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Decode Ways

A message containing letters from A-Z is being encoded to numbers using the following mapping:

'A' -> 1
'B' -> 2
'Z' -> 26
… 123 mots de plus

All that Glitters

we hashed out

and hushed up

the hazing that was

we crossed out

and tossed out

the bustle because…

we reviewed

and renewed

a contract… 8 mots de plus

Wordpress Daily Prompt

The Merge emerges 3rd at Gecko Factor!

After competing against the school’s most talented individuals, the Merge managed to grab 3rd place at Gecko Factor last Friday, the 17th of February.


Kickstart Practice Round 2017 - Problem B

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Tóm tắt đề:
Có N người bầu cử cho người A, có M người bầu cử cho người B (0 <= M < N <= 2000), kết quả cuối cùng thì người A sẽ luôn thắng. 306 mots de plus


Radical Wisdom

Digging more deeply into the theme of the sentient forest, we turn to an essay by ecologist Suzanne Simard published in 2015 by SGI Quarterly, excerpted below. 9 mots de plus


Step by step troubleshooting of content distribution on distribution point in SCCM 2012

Hi friends

Hope this post finds you good health and spirit.This will be my second post on step by step troubleshooting series on SCCM. You can find first post here: 397 mots de plus


digital dragon day • combating social injustice

For the past two weeks in Digital Perspectives, we have been working on creating a logo for a celebrity client, by firstly researching about them, and then using that information to create a logo. 370 mots de plus

Digital Dragon Day