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Getting There: Seoul to Hamburg

I love traveling. But sometimes the getting from one place to another is not so great. My January journey from Korea to Germany was no exception. 1 138 mots de plus

09Feb2016 - UN confirms Syria committing human rights atrocities, Russia aiding Syrian advance, refugee crisis unmanageable

The Assad regime, which the UN has recently confirmed has been committing terrible and methodical human rights atrocities, are advancing (with air support from Russia), and may be getting close to the Turkish border (see… 501 mots de plus


CognitiveLogic Raises $3M To Help Enterprises Pool Big Data While Keeping Privacy Intact

DataSift made a name for itself as a company that took large unstructured datasets — such as anonymised firehoses from social media services like Facebook… 678 mots de plus


Germany train crash: Several killed near Bavarian town of Bad Aibling

Source: BBC

Two passenger trains have collided in the German state of Bavaria, with police saying at least eight people have been killed and scores injured. 181 mots de plus


Vilshofen, Intro & The work

After the night spent in Munich the train to our next host was a two hour one, to a small town named Vilshofen. The journey was an uneventful one. 601 mots de plus


24 Hours in Prague: Clock, Castles and & Lennon

I arrived in Prague New Year’s Eve, excited to meet up with people for the fireworks show. There are two fireworks shows one on New Year’s Eve and one on January 2st.  891 mots de plus


First of 1,000 refugees arrive in Italy through “Humanitarian Corridors” project

09 February 2016

The first of what will be 1,000 refugees from camps in Lebanon, Morocco and Ethiopia are arriving this month in Italy through a “Humanitarian Corridors” project organized by the Federation of Protestant Churches in Italy, the Sant’ Egidio religious community and the Italian government. 400 mots de plus