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I told my grandma I forgot how to tie my shoes for a moment. She said sometimes unconscious things we do we forget when we think about it, so I thought about myself, I couldn’t forget, I stick to me like the wood tick crawling up my leg wants to. 104 mots de plus


Holiday weekend ennui

I drove my dad to the cemetery where our Beiser’s are buried. As you can see from the photograph of the headstone, there is an opening in that plot, in the ground below us. 568 mots de plus

Villanelle after #MarRef

Love won! Overcoming the spurious claims of breeding or buying, a daze of kink-spin!
Walking back to the office, unlikely music in a voice « Don’t give me the shit from a bull! 277 mots de plus


Hausfrau.. Of ennui and self destruction

Hausfrau is a saga about boredom, ennui and self-destruction. It resonates because the protagonist Anna’s anchorlessness and directionlessness is expressed in different ways by so many people these days that it is a sort of pandemic. 507 mots de plus