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The Thatcherite pressure group at the heart of the Tory bullying scandal

With all the pages of copy that have been filed in the media about the Tory bullying scandal, it’s surprising how little has been written about the organisation at the heart of the bullying allegations – … 507 mots de plus


Kogi Election: Faleke protests as APC picks Yahaya Bello as Audu's replacement

Peace further eluded the crisis-racked All Progressives Congress (APC) of Kogi State yesterday as the party’s choice of Yahaya Bello was rejected by the late Abubakar Audu’s running mate, James Faleke.  79 mots de plus


Burkina Faso Elects New President Kabore

(OUAGADOUGOU, Burkina Faso) — Roch Marc Christian Kabore was elected Burkina Faso’s president, according to preliminary results announced early Tuesday, replacing the transitional government put in place after the West African nation’s longtime leader was toppled in a popular uprising last year. 262 mots de plus

Beyond Discord, Suspicion, and Hate

By Zafar SiddiquiEngage Minnesota

For the past few election seasons, hateful rhetoric has reached alarming proportions. This shouldn’t just worry those who are targeted: This should concern every American. 461 mots de plus

Engage Minnesota

The inauguration of Constantinople

In the book « The occult sciences in Byzantium » in an essay by Maria Papathanassiou titled « Stephanos of Alexandria : a famous Byzantine scholar, alchemist and astrologer » is reported the date of Constantinople’s inauguration. 784 mots de plus


Are Voters Finally Anti-Establishment? About time.

The political winds are blowing in a vastly different direction and it is about time. We are seeing, for the first time I can remember, the vast majority of Americans speak up against the establishment and their crony candidates. 1 867 mots de plus

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11.30.15: Critical Reformation

Speaking at an event in the Caracas Poliedro earlier today, Maduro predicted a win for the PSUV in Sunday’s parliamentary elections. On the PSUV’s expected performance, Maduro… 703 mots de plus

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