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The second month of being cigarette-free

Today marks the second month of me being smoke-free. I got this picture above from this wonderful website named Natural Healthy Ways. I must say I feel healthier and I need to stress that I need to put these periodic reminders in this blog to remind myself, and also to help other people give up the filthy habit. 140 mots de plus


Chew Eng Han caught trying to flee Singapore by boat

This made the news today. Apparently, the former City Harvest Church fund manager Chew Eng Han was arrested this morning for attempting to flee the country in a motorised sampan. 168 mots de plus


100 watt LED floodlight

I said in a previous post that I wanted to get a light for the external of my mother’s house. I toyed with getting some decorative lights but after a while, I decided that the best thing to get for her would be this LED floodlight that I saw online. 59 mots de plus


Zimmer LPG vaporizer

A few days back, while waiting for my wife to park the car, I glanced up near a wall next to the carpark and saw an interesting contraption. 245 mots de plus


Using a CEEform converter

In the natural course of my work, sometimes I have to work within construction sites. In most constructions sites, at least here in Singapore, they use huge electrical distros like the one shown… 96 mots de plus


February Blues

And now, even in writing,

I can no longer find the feeling of escape that I longed for,

I can no longer pour out what I truly feel, 29 mots de plus


Fedac tablets

I have not been in the best of health these last few days. I do not know how I caught t, but it got me…bad. Yes…I am talking about the flu. 142 mots de plus