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Daily Prompt: Youth

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I am so young. (Comparatively.) And they all say young people can afford to make mistakes. And I suppose that has a kernel of truth in it. 597 mots de plus

Daily Prompt: Confused

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Today I got confused because of a miscommunication from my roommate and I. And then I amusingly realized that a lot of our little problems stem from miscommunication, which in turn leads to confusion, which in turn leads to frustration and hard feelings. 129 mots de plus

MO Daily Prompt: City

Specifically New York City, I usually think of that city when I hear « city. » Today I went there just for fun with my mother and brother, and I was reminded yet again about how my love affair for the Big Apple has ended. 180 mots de plus

MO Daily Prompt: Sing

*The starting strums of Ed Sheeran’s « Sing » go off*

I like singing :) I think I also have a pretty okay voice? XD But mostly it just makes me happy to just mindlessly sing and warble random tunes. 359 mots de plus

What Inspires Me?

I really like David’s Cinematography reel. Each time I see this reel, I want to just go out and shoot whatever I can in hopes that it can make it into my reel. 37 mots de plus


(My Own) Daily Prompt: Read

Hi, this is my own daily prompt. I’m just going to call these MO from now on. Still following the structure of just one word, because I really like that idea. 588 mots de plus

Daily Prompt: Ghost

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« The people you love become ghosts inside of you and like this you keep them alive. »
-Robert Montgomery

I don’t believe in your typical « ghosts » that appear during Halloween or are the basis of too many television shows about ghost hunting. 425 mots de plus