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The Night of Knowing

Between the beats of my heart
You are.
In the fluttering of the butterfly’s wing
You are.
In the song of the lone nightingale
You are. 42 mots de plus



Um ano pode começar em qualquer dia do primeiro mês – Janeiro.

Genius loci, “o espírito do lugar” – os primeiros desenhos do ano, num projecto que durará 12 meses. 12 mots de plus


The Ref

Film * Ted Demme * White People Problems * 1994


Many people have movies they watch every year at Christmas. The Ref is mine, which I’m sure says something about me as a person. 1 876 mots de plus


Embracing Ennui

There’s nothing I love more than a new word to introduce into my daily vocabulary, especially when that word sums up exactly how I’m feeling. I first heard the word ‘ennui’ during a conversation with a dear friend, who announced on our day out to New Brighton that the grey and boring environs were the perfect conditions to elicit this lesser-known emotional state.  705 mots de plus


The City Moves in Me

Terror swims inside me like a basking shark
It’s my sullen wake, it fills the air behind
As I’m drawn along suburban stone.
I see the wild forgotten as a dream is forgotten… 118 mots de plus