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Deception and Servitude

Writing on the anniversary of the Declaration of Independence from the despotism of King George III, and on the eve of a vote likely to have far-reaching consequences in Europe, with… 75 mots de plus


Minimum Jumps To Reach End

Problem Statement :

Given an array of integers where each element represents the max number of steps that can be made forward from that element. Write a function to return the minimum number of jumps to reach the end of the array (starting from the first element). 251 mots de plus



It has been a long time.

3652 days
2,609 weekdays
1,043 weekend days
521 weeks and 5 days

Ten Years

The truth is marriage is a messy as life. 233 mots de plus


What is a Showreel?

While perusing around the /r/AfterEffects subreddit I came across a video via Reddit user mleegart and it was his showreel. This got me wondering what exactly a showreel was and what makes a good one. 597 mots de plus


Times when Journalists become English Teachers

Not long ago, I used to think English was just a walk over. But English is not food. With many Ugandans, English indeed is not our mother language. 410 mots de plus


From Utopia to Escape

As we have continued to roam and comb through the endlessly suggestive and diverse writings of Zygmunt Bauman, we came across an interview in which he describes the dissolution of the ancient utopian longing for a different sort of social world into the more egocentric contemporary compulsion to escape. 18 mots de plus


Map inside a Map inside a Map

There is a Map. It can contain <String,String> or <String, Map> where the value Map has the same property.

Now, the output should be all the <String,String> key-value pairs present in this input Map and all the other internal Maps present. 189 mots de plus