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Moss rapidly detects, tracks air pollutants in real time

(American Chemical Society 17 October 2018) Moss, one of the world’s oldest plants, is surprisingly in tune with the atmosphere around it. Now in a study appearing in ACS’ journal Analytical Chemistry, scientists report that they have found a simple and inexpensive way to detect air pollutants, specifically sulfur dioxide, in real time based on subtle changes in moss leaves. 26 mots de plus

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Zinc oxide nanoparticles: Therapeutic benefits and toxicological hazards

(Bentham Science Publishers 17 October 2018) Despite the widespread application of zinc oxide nanoparticles in biomedicine, their use is still a controversial issue. Zinc oxide nanoparticles were are reported to have therapeutic benefits. 8 mots de plus

Environmental Toxicology

Traces of PFAS found in Ship Creek fish

Gladstone Observer 18 Oct 2018

TRACES of per- and poly-flu-

oroalkyl substances (PFAS)

have been found in fish at Ship


The findings were from a… 255 mots de plus

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Defence concludes assessment

Toowoomba Chronicle 17 October 2018 p. 7

DEFENCE held a community walk-in session at the Oakey Cultural Centre yesterday to discuss the results of the detailed environmental investigation into per- and poly-fluoroalkyl substances at Army Aviation Centre Oakey and nearby areas. 9 mots de plus

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Illegal asbestos, waste and oil dumpers fined

Brisbane Times 16 October 2018

A Narangba waste disposal company that let cooking oil waste more than 16 times the lethal levels leak into wetlands was one of 12 companies to be fined a total of $555,000 in 2017-18, according to the Queensland Department of Environment and Science’s annual report. 38 mots de plus

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Volkswagen's Audi fined 800 million euros over diesel emissions scandal

ABC News 17 October 2018

German law enforcement authorities have fined Volkswagen’s luxury division Audi 800 million euros ($1.3 billion), as the fallout continues after the carmaker sold cars rigged to cheat on emissions tests. 57 mots de plus

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Discovery of reidite, one of the rarest minerals on Earth, may reveal Australia's biggest crater

ABC News 16 October 2018

Researchers have discovered one of the rarest minerals on earth buried deep within an ancient meteorite crater in Western Australia. 67 mots de plus

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