Mots-clés » Ennui

i think i am depressed (just a little)

today i took an online quiz

telling me if i am depressed

and if so how much

because i laugh a lot

and cry when no one is watching… 232 mots de plus


The Statue

The city of Concepcion,

its physical parameters circum-

scribed by conjectural development,

its identity arrived at through

an intricate labyrinth of

historically determined steps;

At its heart the dominant… 80 mots de plus


(This review is by Ritwik Chakraborty and appears as a comment on a Facebook share.)

The piece (The Romantic Mr. Remarkable) was a lovely read. 736 mots de plus


Creatures of Habit

My youngest dog is a four-year-old, male basenji, Storm. We have two other dogs, females, a miniature pinscher, Hetty, seven, and a border terrier, Cory, thirteen. 259 mots de plus



He saw you there,

there in the magazine

there on stage

there on the screen;


in black

in white,

you filled his eyes

sparkled and dazzled them; 57 mots de plus


The dog's search for meaning

It’s hot outside and the dog gallops up the stairs to the very warm attic, panting with a slashing smile, tongue flapping, teeth bared, eyes wide and wild, tail wagging. 645 mots de plus