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House Robber II


After robbing those houses on that street, the thief has found himself a new place for his thievery so that he will not get too much attention. 170 mots de plus


[Leetcode] Arithmetic Slices


A sequence of number is called arithmetic if it consists of at least three elements and if the difference between any two consecutive elements is the same. 480 mots de plus

Interview Algorithms

Problem of the day: Longest palindromic substring

Problem of the day for today is Longest palindromic substring: Given a string, find its longest palindromic substring.. For example, given the string « ababab », the longest palindromic substring would be « ababa ». 349 mots de plus


Group Meeting 2

Group Meeting 1

  • Date: Thursday 13/10/16
  • Time: 17.00-18.30
  • Location: UWL Library
  • Members Present: Me, Alex, Becky, Ryan

Main Assignment:

  • Becky has an enthusiastic contact who is going to send her ti photographers in London …
  • 378 mots de plus
Assignment 1 Work