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Pandæmonium (Punishment Prompt)

Sallow lights glowed around the pumps, creating dim cones to press and waver against the dark. Beyond, only headlights were visible, save when lightning would flash, making vague silhouettes separating the interstate mass from sky. 219 mots de plus


Wild Wood, Deep City

An essay of mine published in City Arts, on the old trees in our coffee shops, how they can be an antidote to our Amazon ennui… 14 mots de plus



Life of the party,

catchphrase flung from far away-

only you listen.



Dead men never speak,

at least not of the future,

perhaps nor should we.


Optional Procedures

Proceed with caution,

the hardships of modern life

need not spoil the joy!


Urban Wildlife

The urban wildlife

parties here and parties there

always are waiting


Bleach my sheep

« Hey Joe ! Où est-ce que tu m’emmènes encore ? »

« T’inquiète, ça va être la soirée de l’année ! Tu verras ! » 1 372 mots de plus

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