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My hometown- Riga Latvia

Riga is the capital and largest city of Latvia located in Northern part of Eastern Europe. Latvia is bordering with countries like Russia, Belarus, Lithuania and Estonia.The capital of Latvia is very known for its beautiful architecture. 220 mots de plus


Not so travelling Solo Part 4

The next two days are spent exploring the area. There is a short walk from the house down to the Vienne River, which has a lovely path running alongside.  662 mots de plus


Halting Deforestation: From Aspiration to Action

Imagine an area the size of Belgium, blanketed by forests and trees which provide food, fuel, medicine, shelter, and incomes for local habitants while conserving soil and water for farms and absorbing carbon from the atmosphere. 763 mots de plus

Sustainable Development Goals

The perfect Isle of Skye daytrip + a big announcement

There have been four Isle of Skye trips made by the Yolek household during the 3.5 years we have been in the UK. Skye’s natural beauty, evidenced by our previous two posts… 1 216 mots de plus



Today was the first day of spring break. Megan, Jocelyn and I all started our adventure in eastern Europe. Our first stop was Budapest. We arrived late and crashed at the hostel. 177 mots de plus


Sweden the rape capital of europe

With a mentality like this is it any wonder.

If Swedish women don’t want to get raped they should make sure that their govt not only stops importing muslims by the boatload but also deports all those already there. 17 mots de plus

Sad Little Losers

UK: Explosion in Leicester sees police declare major incident

Police have declared a major incident after reports of an explosion in the Hinckley Road area of Leicester, Officers have said they are conducting a search and rescue operation at the scene, A spokeswoman for Leicestershire Police said all the emergency services were in attendance, including six fire engines.