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15 recommendations from 2018

Spotify released their end of year stats recently, which is pretty close to a religious experience for a geek like me. Below is a list of my 15 most-listened-to-songs from my most-listened-to-artists in 2018 (anything that is even tenuously linked to punk can be counted), with no more than 1 song per artist. 1 184 mots de plus


3OH!3 - 11/28/2018, Silver Spring, MD

It was cold, windy night in Silver Spring, Maryland, but the weather wasn’t enough to deter the long line of fans wrapping around the Fillmore and surrounding buildings this past Wednesday. 310 mots de plus

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EP Review: “Facade” by Boxford

Boxford have released their debut EP, titled “Facade.”

“Collapse” instantly brings so much energy through the instrumentals that open the song, and the vocals come in to deliver some unique melodies through an emotional performance. 297 mots de plus


23 And Defeated (For Taco Bell) // by Kevin

In this playlist: A playlist for indie bros in their early 20s who may or may not be high but are def. more insecure than they let on. 11 mots de plus


This Life - I'd Lie About Almost Anything

« This song is the most personal I’ve ever written » announces THIS LIFE frontman, William Ellis. « When I was 13 I experienced a traumatic event that sent me down a path of having panic attacks at school and then on to increasingly worse mental health impairments later in life. 210 mots de plus


Yearly Yearend

The year is drawing to a close, hence some re-realisations. Thank goodness for another year of possibilities. #gratefulness


Some Choice Highlights of Southern Post-Hardcore Listed (In No Particular Order)

The American South and its vast, often rural landscape may not be the first place that comes to mind when you think of punk rock. Especially not in comparison with locales like New York, Los Angeles or Chicago which have fabled, well-established and oft-discussed scenes. 749 mots de plus

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