the state journal of the Pennsylvania Music Educators Association…
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Marketing Professionalism

Huge pans (Or: Would you like paella with that?)

A while ago Marco and I were at DOK, a cooking store in The Hague. I could not resist taking a picture of this…

The tag read 120cm (about four feet). Yeesh!

The Hague