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Longest Increasing Subsequence

Given a sequence of integers, find the longest increasing subsequence (LIS).
You code should return the length of the LIS.

For , the LIS is , return 3… 69 mots de plus


spoj MICEMAZE - Mice and Maze

this problem can be solved using a direct Implementation of Floyd-Warshall’s algorithm(complexity ). If the graph is undirected it is better to solve it using Dijkstra’s Algorithm(complexity ). 16 mots de plus


Playthings of the Wind

In recent weeks, we have been rediscovering the poems of Carl Sandburg, a voice whose powers and depths we may not have fully appreciated in past readings. 132 mots de plus


Strangers: The Prompt

I love talking to strangers.  Sometimes.  Not always.

Being a student you’d think I would have plenty of opportunities to talk to new people. I don’t. 452 mots de plus