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I always wanted to play the guitar
Feeling the strings pluck my fingers
As I bleed my heart out
Arms cradling the base, loud and steady… 88 mots de plus


Delighting in God Transforms Our Dreams and Desires (Verse Study Series)

Delight. Each of us experiences delight when the dreams and desires of our hearts are realized. Though these desires vary depending on the person, the desires of our hearts are precious to us nonetheless. 836 mots de plus

Spiritual Growth


Something a little more

then just getting by.

Something that doesn’t make me

want to cry.

Something which fills my heart

with hope.

Something to show me… 59 mots de plus


Hope in the mountains

I stare into dark places hoping to see your face.

I reach my arms out over a high place to just to feel your touch. 125 mots de plus


A Possible Happy Future?

I had a dream last night… but was it a dream? I don’t know. I can’t say.
It is complicated to describe it because there are involved perceptions for which no words can actually describe them. 888 mots de plus


Tomorrow will be the first day of testing out a new position. I always have high hopes about all of my new endeavors, and this one is no different from the rest… I hope it goes magically well and that all the people involved live better lives because of my involvement, myself included.

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It’s paradise. Or at least something akin to the Garden of Eden. But it has a touch of a huge, thriving city. A city that never sleeps, but seems to take shape only at night in one’s dreams. 881 mots de plus