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I Hate Photography

There’s a rather spectacular noise song by The Jesus and Mary Chain called « I Hate Rock ‘n’ Roll » that is as fine as example of what they profess to hate as anything. 614 mots de plus


Blog 46: Love & Anxiety-What lights you up?

What absolutely lights you up inside? By “lights you up”, I mean, fills you with passion, joy, and enthusiasm for more of this thing/person/situation. Do you know the answers to these questions? 992 mots de plus

ENNUI By Zina Anne's UNITY: The Power in Numbers | EVENT COVERAGE

Heat. Sweat. A combination labeled gross and identified with discomfort was nearly the complete opposite for this event. The walls talked as the heat allowed them to sweat. 288 mots de plus


Broken Horizons

There he sits every day,

whiskey and cigarettes

daytime T.V.

shoe leather’s gotten thin,

needles in the hallway;

the accoutrements of ennui,


There they sit every day… 14 mots de plus


Bored, tired, going to lie down now

Bored, tired, going to lie down now. Funny and good, that I have no desire to do anything with ——- or ——-, or —– or —– or anyone else. 60 mots de plus


There are those moments

when it is difficult to move forward 22 mots de plus


August 17, 2016

Between projects and
possibilities abound–
it’s paralyzing.