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Osmanabad Field Visit

How is agriculture really taking place in rural India? What are the real areas where design interventions are needed? This has been the focus of our many field visits. 161 mots de plus


An Introduction to Humble Origins

And so it begins.

The words, the stories, the ins and the outs of each and every encounter. The loonies, the weirdos, the psychos; the affectionate, the passionate; the lonely, the lost; the creepers, the damn inappropriate; the promising; the egotistical arrogant bastards. 193 mots de plus


Coming Events

Direct Experience

Just to be sure people understand, everything that I write on the blog, everything I speak of in discussion or on youtube, and everything that I post on here I have had direct experience with and I am merely confirming what I am bringing to you here. 386 mots de plus


A Call for Banners

As many of you may know, Darkwater’s Trident Tourney event is coming up soon in January (It’s also an investiture and Heather Dale will be performing). 221 mots de plus


2017 Calendar

The Zone 9 Calendar is available for download here: click to view or download

The calendar on the front page of the website will be kept up-to-date, in line with the copy available for download.

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