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Rotterdam mayor says bus with gas bottles found outside canceled concert

AMSTERDAM (Reuters) – A bus with Spanish license plates and containing gas bottles was found near a concert hall where earlier on Wednesday a rock concert was canceled due to a threat, Rotterdam’s mayor said. 257 mots de plus

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Fairytale Prague Photoblog!

Prague is one of the most charming of all thirty countries we visited during our Round the World journey!  It’s magical and the fairytale like castle transports you back in time as you wander through narrow, winding, cobblestoned streets packed with a myriad of people from all walks of life!   378 mots de plus

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Foreign exchange: A global view

Read your daily newspaper or turn on the nightly news and you’ll be hard-pressed not to come across a mention of community.

The intensification of racism and partisan volatility consistently spurs talk of divided and united communities. 207 mots de plus

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Sights In The Elbe River

Elbe River serves as passage for all ships heading to Hamburg. Cargo ships and cruise vessels on all sizes comes in and leaves Hamburg through the river – a very busy river isn’t it? 232 mots de plus


AWAY Hostel: The best place I never stayed at

Away hostel is one of the best places to stay ever in Lyon.

One day in Lyon, I was feeling like a total grump because my boyfriend was placed in a higher level french class than I was, so I went on a little exploration with out him. 351 mots de plus


Cotswolds Way: Make the most of your weekend.

  • When to go? From May to September to make the most of it.
  • Is it for me? If you like walking, beautiful landscapes and adorable small villages yes.
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