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Works in Progress

Sometimes I can tell before getting out of bed that the day is going to be a disappointment. It’s not that my expectations for any given day are all that high, but there’s a sense that some are just duds and you shouldn’t even try. 520 mots de plus

Existential Crisis

Embarrassed Cloud Wets Self Over Northeast Iowa

« Oh my God, I can’t believe this happened. »

Earlier this evening, Cumulonimbus (Cb) Incus  was spotted fleeing St. Olaf, IA, after wetting both itself and the town’s occupants.  409 mots de plus


Riffs and variations on loss and friendship featuring ennui, Lorde, solutions architecture, and puns about hats

“Did you get it?”

“Not only did I not get it but they didn’t even talk to me about it.”

“But you threw your hat in the ring, right?” 1 260 mots de plus

Short Story

There is an uneasy mood that has been settling over me on and off all weekend. I can’t quite explain how it feels or why it is happening or where it is coming from, only that I will periodically find myself so distracted by the static in my mind that everything else feels overwhelming. 301 mots de plus

Life In California

Daylight Slumber

Ennui strikes soft
leaving distinct footprints in my starlit eyes
The world looks interested
I surprise myself
I see through their pretence
Even as I try hard not to succumb… 70 mots de plus


Notes on a Meditation

On a bench in a park

in a distant corner of a city

a solitary figure sits

lost in a labyrinth of memories;

Thoughts traverse the long distances… 112 mots de plus