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Deepika Padukone's reaction towards Padmavati Rangoli issue

Few days ago an artist named Karan K tweeted Deepika padukone’s Padmavati look made by rangoli, it took 48 hours for the artist to complete it, was destroyed by 100 people who where against it. 124 mots de plus

Cinematography and Music Videos: A Podcast Review

In this episode of « Capturing Light: A Director of Photography’s Podcast », Les Gaddis talks with Alexander Elkins about the kind of work he gets as a DP, and how he learned his craft.  194 mots de plus

Les Gaddis

Nightwing Talk With DC Entertainment Today 2

Also in consideration we have our directors of photography. First off we have Stephen Windon DP of the last four Fast and Furious films as well as the last… 89 mots de plus