Mots-clés » Ennui

they must needs-- by the difference of their interests-- dissolve--

I have one person in this world who might share a sliver of my soul. We don’t belong to each other but can’t exist without each other. 131 mots de plus


in transit:
stuck here
in this
unlovely city
and mind
tied to
the tedium
of routine
but my soul
seems to
rankle… 73 mots de plus


Sonnet 7 | The Avoidance of Flossing

  1. The Age of Universal Authorship
  2. The canon of the self.
  3. The simulation of life.
  4. The concept of dread.
  5. The spirit of ennui.
  6. The terror of possibility.
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An End to Ennui 

I used to live in a large apartment building, composed of five stories and white-washed, where there must be four main staircases and four fire exits. 518 mots de plus


Edukayshun is Key

Good morning invisible reader. Ms. Anne Thrope here with the first post of the year. Welcome to what will be the year of the dog. A Football World Cup year, which would always excite me when I was younger, but now I that know it’s all fixed I can’t enjoy it any more. 782 mots de plus

New Year Blues

A new year. A new start. This is always considered the opportunity for a factory re-set or for people to attempt to kick start the things they leave to the back of the priority list. 270 mots de plus

Sonnet To Ambition, That Cold Hearted Goddess.

Cold marble, green sofas, black hearts,

Gold plates, silver spoons, rehearsed parts,

Fake smiles, tapestries old,

Photographs gay, eyes cold,

On soft music, ancient clocks chime, … 53 mots de plus