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In-Patient or Outpatient Alcohol and Drug Rehab: Which is Better?

If you suffer from drug or alcohol addiction, making the decision to enter a rehab program can be difficult. However, it ultimately can be the best step that you can take to promote a healthier, happier future. 62 mots de plus



Synthetic Series #1

It ain’t the light.
Stop yourself if you might.
It will take you farther
From the right,
You might falter.

You think it’s heaven. 74 mots de plus


I Should Change Things

It’s hard when you’re in a relationship with someone who you love to death but who also has begun to make you feel worthless a majority of the time. 426 mots de plus


Tunnel Vision: Sicario Review

“Cinema is a matter of what’s in the frame and what’s out of the frame.” This seemingly direct estimation of the art form by legendary filmmaker Martin Scorsese quite simply defines movies as utilizing first and foremost one sense: the visual. 906 mots de plus


[SA] Drug and Drop - Chap Previous 2 (End)

Drug and Drop – Previous 2

Vâng, cuối cùng cũng xong pj này rồi.

Hôm nay up luôn 2 chap cuối cho dứt điểm pj này luôn. 313 mots de plus


[SA] Drug and Drop - Chap previous 1

Drug and Drop – Previous 1

một chap nữa thôi là Pj này hoàn rồi a, cơ mà cũng thực sự rất tiếc khi phải thông báo rằng cái kế dở dang ở chap 18 đã chính thức kết thúc phần chính của pj này. 57 mots de plus


The Problem Within: Overcoming Your Addictions through Drug Rehab

People suffering from addiction often have a hard time seeking and following through with treatment. Many people feel ostracized, as though they will be judged and ridiculed in a professional environment that is distant from their own situation. 107 mots de plus