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Week 4: Our Belgium Bistro

This week our culinary journey has landed us in Western Europe. Last week we had to take a week off from Cooking through the Countries while we visited the beach in North Carolina. 1 416 mots de plus

Food Porn


This salad is so simple yet so tasty. Endives are often prepared so bland and boring when in fact you can make them exciting and sexy. 195 mots de plus


Endives with Ibérico ham and cream cheese

A great first course that will leave no one indifferent.

Ingredients (2 people)
· 4 endives
· 8 slices of Pata Negra Ibérico Ham
· 3.5 oz of sweet Gorgonzola Cheese… 201 mots de plus

Jamón Ibérico

Burger de vită cu andive și blue cheese

Să faci un burger acasă nu-i complicat, dar nici simplu! Cu puțină organizare, se rezolvă. Vă propun un burger de vită cu andive rumenite pe grătar, un sos de brânză gorgonzola alături de dovlecei la grătar.

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Somon și andive la grătar

Dacă sunteți fan andive, atunci această rețetă o să vă placă tare mult. În 10 minute cel mult este gata :)


  • 2 file-uri somon…
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from the kitchen of ma belle-mère.

One of the perks of being married to Jules is being able to visit his family home in the southwest of France.  The area where his parents live is 20 minutes from Bergerac, and since we’re pretty much in the middle of the countryside, we don’t really go out to eat.   625 mots de plus


A healthy salad after a not so healthy easter

After easter (and the excess consumption of chocolate…), it is always nice to go back to our healthy habits. I asked a good Lebanese friend of mine, who was visiting Paris last week, to bring me a bag of zaatar, this arabic condiment made of dried herbs (usually thyms), mixed with sesame seeds and dried sumac. 81 mots de plus