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Sunday Links; Shithole Shutdown, Germans Talking About Talks, Chief Justice Concerned About Justice

If you haven’t been paying attention, the US government shutdown Friday at midnight, and has remained shutdown ever since.

This all started… well, it’d take too long to explain how it all started, but basically there was a… 798 mots de plus


Govt Shutdown Probably Hurts House Republicans And Senate Democrats

On Friday, the government suffered a partial shutdown as Senate Democrats balked at funding the government with a CR for four weeks and getting nothing in return.  595 mots de plus


Dennis Daugaard historical milestones

The recent State of the State Address symbolically began Dennis Daugaard’s final year as the 32nd Governor of South Dakota. In past posts, this blog has looked at historical milestones, or prospective milestones, set by the contenders to succeed Daugaard:  735 mots de plus

GOOD UPDATE: Democrat Cheryl Turpin Wins a Seat In The Virginia State Legislature

This OTYCD entry originally posted in September 2017.

YES YES YES! This was a bit of a nail-biter, but Cheryl Turpin defeated Rocky Holcomb by 51 to 49 to take a seat in the Virginia state legislature. 379 mots de plus

Use Your Power, Recruit Friends

Berlin #WomensMarch 2018

I was asked to speak at today’s #WomensMarch in Berlin as a representative from The Coalition, an anti-Trump and anti-far right network, and will post my speech later. 458 mots de plus

McCain: Incapable of doing job, lacks grace to retire

Who’s McCain’s ghost writer?

To the casual observer, it appears John McCain has been very busy. Though seriously ill with what his Mayo Clinic doctors describe as an “aggressive form of brain cancer,” he continues to weigh in on D.C. 432 mots de plus

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