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Deeper Than Life

With a loud shout-out to those assembling throughout the world to deliver a sharp rebuke to those who live in the delusional world of alternative facts, we continue… 43 mots de plus


Acholis Distance Themselves From Mao, Apologises to Kabaka and Baganda

The Acholi community has distanced themselves from Norbert Mao and his abusive acts especially that of insulting the Kabaka of Buganda. While addressing the media Friday at Nsambya former EALA candidate Nyero Francis Elton Lakelle forwarded the Acholi community apologies to the Kabaka and Buganda in general.  292 mots de plus


Well Maid Peace

my lacquer,

is knackered,

is chipped, nicked and finished–

and clear,

my veneer

is dulled and diminished…




is cracking—no joke!

my varnish… 57 mots de plus

Wordpress Daily Prompt

Why I Relay

It was what you feared. It was what everyone feared; a fear so strong that, for the most part it was easier to ignore than anyone would have believed possible… You saw the look, brushed it aside. 671 mots de plus

Second Life

At the Heart of Things

Now comes the voice of Paul Kingsnorth, with an excerpt from an essay recently published in Orion magazine, The Axis and the Sycamore:

Paul Kingsnorth is a co-founder of the… 67 mots de plus


Dr.Bwaniika's Gorbachev's analogy goes viral as people name DP "traitors"

Mikhail Gorbachev was a President who dealt the Union of Soviet Socialist Republic  and Communism a death blow. He was an American born in the Soviet Union and planted in the Russian system through which he rose through the ranks to rule the country. 207 mots de plus


Earth - Weekly Photo Challenge = a Sacred Place - Our Mother


A Sacred Place

we live upon

our mother’s grace.

We walk without a mind

on our mother’s gift.

We dig within her breast

with no mind to the future. 66 mots de plus

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