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Change Is Inevitable

I am back! Sorry for the lull in blog posts :( I was away last week without internet access and then this week I have started back at uni so things have been a little nuts! 316 mots de plus


HAIKU -- 03022015

sixty-first day

of the new year — how quickly I

tire of writing


© Copyright 2015-2016 Ron Evans 15 mots de plus


It Follows

Shrouded in a Summer’s veil

somnambulant suburban streets

echo with an emptiness ,

and Time finds itself stranded

and tarries in a forever now ,forever now , 44 mots de plus


Parsimonious Powell: 12/24/12

   Real life is tricky. It doesn’t have a plot, a story arc, nor in the grand scheme of things a beginning or an end. It isn’t a bowl of cherries, a song, nor is it a board game and it certainly doesn’t have a grand design, a point or subplots running throughout in meaningful, descriptive, poetic verse. 2 825 mots de plus


February 26 ... Winter ...

Who cares, anyway? What difference does it make? No matter which direction I choose, I hit the wall…. Winter of the mind and soul … sucking acedia

Monthly Theme

Wall of Words - Take Two!

TL;DR – Things aren’t going as planned. Back to the drawing board…

2015 really isn’t starting out to be the year I hoped it would. Things have gone so awry that I’m feeling the need to essentially start over. 825 mots de plus

24th February (The Case Against Antipathy) + Thailand Photo Blog

Well, this year is happening.

I decided 2015 would be a lot better than 2014, and guess what? It worked.


I attended a friend’s wedding in Rayong (Thailand). 672 mots de plus

Mad Men