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The Maximum Subarray

Problem Statement:

Given an array A={a1,a2,…,aN} of N elements, find the maximum possible sum of a

Contiguous subarray
Non-contiguous (not necessarily contiguous) subarray.
Empty subarrays/subsequences should not be considered. 173 mots de plus


Of Spotigy and Buri

In the wake of our brief excursion into the slaughterhouse sensorium, we received correspondence steering us to a December report in the Sacramento Bee, uncritically lauding the advent of a brave new chapter in the dark annals of livestock management and the eventual transformation of cattle into beef. 161 mots de plus


DP Is Revitalizing Virginia As A Source For Creative Hip-Hop

Author: Adam Wells

Virginia has bred various well-known hip-hop artists in the past decade and a half. Artists such as Pharrell Williams, Clipse (No Malice & Pusha T), Big Pooh, Missy Elliot, Timbaland, Nottz, and underground rapper Lil Ugly Mane bolster Virginia as a legitimate source of creative hip-hop artistry. 668 mots de plus


[SPOJ] NKGOLF - Sân golf

Đề bài:

Thuật toán: Dùng stack tìm max min trên đoạn tịnh tiến – Độ phức tạp O(M*N).
( Bài này nếu làm O(N^3) + đặt cận đơn giản sẽ được 75 ). 343 mots de plus


The Slaughterhouse Sensorium

With Lori Gruen’s proposal for « entangled empathy » still fresh in our minds, we turn to the way humans actually « treat » other sentient beings, through their violent transformation into consumer-ready meat. 145 mots de plus