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A Stranger Returns

» We meet again! »
the Stranger said,
the one I’d never met before,
sat alone at the pavement cafe
he asked me if I would… 160 mots de plus



I’m told this blog lingers on the failings of the modern world and how much better things were back in the day, and I suppose it does. 329 mots de plus


Breaking the Old Ennui...

“What?” she said looking up from her book.


“Why’d you turn it off?”

He didn’t answer right away and she didn’t ask again. Finally, without turning his head, “Tired of it. 1 260 mots de plus



Short Stories * Raymond Carver * Caucasian Ennui * 1981


Have you ever taken a creative writing class? If you’re here I’d say the chances are about even that you have. 1 421 mots de plus


Day Sixteen: 'Two Songs About Girls Named Jenny'

Neither one listens to « Brothers in Arms »
The Ess-dog waits tables and he sold his guitar

I come in off the highway and I park in my front yard… 255 mots de plus


Insidious torpor

What is ‘a cold’? It’s such a feeble illness, so pathetic, so humiliating to admit to, that many simply refuse to suffer from it; calling it ‘the flu’. 328 mots de plus


Lay Sophophobia to Rest

The Dutch word for fear is “angst”, something that played an avowable role in my middle and high school years. My biggest fear when I was younger was learning because I’ve always had trouble knowing what to prioritize. 891 mots de plus