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Malaysians deserve better leaders than the current crop

QUICK TAKE: The Umno Baru government currently is no longer stable to fully administer the country. Perhaps it is time that the prime minister sought the consent of the Yang Di-Pertuan Agong to dissolve Parliament and hold fresh elections to seek a new mandate from the people. 353 mots de plus


"Lesser" Evil BULL****

You know it’s campaign season when the Democrat apologists start proclaiming their « grudging » support for their party’s nominee and trot out all the usual excuses for why we should all sit down, shut up, and take our political ass-raping like good little voters. 811 mots de plus


A Comparison of Philippine and American Elections: Yellow Ribbons and Swing States

This 2016, both the Philippines and the United States will be holding presidential elections. Although both nations have a democratic system of government, which is one of the American legacies in the Philippines, there are interesting differences between them. 986 mots de plus


The U.S. Intrafucture

The road system that we know has been falling apart around the country the past 15 years. And it’s Bush’s and Obama’s wars that have bled the interstate system, educational system, and a health care system based on humanitarianism, DRY, through insensitivity and desensitization-programming by the media. 277 mots de plus


Children are being affected in Burundi election-related violence

Children are suffering as a result of instability and election-related violence in Burundi including three killed in the last five days and dozens forced to flee from school, the U.N. 281 mots de plus


The Donald

One of the biggest blowhards imaginable has tossed his hat into the ever-growing ring of Republican presidential candidates. Currently, in spite of rhetoric that indicates he is clueless about key social issues, he’s trending second in the polls. 18 mots de plus