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Now Comes the Reaper

Within the cacophony of tirades, recriminations and apologia regarding the next inhabitants of the White House, the voice of John Pilger stands out for its unsparing reckoning of how all this has come to pass:


Scholarship to a great International School in Bangkok

Most people reading this are already studying DP, however if you have siblings or friends yet to start their DP, and you live in Bangkok, then you may be interested in… 57 mots de plus


Light OJ: 1326 - Race

Problem Link : http://lightoj.com:81/volume/problem/1326

Solution Idea:

Let’s define dp(i) as the number of ways in which a race with « i » horses can finish. 624 mots de plus

Light OJ

Light OJ: 1095 - Arrange the Numbers

Problem Link : http://lightoj.com:81/volume/problem/1095

#include <bits/stdc++.h>

#define pii              pair <int,int>
#define pll              pair <long long,long long>
#define sc               scanf
#define pf               printf
#define Pi               2*acos(0.0)
#define ms(a,b)          memset(a, b, sizeof(a))
#define pb(a)            push_back(a)
#define MP               make_pair
#define db               double
#define ll               long long
#define EPS              10E-10
#define ff               first
#define ss               second
#define sqr(x)           (x)*(x)
#define D(x)             cout<<#x " = "<<(x)<<endl
#define VI               vector <int>
#define DBG              pf("Hi\n")
#define MOD              1000000007
#define CIN              ios_base::sync_with_stdio(0); cin.tie(0); cout.tie(0)
#define SZ(a)            (int)a.size()
#define sf(a)            scanf("%d",&a)
#define sfl(a)           scanf("%lld",&a)
#define sff(a,b)         scanf("%d %d",&a,&b)
#define sffl(a,b)        scanf("%lld %lld",&a,&b)
#define sfff(a,b,c)      scanf("%d %d %d",&a,&b,&c)
#define sfffl(a,b,c)     scanf("%lld %lld %lld",&a,&b,&c)
#define stlloop(v)       for(__typeof(v.begin()) it=v.begin();it!=v.end();it++)
#define loop(i,n)        for(int i=0;i<n;i++)
#define loop1(i,n)       for(int i=1;i<=n;i++)
#define REP(i,a,b)       for(int i=a;i<b;i++)
#define RREP(i,a,b)      for(int i=a;i>=b;i--)
#define TEST_CASE(t)     for(int z=1;z<=t;z++)
#define PRINT_CASE       printf("Case %d: ",z)
#define LINE_PRINT_CASE  printf("Case %d:\n",z)
#define CASE_PRINT       cout<<"Case "<<z<<": "
#define all(a)           a.begin(),a.end()
#define intlim           2147483648
#define infinity         (1<<28)
#define ull              unsigned long long
#define gcd(a, b)        __gcd(a, b)
#define lcm(a, b)        ((a)*((b)/gcd(a,b)))

using namespace std;

/*----------------------Graph Moves----------------*/
//const int fx[]={+1,-1,+0,+0};
//const int fy[]={+0,+0,+1,-1};
//const int fx[]={+0,+0,+1,-1,-1,+1,-1,+1};   // Kings Move
//const int fy[]={-1,+1,+0,+0,+1,+1,-1,-1};  // Kings Move
//const int fx[]={-2, -2, -1, -1,  1,  1,  2,  2};  // Knights Move
//const int fy[]={-1,  1, -2,  2, -2,  2, -1,  1}; // Knights Move

//int Set(int N,int pos){return N=N | (1<<pos);}
//int reset(int N,int pos){return N= N & ~(1<<pos);}
//bool check(int N,int pos){return (bool)(N & (1<<pos));}

ll fact;

ll dp;

ll nCk(int n, int k)
    if(k==1) return n;
    if(n==k) return 1;

    if(dp[n][k]!=-1) return dp[n][k];

    return dp[n][k]= (nCk(n-1,k-1)+nCk(n-1,k))%MOD;

int main()



    for(ll i=1; i<1002; i++) fact[i]=(fact*i)%MOD;

    int t;

        ll n,m,k;
        ll ans=nCk(m,k);

        int nn=n-k;

        ll ans1=fact;

        for(int i=1; i<=(m-k); i++)
                ans1-= (nCk(m-k,i)*fact)%MOD;
                ans1+= (nCk(m-k,i)*fact)%MOD;




    return 0;

Light OJ

Spicing things up a little: "Speed Dating" in Education

One and a half year of experience into teacher, but I already have got some certain activities that I love and would love to incorporate into my class whenever possible. 183 mots de plus


Path Past Free


Cold greeny grass path

Caught by thoughts enchained in past.

Someday I’ll fly free.



Inspired by WP DP one word prompt: someday… 6 mots de plus


Written in the Night

Now comes the gentle yet fierce voice of John Berger, who died this past Monday, in excerpts from a 2003 essay written for Le Monde Diplomatique… 43 mots de plus