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Smartphone Video Otoscope To The Rescue: The HearScope Review

A new product, called HearScope, has been introduced to the market just as the pandemic is prompting consumers to better appreciate telemedicine and digital health gadgets. 49 mots de plus


The Freedom Bell

Education is the freedom bell
We ring with each new lesson,
Its strength is in the truth we tell
Knowledge, its resulting blessing.
No gender in the gift that is given, 114 mots de plus


Abundance - at Wolves Lane!

There are lots of exciting things growing at Wolves Lane.

Most regular Wolves Lane activities are still suspended indefinitely. But it’s all waiting for you when the lockdown is lifted! 64 mots de plus

Community Service

Where in the World was the Garden?

I would guess that most people have wondered where the Garden of Eden was on the earth, at some point in time in their lives. I know I have. 1 111 mots de plus


Templified Education Pack WordPress Theme

Templified Education Pack WordPress Theme
{If you’re wanting to construct a charming, multipurpose home page, give WordPress a shot. much simpler Manufacturing a charming website should be really easy if you choose a ravishing template. 96 mots de plus

A Conversation with Judge Amy Coney Barrett

The Notre Dame Club of Washington, D.C., hosted « An Evening with Judge Amy Coney Barrett » on February 19, 2019.

Jon Heintz, Class of ’09 and Class of ’14 J.D. 101 mots de plus


A Numberblocks Numberblog: reaching One Hundred

Mathematics can be a tricky subject… for grownups. Unfortunately, many adults grow up to think of maths as tedious at best and intimidating at worst. It’s not helpful to be confronted by this feeling when we’re faced with unavoidable tasks, such as measuring up a room or working out our share of a restaurant bill. 551 mots de plus