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Easy way to calculate pediatric drug doses

Calculation of pediatric dose is many a times cumbersome job for medical practitioners of non-pediatric branches. So, here is a simple way of calculation. 160 mots de plus


Drug busts: Sûrété du Québec, regional police to make up to 30 arrests

Regional police and members of the Sûrété du Québec were busy Wednesday morning carrying out 30 arrest warrants in drug busts meant to dismantle a distribution network on the north shore. 45 mots de plus

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Rethinking UK’s antidrug law—towards decriminalization of drug use?

Rethinking UK’s antidrug law—towards decriminalization of drug use?

The issue of illegal drug has been a growing concern in many countries; given the globalization and the advancement of technology have increased the sophistication of such illicit activities. 2 028 mots de plus


Increasing year by year, Swansea continues to be home of the highest rate of homeless people in Wales.

In 2010, there was over 9,000 homeless people in Wales, the highest amount coming from Swansea.

Swansea, the home of famous poet Dylan Thomas, is a thriving city that plans a… 261 mots de plus


10 Romantic Drug Test Kits Ideas

Anxiety Treatment Tips From Encountered Individuals

With a wealth of means and information in the world today, you may think anxiety is going to be easy to overcome. 1 130 mots de plus


Ready-Set-Gorgeous Roller-Shade

A roller-shade Pull-Out Point-of-Purchase Banner is the active engagement followup to “Ready, Set, Go-rgeous” as a tag line. A fun way to convey merchandise benefits. 320 mots de plus

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Taoism, Ego Death, and Ayahuasca

Taoists believe that the experience of ego death is evil.

Bliss, love, divine experiences, and visions of angels are carrier waves for sinister psychological forces. 248 mots de plus