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The Death Eaters

When you go outside and feel you’ve gone in.
When death is more real than life.
A thousand life cycles both sanguine and inert.
A thousand circles twined, from dust to multiverse. 41 mots de plus

The night is very loud

when you are in front of a poor excuse for a laptop and it’s screaming at the world with its little black fan blades. Whir with a little mixed-in white noise. 689 mots de plus

Ground Floor

Some unimaginative tune

Generic, tasteless,


Floods the little elevator –

Your own ennui

a total internal reflection

with nowhere to go

Direction is subjective – 12 mots de plus


The Time I Realized I Still Have a Lot to Say

So I was sifting through some old documents on my computer and I came across a journal assignment I turned into a professor two semesters ago when I was going through a rather slumpy point of my life. 861 mots de plus


TPoGD: part VII

“‘Those who are faithful know only the trivial side of life: it is the faithless who know love’s tragedies.’”
115 mots de plus

30 going on 70

Days roll on and I seem to move along quietly in the dullness of the Alltag. There is routine and predictability. In other words, stability and security. 74 mots de plus

"It's Okay to Be Bored from Point A to Point B--Just Don't Stop"

This is a repost from Lifehacker: « It’s Okay to Be Bored from Point A to Point B–Just Don’t Stop » 

As you go after the goals you’ve set out for yourself, there will come a time when the excitement has worn off and it feels like you’re not getting anywhere. 199 mots de plus