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Urban Lines 2

Look at the girl walking along the road
And the men who leer while they pass her by
Though they catcall they aren’t very much bold… 98 mots de plus


ennui and emptiness

0017. I insert a sad song sung in a language I do not understand into my ears. A month ago, I was so engrossed in memorising which artery and nerve innervate which part of the eye. 390 mots de plus



Heat and dust assail

Each day tired and crestfallen

Aches for the cool dew

The long summer takes its toll

Time now for autumn to roll


Happiness is a warm gun

Drink to end the sigh of sorrows
That tomorrow will endow
On your chest again to harrow
You till death will dearth bestow 85 mots de plus


The Blog Post I Always Wanted to Write

OK, as a high-functioning anonymist, I sent this note to two of my low-brow friends. OK, I am low-brow; they are actually quite cultured. I liked it and wanted to share it with other friends — any brow will do — and so, here it is. 269 mots de plus


September 21, 2016

I’ve been MIA
to preserve my sanity.
Good enough reason.


The Pierrotacy (1)

I want to be alone and think of things,
Let my thoughts swallow me up like the Sargasso Sea,
And the weeds pull at me, bringing me down… 197 mots de plus