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The Elbit Falcon Optical Gunsight MkII

The reflex sight is arguably one of the most important recent developments in small arms technology. I’ve read assertions that first round hit probability is tremendously increased with the proper use of reflex sights, especially on moving targets, and I’m certainly inclined to agree. 1 190 mots de plus


Fighter pilot technology will be available to Cyclists soon

Israeli company Elbit Systems developed a set of goggles that allows cyclists to track all of their metrics without taking their eyes off the road. Elbit is a company that specializes in making drones and other military technology, but its subsidiary, Everysight is in charge of this product aimed at the civilian cycling community. 441 mots de plus

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#BDSFail: Why you should invest in companies that BDS boycotts

Invest in BDS — Boycotted Companies Make Lots of Money
by Elder of Ziyon
April 26, 2017

Yesterday, Caterpillar announced much better financial results than were anticipated, and its stock price rose by nearly 8%. 134 mots de plus

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