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The Gangsters Manipulating the 2016 Presidential Election

Drudge, Koch, Soros, Bezos: These 4 non-politicians will determine the next president

The real players who have unrivaled influence over who takes the White House… 112 mots de plus

National Politics

Why Vote for a Bold Leader?

Ever encountered a person who would do everything to stay away from the norm and to think out of the box to explore things for best interests? 398 mots de plus

Victims of our own folly

As the May 9 national election draws near one can’t help feeling anxious about how it would be for the country and the Filipino people for the next six years. 365 mots de plus


@BBCSouthEast - 1 Minute Manifesto - @SteveUncles - Kent Police Commissioner Candidate

@BBCSouthEast – 1 Minute Manifesto – @SteveUncles – Kent Police Commissioner Candidate

6/6 Here’s Kent English Democrats Police & Crime Commissioner candidate Steve Uncles’s minute manifesto…

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English Democrats

Change is coming. You are coming.

As the election approaches, I have the urge to write again. First, I am already voting for someone in the Presidential and Vice-Presidential position and I will try not to be bias and by doing that I will not say or drop names in this for the sake of persuading everyone to agree with me on who am I voting. 500 mots de plus