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In one of my numerous adventures to find out why filth is eating up our country, I decided to interrogate the members of my own household on their views concerning filth on campuses. 483 mots de plus


A group of students from Central University Communication Studies Department have embarked on a breast cancer awareness education at Prampram D/A school last Friday.

The group called, Creative Minds, educated both Upper Primary and JHS students on the need to be aware of the cancer. 288 mots de plus


Have u ever been burnt with fire or steam before? How unpleasant or painful was it?

I can testify to how painful burns are, such that, it hurts so much, it feels like being stabbed from behind (I know you’re wondering what that feeling is like, trust you me, you don’t want to experience it) some are too severe to witness when it happens to people we love. 237 mots de plus



The kitchen is the place I call life itself, in the kitchen (my kitchen) I can create anything that gets the mouth watery.

But this same place can be a disaster, an ugly place to hang out if you do not cater for your utensils properly.

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Espoir et sentiments contradictoires

Aujourd’hui, je dois bien vous avouer que je ne savais pas de quoi vous parler. Bien sûr, non par manque d’idées (vous me connaissez ;)) mais plutôt parce que je suis envahie de sentiments extrêmes et opposés. 778 mots de plus

Pourquoi nous n'allons pas sauver la planète

Nous n’allons pas sauver la planète. Non. Ce n’est ni être négative, ni pessimiste que de dire cela. Nous n’allons juste pas sauver la planète. Ni même la détruire en fait.  339 mots de plus

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