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Take A Chance!

Don’t drone on, take action!
Don’t complain, observe and adapt instead
Don’t wait, strike while the iron is hot!
Don’t bog down, carry on with confidence…
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Random Stuff

What's next?

I start re-evaluating my life and my goals every year right around now, either intentionally or not. Years upon years of training in my particular path of paganism has made it habit, I suppose. 593 mots de plus

Daily Life

Does This Alarm You?

I was talking today to another about a conversation I was having with a friend about the meaning of dreams, of spirituality. She thinks that I should not be talking about spirituality because my perspective is not spiritual. 233 mots de plus


“Who Are You Doing It For?”

Today’s blog is all about you ;)

Yes, you read that correctly King/Queen :)

So let’s cut to the chase …

How do you define success? 607 mots de plus


Jumpstart on your accomplishments

We’ve all been thru heartaches, depressions, unfulfilled aspirations & endlessly chasing dreams. The list can go on & on. Often I hear statements such as “That’s not what I wanted to do for a living”, “I regret not doing such & such”, “I wish I fulfilled my dream of (fill in the blank)”. 536 mots de plus


Money doesn't buy happiness

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Money can always be replaced, but ones life can never be replaced. Life with alot of money doesn’t make you happy. 153 mots de plus

On the topic of work

I gotta start by addressing this hiatus I’ve taken from writing. It wasn’t really my choice but it was influenced by my lack of enthusiasm. I’ve been trying to find the time and the energy but when I have one I never have the other. 762 mots de plus