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How to disagree respectfully with loved ones

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Mind Body


Roll pinky, ring, middle, index finger
Right along an edge
To a rhythm in my head:
Constant, consistent;


Tap. Click. Fidget.
Take the pen cap, 111 mots de plus


What is missing?

Perhaps the greatest plague of our time is not cancer, but something that affects many more people in ways that are barely understood: depression. This is something unexpected and paradoxical in a country where all are free to enjoy “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” Americans enjoy a more materially prosperous life than those in most parts of the world. 544 mots de plus

Religious/Theological Reflections


In the beginning

when all has ended,

after the last vicissitudes

I encounter are rendered

null and void,

I’ll realise that the

journey is the destination… 69 mots de plus


On combatting ennui

Today I have a bad case of the « what is going on with my life » type of ennui. I woke up this morning and just did NOT feel like myself. 970 mots de plus


Mantime! [Journal 10-25-17]

Shogun II; Total War: Taiko Shuffle.

I almost like the kid that originally “trained” me. He’s gotta be in his early twenties, not the brightest but not stupid, barely speaks/understands English yet communicates efficiently, rarely talks, works pretty well, and gets pissed when you treat him unfairly. 601 mots de plus