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Who is lobbying the Canadian government about drones?

Project JUSTAS is the Canadian initiative to acquire large military surveillance drones. Like other military procurement projects Project JUSTAS has been delayed for many years… 451 mots de plus


Good News Friday

No matter how long the Fridays in the middle of the summer, I still seem to get to Shabbat in a mad rush. This is why this Good News Friday post might be a little shorter than usual. 1 112 mots de plus

Israel News

Kent activists return to block Israeli arms company again

An alliance of activists have forced a one-day closure of an arms company in east Kent for the second time this year.

In the early hours of Monday 6 July, some of the group climbed over the fence of Instro Precision Ltd in Broadstairs, with four people occupying the roof. 123 mots de plus


Stopping Elbit's death factory

Nilüfer Erdem, Ewan Nicolson and Sherrl Yanowitz report on Monday’s protest at Elbit weapons factories in solidarity with Palestine. 

Roughly a year ago Israel began a 51 day attack on the Gaza strip. 989 mots de plus


Manchester Jewish Action for Palestine statement on day of 'Block the Factory' protest


British Jews proud to support national demonstration against Israeli armsmaker Elbit

Activism Mondoweiss Editors on July 6, 2015

Statement from ‘Manchester Jewish action for Palestine’ in support of ‘Block the Factory’, a national demonstration on July 6th at Israeli arms factory ‘Elbit’. 508 mots de plus


Block the Factory! Shut down the Elbit Systems Factory on 6 July

Neil Rogall urges support for action blocking the Elbit arms factory on 6 July 

It is a year since Israel’s war on Gaza that killed thousands of Palestinians. 358 mots de plus