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What Is Love?

what is love?
a waking dream
the kind which ends
in sweat and screams

what is love?
a freshly cut flower
doomed once bloomed
to wilt by the hour… 29 mots de plus


Killing For Revelation

There are holes in the Ziploc bag.

Snow coated.

Breaks in the lines,

Sparking electrical wires

Melting alpine peaks

And itchy noses

Cut with methamphetamine… 44 mots de plus


Tracking Opiate Addiction in New Brunswick

As director of community services at Elijah’s Promise, Yvette Molina spends a lot of time on New Brunswick streets, working to improve the lives of homeless and low-income residents. 256 mots de plus

Rutgers Research

How a Biotech Turned a Bust Into a Hit

The promise seemed huge. In 2005 a Boston biotech, Alkermes , developed a drug to fight addiction. Injected once a month, Vivitrol blocks brain receptors and prevents addicts from getting high. 272 mots de plus


Ulta Beauty Presents Disney Life In Dots Endcap

I am unaware of any movie tie-in, but here cosmetics cases carry the theme of “She saw her life in dots” complete with Minnie Mouse… 560 mots de plus

Store Fixtures

Vertical Color-Coded Mascara and Eyeliner Strategies

The signage them of this point-of-purchase cosmetics display reminded one of Theater Posters from the hey day of technicolor, panovision, movie theater productions. Or maybe you think B Sci Fi Movies from the 1950s. 194 mots de plus

Label And Sign Holders