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Why are we so bored?

Today, thanks to advancing technology we are surrounded by so many activities we can do, given that we have a computing device (for example smartphone, tablet, laptop). 244 mots de plus



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You pat yourself down before you leave-wallet, key fob, phone. You have all your pocket rectangles. The rectangle is utilitarian, to be sure, and the least sexy of all shapes. 199 mots de plus

Hillary's 2008 vs 2016 campaigns - Do as I say, not as I do.

Hillary Clinton should be called on her duplicity, in calling on Bernie Sanders to “stop attacking Hillary” or even to drop out of the race. Eight years ago, she was on the opposite side. 2 447 mots de plus

Current Events


 I have staved off   lost passions

 I’ve held on cold cliff holds

I stayed and endured elements,

Harsh and all part of a hard whole… 29 mots de plus


Cube Dweller

In between long bouts of looking at nothing, staring unblinking

Into the void and listening to songs that were old when I was young,

I am thinking about our deaths. 36 mots de plus



I haven’t been getting much rest lately. I’ve lain in bed for the past eleven days. I have digestive biscuits and water bottles to the table on my right and a few plastic containers on my left. 540 mots de plus



The endless anomaly slumps back into his chair in a dingy coffee shop along some crowded boulevard.  He is seated in a comfortable spot, at a table next to the large grimy ancient windows.  937 mots de plus