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Fools (Re: April)

(Comedy?? Somewhere/somehow?!??)

(fix later – make good)

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Memories fade into memories fade into memories

then fade and are no more ,

each receding tide gives way to

that which is no longer the same , 75 mots de plus


To the Reader - Charles Baudelaire

Dear Monsieur Baudelaire,

You do not know me and I doubt you ever will as we are divided by both time and place – notably me living above ground and you residing below, but you do know of me, as I am a reader of Les Fleurs du Mal. 391 mots de plus

Book Review

senescence settles in

« None, » I say when my cousin, who we all just call Sis, asks what kind of cake I want.

« Answer the damn question, » Sis says. 259 mots de plus


1980's Bruce Springsteen Song


We fought all our battles so long ago
out on the fields of play ,
one more home run to win
one more heroic hit and a garlanded presentation to come , 97 mots de plus


nothing i can't handle by running away

« So are we going out tonight? » My cousin asks. He’s in town for a few days. He’s just adopted his girlfriend’s four kids. Now he’s up to five. 260 mots de plus


Pain to distract

Evening all. I needed to post, because I don’t really have anyone to turn to. So I had a very tough day Tuesday which led to two panic attacks at work. 210 mots de plus