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K is for Karaoke


  1. A Japanese word meaning « empty orchestra » (See Japan)
  2. What the spring musical has a dangerous habit of becoming.

J is for Judiciary


Where your parents will turn to force you to provide services that they decline to pay taxes for.


Backtracking Blues

My mind treads the same old paths
And each time, I think
It’s something new
Though I know, in sooth, it’s a day-old thought
Au naturale sure, but washed out… 127 mots de plus



There comes a time in everyone’s life when they know they need to make a change.

It’s not just your inability to find a suitable television program even though you have a gazillion cable channels. 477 mots de plus


broke brain and wounded soul

i realized during my last performance mini-tour in Pittsburgh that i never properly dealt with the traumas of my childhood, so i decided to seek out therapy to try and get a handle on my crazy before all my marbles rolled away – it was as if a door had opened and 40 years of hoarded darkness spilled onto my head in tragicomic avalanche effect – my therapist hasn’t found an answer for all my run-on sentences but she did recognize in me a disconnect between the intellectual and emotional selves – that i was able to logically process the trauma, see it for what it was and identify why it happened, but at the neglect of my emotions – that was the first session, and the hardest work is yet to follow – but it is the most necessary step i have taken in my adult life, there is a focus i have not felt in over a decade… 75 mots de plus


The Haircut Therapy

Ask most women, mainly because they usually will have more hair to spare, and they will tell you that when making a break from the monotony of life becomes imperative and yet there seems to be no clear-cut end in sight; getting a haircut can be a therapeutic intervention in itself. 144 mots de plus


Halfway ...... Day 50 of 100

Gosh, here I am, halfway to my goal of 100 blog posts in 100 days !

I won’t pretend that it has been easy ……. some days I have really struggled to think of anything even vaguely interesting to say. 525 mots de plus