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7 Reasons for Pakistani Women to Vote This Time

 Originally published in The News Blogs on  15 Apr 2013

Elections in Pakistan are due by next month. Although casting of vote is every citizen’s responsibility and there should be no gender discrimination whatsoever in this regard. 776 mots de plus

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RE:Member Issue 3 - Conference Edition

Hi all, we’ve uploaded issue 3 of the branch newsletter – RE:Member. We want to say thanks to everyone who was able to give up their own time to participate in the democratic process of agreeing motions and mandating delegates through both the Branch AGM and Mandate Meeting. 143 mots de plus


Muhammad Buhari: Where Now for Nigeria?

Capitalizing on his image as an ‘incorruptible’ leader, ex-general Muhammadu Buhari was the first Nigerian to defeat a sitting president through the ballot box.  Buhari’s landslide victory by nearly 2.5 million votes means that the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) that has been ruling Nigeria since the imposition of civilian rule in 1999 will now have to take the back seat as the All Progressive Congress ( APC)  takes charge of Africa’s most populated country. 797 mots de plus


Why Labour's next leader should embrace retail politics

At our Labour Party constituency meeting last night, our newly elected MP was unwilling to declare her support for any of the current leadership candidates. Merely a… 643 mots de plus


Green Party of England & Wales Supports HDP in the Election

The Turkish general election is days away, and Turkish voters who live in London can vote this weekend following a 2012 regulation that permits citizens to vote in the country in which they reside. 206 mots de plus


Hamma Hammami: Long live HDP! Forward to victory!

Hamma Hammami, Leader of the Popular Front of Tunisia spoke at HDP’s Hatay meeting:

I’m here with my comrade to show solidarity with you. We know that peoples of Turkey have suffered and still suffering under dictatorship, especially under AKP administration. 213 mots de plus


EELV Calls to Vote for HDP

Parliament elections come to pass on June 7th in Turkey and until May 31st for the citizens of Turkey residing abroad. These elections are the occasion to advance ecology, the democracy and peace in Turkey. 250 mots de plus