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Bucks wineries to hold holiday celebrations this weekend

It would seem that the nine wineries on the Bucks County Wine Trail are in competition with one another, but according to some of the owners, the collaboration has actually increased traffic during the holidays. 636 mots de plus


30th November 2016 marks the day of the closing ceremony for Sukan Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (SUKEM). As a freshman in UKM, I was pretty pumped up to attend this ceremony plus I was among the lucky who were selected to join the… 168 mots de plus


Exciting Times!

The Warner Street Dickensian Christmas Market was AMAZING! So, so busy! We raised an incredible £332! It was a great night! The organisers definitely did the town proud. 152 mots de plus


Since graduating from high school, i was always the one to be interviewed. I went to an interview for IPG, UKM, CUCMS and some other academics interviews. 208 mots de plus


GRAITEC December AEC Webinars

Increase productivity and learn a number of key features that can be implemented into new year project workflows.

Graitec Revit PowerPack – Link to Excel Webinar… 205 mots de plus


Speaker: Flavio Mercati (La Sapienza University, Rome)
Date and time: December 16, 11:00 h
Place: Aula 24, Facultad de Ciencias