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Quick Picks: Girl In Red, Bat For Lashes, Middle Distance

Hey, you know when Monday comes and you’ve spent the weekend not catching up on the sleep that you meant to get before you had to go back to work? 742 mots de plus



Happy Monday all. Today’s #MerchMonday post is for Arizona’s finest, (and personal faves), Jimmy Eat World – a band I have both listened to and adored since my teens. 428 mots de plus

Live Music


The grass is greener where the sun shines brighter. So be your own sun. Shine and become the light. For as you bring light and remain rooted to a path of enlightenment; wherever you go and will be, there will always be growth and… greenery.


Review: Touché by The Side Project

By: Riefan Novalde H |

The most memorable emo band from Jakarta “The Side Project” is finally back from the dead with their new single titled “Touché”, which was released on June 10th, 2019. 257 mots de plus


The Running Era

Yesterday was the first day in a long time when I did not run and lift weights. It isn’t much: I ran 2.4km in under 14 minutes, and either did two or one set of two arm exercises, with 8kg weights now, together another two arm supplementary weight movements. 626 mots de plus


Flashback Friday #3 - The Black Parade

They see me bandwagoning, they hating……

I assume y’all heard the rumour that one of the Jonas Brothers started right? The one about My Chem reuniting? 965 mots de plus

Flashback Friday