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Beef-beer stew and butternut squash soup

Not going to lie: I was not happy with my first day back in the kitchen. I don’t like the bitterness of endives, nor did I enjoy the plating of this dish. 74 mots de plus


Endives & roquefort tarte Tatin

We are a family of meat lovers. But as much as we all agree on a beautiful steak, opinions are somewhat divided when it comes to the sides. 573 mots de plus

Crevettes aux Endives

Ingrédients (pour 2 personnes) :

  • 6 endives
  • 500g de crevettes
  • 200g de nouilles de riz
  • 20 cl de Lait de coco
  • Huile de sésame
  • Sauce d’Huître (Oyster Sauce)
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Under The Sea/Sous L'Océan

Creamy Endives au Gratin

Called chicon in Belgium and in the North of France, and more widely known as chicory in English, this vegetable is as tasty cooked as it is used in salads or even as a wrap to be served as nibbles.  284 mots de plus


Dinner: Roasted Endives with Thyme

Its been quite some time since I last posted up a recipe and here we are! I went on a cooking craze so here we are!! 352 mots de plus


DÍA 2 – Mejora y ayuda a la digestión (Receta)

DÍA 2 – Mejora y ayuda a la digestión

🍏Ingrediente DÍA 2: Hojas verdes (en este caso, endivias).
4 endivias
100gr de higos o ciruelas secas… 156 mots de plus


Cream and simple flavors make Meursault shine

Lately, I’ve been really into creating multiple-course meals around a single bottle of wine. While for larger dinner parties I may feature a different bottle with each course, I find that if it’s just two for dinner, working with a single wine is practical because I don’t want to open multiple bottles that we will not be able to finish before the oxygen starts spoiling the wine. 492 mots de plus

Food And Wine Pairing