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îles, endives & a sleeping beauty

Discovering Paris more is one of the things I look most forward to this year. Since we came here last year, going to town on a saturday has become one of our most loved habits. 1 668 mots de plus


French Food is Gross

Now that I’ve caught your attention with that facetious title, I present to you some of my favorite Northern specialties. A highlight of my life… 60 mots de plus

Lately on Instagram: introducing new (french!) flavors

Hello, friends! For anyone new, « Lately on Instagram » is a series where I summarize what’s been happening in my kitchen lately, with posts revolving around larger themes such as… 451 mots de plus


Pork roast with endives / Roti de porc aux endives

This is a classic recipe from northern France and is one of the most satisfying examples of traditional, home-style cooking yet it is elegant enough to serve to guests. 287 mots de plus


Week 4: Our Belgium Bistro

This week our culinary journey has landed us in Western Europe. Last week we had to take a week off from Cooking through the Countries while we visited the beach in North Carolina. 1 416 mots de plus


This salad is so simple yet so tasty. Endives are often prepared so bland and boring when in fact you can make them exciting and sexy. 191 mots de plus


Endives with Ibérico ham and cream cheese

A great first course that will leave no one indifferent.

Ingredients (2 people)
· 4 endives
· 8 slices of Pata Negra Ibérico Ham
· 3.5 oz of sweet Gorgonzola Cheese… 201 mots de plus

Jamón Ibérico