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Off to New Zealand for a Wedding Dream

I was talking to one of my teachers from uni and he told me about how he was going to a wedding. I was coming along. 614 mots de plus


Iiiit’s Satan! 😈🤣


I have dreams about the Devil often.

Last night’s was the most stereotypical Satan imagery than the others. In last night’s dream it was the full on horns and dark skin with a huge white snake shimmering with blood as his partner. 194 mots de plus


Dream diary: Asylum

I took a nap and had the following dream. The premise was searching for my sister. She had been arrested for the attempted murder of her ex-husband. 1 099 mots de plus


Even Exchange.

You stand at my door
Empty handed,
Palms extended,
Mouth open,
Eyes closed;
Ever asking for
All I’ve defended,
And collected
Hard fought for
And won. 156 mots de plus

One. More.

Have You Ever Been Afraid?

One of the greatest discoveries a man makes, is to find he can do what he was afraid he couldn’t do.”

— Henry Ford

Ever been afraid?

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A Nightmare is Only a Dream Cast in Shadow

Every night I brace myself. I take the deepest of breaths and prepare for the fight of my life. Every night. Every night I see your face. 313 mots de plus