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Outgrow/Anything - Hora Douse: Interview

TW: Open discussion of mental health issues

I’ve been in hospital for the last couple of weeks but was discharged just in time for Washed Out last weekend. 2 424 mots de plus


ALBUM REVIEW: 'Sonder' by Dearist

When Dearist released This House Has No Windows in 2015, it’s no surprise that quite a few people were taken aback. Other than some highly-publicised praise from Touché Amoré’s Jeremy Bolm and Thursday’s Geoff Rickley, this was a band to whom so many were going into blind, and yet with a grungey emo core as rich and powerful as theirs, that debut remains tragically under-appreciated to this day. 418 mots de plus


ALBUM REVIEW: 'Bad Frequencies' by Hawthorne Heights 

To many, Hawthorne Heights represent the peak of emo’s oversaturation in the mid-2000s. This was the genre at its most coiffed and mawkish, hitting levels of overwrought style over substance that would’ve made the pioneers of the genre’s originally rustic, indie-influenced sound balk at the sight of it, and Hawthorne Heights were seen as the poster boys for that movement. 585 mots de plus


Every Branch Release Hillcrest Drive EP: Stream

New Britain alternative rock four-piece Every Branch have released their new Hillcrest Drive EP, the band’s newest release since 2017’s A Widow & A Forest Burning Down… 114 mots de plus


The Meltdown 3.101

The Meltdown – The Meltdown 3.101

This week I have new music from Queen of Jeans, Open, Slow and Steady, and Good Looking Friends.

New Music

Pilot Run's 'Ghost of Me' Will Have You Running for Your Ex

‘Ghost of Me’, the new Pilot Run tune, is an angsty, uniquely British iteration of emo pop. In some regards, these guys sound like a cross between Funeral For a Friend and You Me at Six or Moose Blood. 104 mots de plus

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