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Are you painting my portrait, darling?

I ask my boyfriend to come

to the drink n’draw with me

as an incentive, i tell him

he has my permission

to pay attention to… 38 mots de plus


Ep 3 - A Berry Clever Title

Oh Em Ge! It’s Episode 3! Alternative Title: « Muk-ing about in the Grimer ». Live on Apple, Google, Podbean, and Stitcher!

In this episode: 28 mots de plus


Once Upon a Bean in Mexico

Episode 22 of the plowdypod presents a classic Western tale. An unnamed man inherits a Mexican milk bottle factory and hundreds of thousands of debt to the Cartel. 66 mots de plus


Transcript for Episode 28: Exiles & Everyone's Business


I’m a person who likes to be with other people, but definitely likes my alone time. When I’m with other people, I like to be lively, and fun, and active, and engaged. 6 649 mots de plus


Episode #56: First Man

Salutations everyone and welcome to your first Reel Film Nerds podcast of the week! Today your hosts talk about a film with a subject matter that is near and dear to their hearts, space exploration! 351 mots de plus


Episode Fifteen: Nests & Nightmares

In which the party engages a deadly nest and a troubling entity, and a dark force comes bearing light.

Each week on Flintlocks and Fireballs, join actors Robbie Bellekom (as Scamp), Sam Burns (as Corzin Horhace) and Ellie Sparrow (as Celestia Stardust) with Dungeon Master Jason Phelps for adventure in the Napoleonic world of Calcinea, a setting for 5th Edition Dungeons & Dragons. 20 mots de plus