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The Jesuits

« Their effort was not to transform the world around them in the light of their faith; their will was that they themselves be transformed – and therefore accepted – by that world. 645 mots de plus


First video up

Just uploaded our first instructional video for OS Cubes! Pretty cool. My friend Semaj is doing a basic overview of three important aspects you need to know about the cubes. Check it out!


Calcutta on a chariot

Today is Rath Yatra. As an Indian, its tough keeping track of all our festivals. There seems to be one every single day.

A very cute deity picture appeared in the local daily as an advertisement and that is what informed us, the outsiders, of the event. 425 mots de plus


Is it D? All of the Above?

It’s been decided: Nani will be attending a Danish school.

The placement process has been fascinating. First, we went to an Education and Job Center at the municipality, where we met with a woman who asked us some basic questions. 578 mots de plus