Étiquettes » Ennui

I want

I want to murder every child that walks by

Sayeth the philanderer

Oh hush

They’ll only suffer when they’re older

Oh hush you’re just bored


Wednesday Wonders: How a Retreat Can Help (I Hope)

I am hovering on the edge of doing anything writerly lately. I look at the work I need to do, lift my pen, scribble a few words, and then put the pen back down. 240 mots de plus

October 18, 2016

Day so beautiful
it hurt my eyes. Tomorrow
rains come and leaves fall.



i’m walking around in that same old rain
each tired drop splats a fresh cliché
i’ve been so scared for the longest time
but, really, can i shrink any more? 100 mots de plus


What do you do when the devil is waiting for you?

She had fallen asleep early that night wondering what tomorrow would bring. She had no hopes. She had no fears. It was just a feeling of what if. 282 mots de plus


Affect 24: Spread Out

I hit a block, sometimes, when I’m telling my story.  How do I reconcile a locus of control?  How do I move forward with the conceivably mundane or selfish when there is genocide?  111 mots de plus


Mourinho: "Nobody cares about Liverpool"

Manchester United boss Jose Mourinho has spoken of the crushing sense of ennui that is plaguing him as he faces the prospect of travelling to Anfield with his club for Monday night’s Premier League clash with Liverpool. 162 mots de plus