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It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas: Festive Window Displays

By Vicky Li 

We have all had that moment where we walk past a shop, and seen something in the windows that really gets our attention. 701 mots de plus

It's Only a Paper Town

Paperholm is the brilliant ongoing project by Edinburgh-based artist Charles Young. Each day, he creates a new building or component to add to his city of paper. 29 mots de plus


Bring peace to the Middle East! 49: religion and persecution 3: Persecution of Jewish people 1

中東に平和を! 49: 宗教と迫害 3: ユダヤ人の迫害 1

< 1. Merchant of Venice >
< 1. ベニスの商人 >

Previous time, we knew how Islam had been seen from Europe. 548 mots de plus

<japanese language

Enjoying Christmas Time in Helsinki

Christmas is full on in Helsinki! Seasonal lights and Christmas decorations have been put out and bring sparkle and glow into our grey winter darkness. Snow is yet to come, we all hope to get a white covering for Christmas, fingers crossed.Every year I tend to go for a walk in… 607 mots de plus


Un petit voyage

I am not the world’s most adventurous traveler. My regular trips across the Atlantic are mostly due to a chance encounter with a Frenchman in a bar back in the last century. 768 mots de plus



The Republic of Austria is a highly mountainous country in Central Europe. Only 32% of the country is below 500 metres. The Eastern Alps constitute 62% of the total area. 474 mots de plus

Easy Recipe


The Italian referendum is over, and former Prime Minister Matteo Renzi suffered a defeat, but what does it mean? Major corporate media outlets are reporting solely on the constinutional referendum, but what was behind it? 59 mots de plus