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Drug Task Force: Meth mailed to Parowan in snack box leads to arrest

Gephardt Daily Drug Task Force: Meth mailed to Parowan in snack box leads to arrest Agents with the Iron/Garfield/Beaver Drug Task Force made a key arrest Monday when they seized more than 12 grams of methamphetamine. 25 mots de plus

On making an informed decision

XKCD is hilarious.

On serious note though, consent is mandatory in every research with human as subject. I work as clinical research associate (CRA), which basically a bridge between pharma company or drug development organization (the party with the drug) and the hospital or medical institution (the party with the patient). 730 mots de plus

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Rumor Has It New Drug Legislation Is About To Hit

Rumor has it that there will be new legislation submitted for all government officials, including people at Congress and Presidential levels, to be tested ongoing twice a year for drug usage and investigated if found to be under the influence of illegal drugs. 83 mots de plus

US Could Back 1st Marijuana-Derived Medicine, Some Are Worried

COLORADO SPRINGS (AP) — A British pharmaceutical company is getting closer to a decision on whether the U.S government will approve the first prescription drug derived from the marijuana plant, but parents who for years have used cannabis to treat severe forms of epilepsy in their children are feeling more cautious than celebratory. 1 087 mots de plus


Methodology and Applications of Disease Biomarker Identification in Human Serum.

Biomarkers are biomolecules that serve as indicators of biological and pathological processes, or physiological and pharmacological responses to a drug treatment. Because of the high abundance of albumin and heterogeneity of plasma lipoproteins and glycoproteins, biomarkers are difficult to identify in human serum. 9 364 mots de plus


7-day antibiotic course ‘non-inferior’ to 14 days for treatment of Gram-negative bacteraemia

Research has shown that shorter antibiotic courses are not inferior to longer courses for the treatment of Gram-negative bacteraemia.

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