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London, Part One [The Journey]

Traveling can be a life-changing thing as it is, but traveling alone is truly unlike anything else. While I never studied abroad in college, I missed out on a lot of really cool opportunities that some of my friends had to travel throughout Europe and other interesting and cultural places. 704 mots de plus

Löwendenkmal  - The Lion Monument

Almost anywhere you go in the world, you are bound to run into a monument of some sort.  Most of the time, they are small plaques or markers earmarking a specific historical event important to the city or town you are in.  188 mots de plus


i cibi

Pancetta Green Salad

la Rinascente- Tuscan Salad

la Rinascente- Pasta Sun Dried Tomato Sauce

la Rinascente- Gelato

Aperitivos and Drinks

Four Cheese Pizza

Nutella Cream Gelato… 42 mots de plus

IDCC 3900

The Road to Vik, Iceland

Today, we drove to Vik – a small town at the southern tip of the island. There were adventures to be had on the way. 957 mots de plus