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In September 2014 I went to Iceland with a friend from Canada whom I had met a year earlier, on a group trip around the Balkans. 1 180 mots de plus


Granada, Spain

Photo: @lemoninluxury

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Berlin on a budget: day 4 and 5

So this weekend I was having sort of an identity crisis for my blog. To everyone who gave me feedback thanks :D I’ve calmed down and I’m back on track :P Just wondering if any of you sometimes have that? 1 807 mots de plus


Travel Goals - five destinations on my list

October is just around the corner and the days are drawing in. My summer vacations — spent in Spain and Scotland — are now just memories and photographs. 772 mots de plus


3 weeks late

It took me longer than expected, but after 3 weeks of living in a new country, at a new school, surrounded by new faces, I finally found the time to internet stalk myself until I found a blog I started a few years back. 200 mots de plus


Let's Talk: Roller Coaster Incidents

This might seem like an odd thing for me to talk about today, seeing as I’ll be spending the next 3 days at theme parks; you could be forgiven for thinking that the last think I’d want to write about is things that could potentially go wrong with rides. 917 mots de plus

Theme Parks