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One week in Calais

“Should life have dealt a different hand, these haggard
faces could belong to you or I”

                                                                                                                             Refugees by Brian Bilson

One month ago, I made a spontaneous decision to go to France… 1 124 mots de plus


Grand Thêatre de Tours!

Ok so I have been to some theaters usually in Paris (where I used to worked) or in Vannes (where I now work) but very little into the details of the performance. 363 mots de plus


Planning a European Road Trip

My recent road trip started life as a drive to Switzerland with a stop on the way there and back to avoid a 12 hour drive which then developed into ‘ooh this place is nearby’ and ‘we can day trip there’ and from there… a road trip was born! 978 mots de plus


Siblings in harmony

I’m guessing they’re siblings, but I can’t say for sure.  This early cabinet card photo came from a collection of musical ephemera in Boston, Massachusetts.  (Two other posts featuring photos from the same collection are  42 mots de plus


Wednesday: Alba

Despite falling in love with Lyon, we left the city this morning. We would love to come back. For now, we are enjoying Alba, Italy. 209 mots de plus


GMO Need To Know: What is agricultural biotechnology?

Words matter. Images matter. The Scientific Inquirer needs your support. Help us pay our contributors for their hard work. Visit our Patreon page and discover ways that you can make a difference. 176 mots de plus

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