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Mango-Pineapple Green Smoothie

Yesterday, I suffered from indigestion that rendered me almost helpless and in bed the whole day. I did make a green smoothie for the fibers to help digest my food, and I was reminded of the first green smoothie I made that was actually delicious. 62 mots de plus


Chicon gratin

Chicon or endives gratin is a classic Belgian dish with endives wrapped in ham, covered with a rich, cheesy bechamel sauce. Bechamel is a white sauce based on flour, butter and milk. 408 mots de plus


Endives au jambon revisitées

Les endives au jambon, un de ces plats avec lesquels on a grandi et que l’on déteste ou on adore. Un grand classique!

C’est un plat auquel je pense malheureusement rarement …et pourtant qu’est-ce que j’aime ça!! 578 mots de plus


Grass fed steak with four different veggies

Once in a while, we like a good steak. A good steak to us is a grass-fed, fatty one. The fat is what makes your steak juicy and flavourful. 673 mots de plus


Belgian endives with root celery and chicken meatballs on skewers

Another recipe by the Belgian paleo guru Pascale Naessens.

Although she never uses the P word in her cookbooks, her recipes are inspired by the same pure, healthy whole food principles. 246 mots de plus


冬天的家常菜 §Endives au Jambon :火腿焗烤微苦菊苣§ 


材料與份量: 以一人兩株菊苣為單位自行增減,大片火腿數片(一片包一株), 適量法式固狀酸奶油Crème fraîch,隨意口味起士絲或是帕米森起士粉

作法:  把菊苣煮軟熟後瀝水拿出, 將一片火腿和菊苣和適量酸奶油, 起士絲捲起, 一株株排列好放入有深度的烤盤或陶瓷盤子, 最後撒上起士絲或是帕米森起士粉放入180度的預熱烤箱,烤分鐘上面有漂亮的金黃微焦即可。

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Endives Gratin with Emmental

For this festive week, I have opted to bring a new recipe to the 48th Fiesta Friday, a Gratin made with Endives. The Endive (a small and bitter vegetable) famous Belgium vegetable, and is the star of this dish! 282 mots de plus

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