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Ewing Depot Project

One of our major projects for the past three years has been to provide financial support for the Brownstown/Ewing Train Depot Restoration Committee. These funds were budgeted in our 2012 and 2013 Township Recreation and Culture Funds and were donated to the Brownstown/Ewing Mainstreet Depot Restoration Committee.


Seeing the US through Dutch eyes: Dallas, Kennedy, Miss Ellie and Longhorns

Summer again, free time from work and school, and a great vacation ahead of me! This year we have a trip planned to visit South of the U.S., Texas, the Grand Canyon and a part of Colorado. 642 mots de plus

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Reasons to Hire a Professional Ewing Taxi Service for Your Next Outing

Planning your safe travel is just as important as planning the outing. Whether you’re going to a party, concert, fundraiser or some other event, a reliable Ewing taxi driver will make sure that you arrive safely and on time for all of your appointments for the evening. 124 mots de plus

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   « Oh, love is handsome, love is charming

    Love is beauty while it’s new

    But love grows old and love grows colder

    And fades away like morning dew. »

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What is life without a bit of excitement.

-Duchess of the Lake (The Jewel)