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In A World Thus Diminished

While politicians obey their corporate masters and cheat future generations through the sale of oil, mining and other rights within public lands and national monuments, we turn to Eileen Crist and her brilliant illumination of the heavy price we pay when we think of the natural world as a « resource » to be used by humans, excerpted from… 26 mots de plus


Health and wellbeing - Presentation 

Here is a link to my final presentation
Looking back over my presentation I felt it well rather well and covered the needed points, engaging with the little mock up hand out and also visually pleasing with the use of lots of images in the presentation. 38 mots de plus


Health and wellbeing - Potential Sale

After talking to Claire Young i have come to the conclusion that my final product, once it is printed professionally can be sold at the small stationary store down stairs at the Inverness UHI campus. 26 mots de plus