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Timo Schmitz: "The disappearance of languages – myth or reality?" (2016) [PDF]

This article faces that popular belief that over 50% of the languages will become extinct in the next 100 years. Which arguments are supporting this claim and which arguments are against, and most importantly, what is language statistics telling us about it? 13 mots de plus

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Visual Diary: Burano, Italy


Welcome to Burano, the colourful island of Venice located in the Northern Venetian Lagoon. The beautiful bright island is an archipelago of four islands with five quarters.  204 mots de plus


Turkey Moves to Remove MPs of the HDP Party

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is often accused of being totalitarian. His move to remove members of parliament who hail from the Kurdish Peoples’ Democratic Party has sparked outrage yet again. 85 mots de plus


Fire Kills 17 At Ukraine Care Home

At least 17 people have been killed, following a fire, at a care home, in Ukraine. 115 mots de plus


Red Bull #harescramble

The nuttiest bike racing I’ve ever seen. It’s a 500 person race conducted in a disused iron ore mine in Austria. It is known as the hare scramble.   11 mots de plus



Opera House

Oslo 28/05/2016

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Oslo as a capital city must be unique in that it does not get a mention in the ‘Highlights of Norway’ section from within our guide book. 1 162 mots de plus