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as time goes by

People laughing makes it funny right?

I was sleeping, then loud banging noises, cop sirens, now I’m here, if you’re reading this, sometime, somewhere so are you. 288 mots de plus


love sex pain confusion suffering 

Ah ah on repeat.

Jealousy makes it so hard to be sincere. For me. Not you. Maybe. Maybe. Maybe.

I sincerely love you and I can’t be around you because I would probably be a mess. 97 mots de plus


318. Pine Street

I lived upstairs on Pine Street in Richmond for a year or so while I was in my sophomore year of college. That whole block has since been torn down and redeveloped into modern campus buildings. 1 056 mots de plus

Absurd Theatre

"Hard choices are hard because there is no best option." - Ruth Chang

One choice doesn’t seem any better than the other one–only different. She’s right and this is also one of the things that made me very much receptive to  196 mots de plus


The Second Dip

I’ve been feeling rather sluggish and unmotivated lately. I have had little to no energy or interest these days in things I typically like to do, like read or cook.

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Deerstalkers and Hands-Free Blackberries

*Walks along in rain, contemplating Serious Decisions in my Writing Career Plans*

*Stares down at rainwater rushing past feet in a stream, begins by extension to contemplate the condition of the universe, man, chaos, order, and art* 157 mots de plus