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Jaden Smith Vows To Leave L.A. In Bizarre Instagram Rant: 'I've Failed Straight Up'

Teenage angst can be embarrassing for everyone involved, but when said teenager is a celebrity, whose parents are also celebrities, the embarrassment factor is magnified substantially. 329 mots de plus


Ed Sheeran Covers 'Fresh Prince' Theme Song With Acoustic Twist

Leave it to Ed Sheeran to perform a stirring acoustic rendition of « The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air » theme song and somehow make it work. 114 mots de plus


Bills 2017 NFL Free Agency wishlist: Quarterbacks

When the Buffalo Bills agreed to a contract extension for quarterback Tyrod Taylor on Aug.12 last year, there wasn’t really any way that we thought this would be one of the biggest issues going into the 2017 offseason. 1 004 mots de plus

Buffalo Bills

The Best Time to Shop For Foodies is Now

After Christmas sales aren’t just for grabbing that gift you wanted but didn’t receive. This is the best time of year to stock up on entertaining essentials and epicure gifts. 580 mots de plus

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Will Smith And Martin Freeman Swap Embarrassing Stories About Encountering Fans At Urinals

Being approached by fans is part of the territory when one becomes famous, but sometimes these encounters can step over the line when they occur during awkward moments when privacy is breached — say, while relieving oneself. 195 mots de plus


Will Smith Explains Why He Doesn’t Impose Gender Stereotypes On Son, Jaden

Will Smith recently spoke out on raising children who are experimenting with their identity and gender stereotypes, like his son Jaden, 18.

“First of all, I don’t give parenting advice per se, because it’s such a unique task. 552 mots de plus


Former Vikings CB Antoine Winfield's son is suspended from University of Minnesota football program

According to the Star Tribune, 10 University of Minnesota football players are suspended indefinitely — one of them Antoine Winfield Jr., son of former Vikings cornerback Antoine Winfield. 171 mots de plus

Minnesota Vikings