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A Flaneur's Diary

The Man in the paper-thin disguise
squandered his spare change
on a slice of evening sunshine;
His coffee grew warm in a cup
on the counter where the clientelle… 113 mots de plus


Have We Come to This?

Have we come to this?
By chance or by choice
far from where we started
modernity has caught us up
like fallen autumn foleage
carried us off in its flow… 163 mots de plus


Fighting Back

I am trying. It is Wednesday – hump day of the work week. We are all exhausted. I have been awake since 2:45 AM. I woke up, due to my upstairs neighbor jumping out of bed – sounding like Godzilla landing – to go pee. 643 mots de plus

The Journey

Ravel's Perspective

The agony of Summer
that follows the
disappointments of Spring:
The shrouds of Winter
left from Autumn’s repose,
the tearing sounds of ennui
shredding days that we so… 109 mots de plus


McKean: a short story

Staff Writer

It all ended on the twenty-fourth day of March. Fittingly, it ended in a way McKean would have appreciated: under budget and ahead of schedule. 346 mots de plus



I admit I didn’t much like L’Avventura, the story of a rich Italian woman who goes missing while on a weekend away with her rich, jaded friends. 323 mots de plus

Expat Life

No Telling

The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry.

A few of you sent along links of interest, but I’m afraid it wasn’t enough for a true watchdog list. 72 mots de plus

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