Étiquettes » Ennui

Notes on the Poignancy of Suffering

We shared
a feigned nostalgia
for those things
that none of us
could remember
or would even care to;
Of how,
the world broke our hearts… 32 mots de plus


What the Hell Am I Writing? And More March 2017

So this month a lot has been happening, but unlike other bouts of what Hemmingway calls the « death loneliness that comes at the end of every wasted day of your life, » my inspiration has only been growing and fueling my writing, not sapping it. 743 mots de plus


If you've found this...

Congratulations. I haven’t shared this with anyone.

In this age of oversharing, sometimes we need to keep a thing or two to ourselves. I keep my thoughts. 141 mots de plus


The Possible

Were that possible

which could possibly be,

then that would

be possible for all to see;

all the possibilities of

the possible is a possibility… 14 mots de plus


Controversy Limerick


Maybe I’m more than crazy

I don’t like controversy

People say it keeps life « interesting »

Perhaps there’s something deeper missing

Controversy as cure for ennui seems lazy… 22 mots de plus


Avalon Chard | Chardonnay

Variety/Blend: Chardonnay
Vintage: 2014
Alcohol: I’m too drunk to find it on the label… 13.8%
Region: Santa Barbara County
Recommended Pairing: A good yogic forward fold… 255 mots de plus


Woman Parodies BBC Interview Gone Wrong After Kids Crash Live Chat

This had to happen sooner or later.

Last week, an American professor’s live Skype interview descended into chaos at the hands of his two little children. 214 mots de plus