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Nimesulide Advantages

The most powerfull painkiller NSAIDs tablet Nimesulide is been available since 1985 and authorised in worldwide over 50 countries.

It has superior gastrointestinal safety as compared to other NSAIDs. 201 mots de plus

NImesulide Tablets

Plastic Tray on Perfed Metal Mount

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Company at Center of Drug Price Storm Cuts Cost of Medicine

Turing Pharmaceuticals, the company that became a lightning rod for criticism over excessive price increases for older medicines, on Tuesday said it would cut the cost of its anti-infection drug to hospitals. 74 mots de plus


She takes them all at once, pushes them to the back of her tongue
And lets them get washed over with a chug like a waterfall… 319 mots de plus


Pill 89 | Dips

It’s that time again. I can’t say it’s the time of the day, nor month, nor year. It just comes. It’s that feeling when you’ve hit your high point and now you’re starting to go downhill and all you can do is surrender and give in to the rollercoaster that is your life. 350 mots de plus


Nimesulide Efficacy

Nimesulide posses analgesic properties with multifactorial mode of action for the treatment of musculoskeletal system, dysmenorrhoea, and acute pain.
The abilities of NSAID’s drug nimesulide to inhibit COX-2 preferentially and to exert other novel anti-inflammatory actions are consistent with good efficacy and safety with highly effective in reducing pain, inflammation and also helps in better penetration of the antibiotics. 56 mots de plus

NImesulide Tablets