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The failure of two "dimensions" of sprawl

The preceding post described problems with the efforts to develop multidimensional measures of sprawl. I concluded by posing the criteria that anything offered as a measure of a dimension of sprawl meet these simple tests: If observers generally agree that one area has a greater level of sprawl than another area, then the measure should indicate more sprawl. 449 mots de plus

Urban Sprawl

Multidimensional measures of sprawl

Around the beginning of this century, increased attention was being devoted to urban sprawl and its measurement. Numbers of those efforts conceived of sprawl as being a complex, multidimensional phenomenon and sought to develop sprawl indices combining multiple measures. 912 mots de plus

Urban Sprawl


1862 Richard was sent to Oil City Venango County Pennsylvania where their last child was born by the name of Richard Lincoln ‘Link’ Caruthers on October 29th. 596 mots de plus

Caruthers Family

17th May - On This Day In History


1749 Edward Jenner (discovered vaccination)


1985 Bobby Ewing (fictional character from the soap opera « Dallas »)

On This Day:

1814 Norwegian constitution passed… 17 mots de plus

The Jewel By Amy Ewing (book review)

Overall Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Brief Summary- Will not contain spoilers!

The Lone City is comprised of 5 rings in which affluence is more and more prevalent as you move inward. 816 mots de plus


Ewing Civil War Records

All: 1,299
Confederate: 387
Union: 912