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The Meltdown 3.85

The Meltdown – The Meltdown 3.85

This week I have new music from Gingerlys, No Vacation, Quicksand, and Circa Survive.

New Music

Jimmy Eat World - Clarity

Alternative Rock, Emo


Clarity is a huge step up from Static Prevails. This is a wonderfully constructed record, varied enough to hold attention yet maintaining a consistent theme and flow. 63 mots de plus


Jimmy Eat World - Static Prevails

Alternative Rock, Emo


This is a comparatively dark excursion for Jimmy Eat World that is less generic, and more indicative of the emo scene, than… 73 mots de plus


Jimmy Eat World - Jimmy Eat World

Emo, Pop Punk

Jimmy Eat World’s debut is an earnest, but extremely forgettable and badly produced, pop-punk record. There are exactly three worthwhile moments: the hilarious ending to « Cars, » the opening instrumental half of « Scientific, » and the violin-laden ending to « Usery » (which is also the only hint of what the band would later become). 39 mots de plus


Absolute Trash I Used to Listen to as a Teen

My last post was rather heavy, so I thought I’d write something more fun.. at the expense of my teenage self. My music taste has expanded immensely, I started off listening to Good Charlotte and Linkin Park as a kid, started get into the Post Hardcore scene as an early teen and now I listen to alot more Metalcore and alternative rock. 698 mots de plus


The Birth of a Blog

Hello virtual world of bloggies!

Bored. Sitting in my room listening to The 1975 and drooling over delicious looking recipes, I never would’ve thought I’d whip up one of these bad boys called a blog. 259 mots de plus