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The Running Era

Yesterday was the first day in a long time when I did not run and lift weights. It isn’t much: I ran 2.4km in under 14 minutes, and either did two or one set of two arm exercises, with 8kg weights now, together another two arm supplementary weight movements. 626 mots de plus


Flashback Friday #3 - The Black Parade

They see me bandwagoning, they hating……

I assume y’all heard the rumour that one of the Jonas Brothers started right? The one about My Chem reuniting? 965 mots de plus

Flashback Friday

Graveyard Club - 'It Hurts'

When a press officer references Stars in their pitch, you know a band are going to be worth checking out. This was the case with Minneapolis four-piece Graveyard Club. 87 mots de plus

New Music

ALBUM REVIEW: ‘Natural, Everyday Degradation’ by Remo Drive

Presumably what made Remo Drive stand out earlier on was their sense of confidence. They’re a band whose sound is deeply embedded the indie-rock and emo that’s built around uncertainty and self-deprecation, so to release a debut album titled… 852 mots de plus


ALBUM REVIEW: ‘Mother Nature’ by The Dangerous Summer

With every further listen of The Dangerous Summer’s self-titled album from last year, it feels more and more like they weren’t ready to release new music when they did. 809 mots de plus


The Meltdown 3.141


This week I have new music from Comrades, The Appleseed Cast, Lite, and The Get Up Kids.

New Music

Joe Jonas Leaks My Chemical Romance Reunion On Kiss FM

While the Jonas Brothers were being interviewed on KISS Breakfast in the U.K., Joe Jonas spilled some hot tea on the recent status My Chemical Romance. 71 mots de plus