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I am all too painfully aware that we live in the age of the photograph. If it ain’t on film – or at least bukakked all over social media – then it’s almost as if it didn’t happen. 186 mots de plus



I am a single dot

on a slide

under a microscope ,

on a workbench

in a room

in a building ,

on a campus… 25 mots de plus


November 22 - The Inner Selfie

Let me explain. No. Let me sum up.

Before you read the article I wrote but didn’t post last week as my complaining and accompanying picture didn’t seem appropriate at the time, I want you to know that while I am oh so very proud of myself for taking the trip to visit my nutty, old stepmother in Holland and glad it is behind me, I have suffered some bizarre effects upon my return. 1 383 mots de plus


Sunday Melancholy

Sunday comes dripping from the kitchen tap

Pounding a knife – balanced on a bowl – against

The base of the kitchen sink.

Coffee cannot come quick enough. 105 mots de plus


A Night of Ennui with Michelle Grabner

The 2016 Portland Biennial curator Michelle Grabner gave a brief presentation on her curatorial practice at the new Schnitzer wing of PNCA (Pacific Northwest College of Art) on Thursday, November 19 to a packed house. 774 mots de plus


Hope, Never Say Die

I love the night, I love the darkness, without it, I would never have been able to see the stars twinkling. When every positivity ceases to exist, when even the last drop of happiness is squeezed out of our heart, it is hope we are clung to. 228 mots de plus


How Many Times Have You Left Your Brain In Bed?

To be awake in this day and age is such an exhausting task. You have the world’s problems to consider, and then your have your own, and then you have the problems you think you have. 623 mots de plus