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[Untitled Poetry]

half read books
and insomnia
and half baked thoughts
of the end of this world.
pain is not beautiful
poetry is.
can’t decide
if everyone is a poet… 60 mots de plus


Pleasure Leftists - The Gate LP (Feel It Records)

Pleasure Leftists are a post-punk sensation developed in Cleveland, Ohio back in 2010. Following a couple of extended plays such as self-titled 7 », Elephant Man / Not over, You and a magnificent debut full-length album called The Woods Of Heaven, Pleasure Leftists are back with another wonderful recording simplistically named The Gate. 288 mots de plus


Lại bị quắn quéo

Lâu lắm rồi ko xem anime, giờ xem Fafner -THE BEYOND- quắn quéo quá. Mới chửi nó lại đẻ trứng… ai dè phong độ vẫn nối tiếp EXODUS… combat đỉnh cao, tỏ ra nguy hiểm và đặc biệt là khiến chái tym thiếu nữ của mình quắn quéo dù mình ko có ship chi mô hết. 121 mots de plus


Favourite Albums Of the 2010's

White Crosses – Against Me
LOVE – Angels & Airwaves
There Is A Hell… – Bring Me the Horizon
Teenage Dream – Katy Perry… 972 mots de plus


Meet Epitaph Records' latest signing, guccihighwaters

Morgan Murphy grew up in Ireland before moving to New York at the age of 15. Little did he know that he’d end up signing to the legendary Epitaph Records which was started by Bad Religion’s guitarist, Brett Gurewitz, 17 years before Murphy was born! 189 mots de plus


(review) Inner 29-Now and Again, Here(Indie Vision Music)

Brasil has one of the strongest underground music scenes in the world. This time Inner 29 is a band featured in this zine with their new e.p. 165 mots de plus

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Christmas Countdown, Friday #3

Day 15

We’re back to the next iteration of the day this all started and the theme is All I Want for Christmas Is You… 259 mots de plus