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Blackened Heart

Shriveled, blackened heart beats inside a grizzled chest
On outside he’s hanging on but inside’s just a mess
Red sky in the morning, red sky at noon and night… 266 mots de plus


Of Clocks and Faces

There are clocks older than time,

that would show us how little of it

there is left to spend,

were we only capable of

deciphering their numerals… 46 mots de plus


The Final Stretch

As the third year of medical school is swiftly coming to a close, the year is hardly winding down. The list of things I need to accomplish in the coming weeks is only growing in its length and intensity. 212 mots de plus

Medical School

Absence of Words

Where are they?

where are those words

that should have been

here…. and…. here…. and here,

all arranged in neat,

ordered lines?

Where are they? 45 mots de plus


The Journals and Timelessness

The future is strange. Our children should have never opened this Pandora’s box we giddily call time travel. Those words would feel like fifty pounds of lead if we understood their gravity. 482 mots de plus

Time Travel

The Anti-Toska

Toska: « No single word in English renders all the shades of toska. At its deepest and most painful, it is a sensation of great spiritual anguish, often without any specific cause. 176 mots de plus

Life Experience

No Life at All

An un-examined life may be no life at all
But immersed in reflection can make advances stall.
Every moment’s precious, they’ll never come again;
Killing time’s a felony and a mortal sin. 382 mots de plus