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Austria, Hungary, Italy, Slovenia & Switzerland (3) - Views from a Train

The following photos depicts a very small portion of the beautiful terrain we saw on our train travels through Central Europe.  Out of the 450 photos I took with my iPhone, I deleted half of them due to a blurry object like a tree, a bush, or a sign post in the middle of the picture.   106 mots de plus


What to Eat Where: Oxford, England

While England is not a place typically known for its cuisine, give the tea and scones and fish and chips, while abroad in Oxford, I found several places worth traveling over the ocean for. 687 mots de plus


Scandinavia 2017 (part I): Copenhagen

Copenhagen, Denmark:

At the end of May, I took a train to Copenhagen to meet a friend. Together we would discover Denmark’s capital and travel further north through Sweden and Norway (for a video of the entire train journey… 625 mots de plus


British woman reported dead in boat accident in France

The 27-year-old was thrown overboard when the boat she was on collided with a warning beacon on the river Rhone. Her body was found six metres underwater, firefighters near Avignon told the AFP news agency. 9 mots de plus


Why two Italian regions are holding autonomy referendums

Rome (CNN)While the rest of the world has its eyes on the outcome of Catalonia’s tussle for independence, two of Italy’s most prosperous regions are set to go against the establishment with a vote of their own. 17 mots de plus


Party of billionaire Andrej Babis wins Czech election

(CNN)Billionaire tycoon Andrej Babis was set to become the Czech Republic’s next prime minister after his ANO party won with a significant margin in the country’s general election on Saturday. 10 mots de plus


Catalonia's leaders slam Spanish government plans for direct rule

Barcelona, Spain (CNN)Catalan leaders have insisted they will reject any attempt by Madrid to impose direct rule on their autonomous region, as a political crisis escalates over Catalonia’s threats to declare independence from Spain. 10 mots de plus