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Ice Cream Surfer - Nintendo Switch

Ice Cream Surfer
Release 17/05/2018
Switch version tested


Hello, Lord Shmup here talking about another shoot’em up on Nintendo Switch. My goal is to play as many games of this genre on Switch and make an ongoing list of best to worst. 459 mots de plus


US: Nintendo Download For 21st February 2019

This week’s Nintendo Download includes the following featured content:


"Alex Kidd in Miracle World" now on Switch as part of the SEGA Ages line; debut trailer released

SEGA’s greatest mascot (fight me, Sonic fanboys) is finally making his Nintendo Switch debut with the release of Alex Kidd in Miracle World as part of the SEGA Ages line. 290 mots de plus

RICO gameplay

Today in the lead up to the release of RICO we have some more gameplay for you.

In the Video below you can see what the quickplay operations are like as I play through 2 scenarios one in the apartments and one in the office.


Latest Nintendo Switch eShop Charts

There’s an amazing amount of content to be found on the Nintendo Switch eShop. From big first party titles like Super Mario Odyssey to indie games such as… 196 mots de plus


Strap On Your Gunboots and Leap Into The Abyss! - Downwell (Switch) Review

The Switch has had a slow start to 2019 after a titanically successful 2018. But one place that is always alive and kicking is the Nintendo e-Shop. 958 mots de plus