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Fkafmivorjffaevmvariargrui. Fo' reals.

Yes, that’s why my brain is like: complete gibberish up in here, up in here. I’m in a post-coital haze. What do I look like right now? 1 884 mots de plus

Plane Guy

01 Matrix

Given a matrix consists of 0 and 1, find the distance of the nearest 0 for each cell.

The distance between two adjacent cells is 1. 391 mots de plus

KYADONDO RACE: The untold story of Kamome's withdraw ~AUDIO

Reports at the SpearNews desk indicate that Kamome withdrew from the Kyadondo race two day after nominations citing abuse and excessive belittling by the opposition and especially DP members… 466 mots de plus


Canon 18-80 Compact-Servo On Location with DP Dan Levin

Every once and a while, we get a chance to sit down with cinematographers and content creators to geek out over glass. DP, Dan Levin, spoke with us about his experience being one of the first crews to shoot with… 1 352 mots de plus


Cinematography versus Photography

Cinematography is the art and technology of motion-picture photography. A Cinematographer is also know as a Director of Photography and can be shortened to DP or DOP. 372 mots de plus

Sydney Cameraman

An Exquisite Diversity

Now comes Courtney Mattison, with her large-scale glazed stoneware, porcelain and terracotta installation titled Our Changing Sea I, currently on display at the Art of Science & Technology Gallery in Washington; those who deny the reality of climate change would do well to visit the gallery and meditate upon the evidence as captured in calcium carbonate. 49 mots de plus