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Engouement pour le satanisme et la magie noire : l’Église catholique manque d’exorcistes

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‘Emergency’ need for exorcists after surge in people dabbling in Satanism and black magic
In an article published by The Telegraph (UK) on September 26, Nick Squires and Rachel Ray write that, according to experts from the Catholic Church in Italy and the US, exorcists are in urgent demand as a result of a sharp rise in people dabbling in Satanism and the occult. 1 024 mots de plus

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Incredible recovery Nigerian "witch child"

A 2 y.o. Nigerian boy who was found emaciated and riddled with worms after his family left him for dead has made an incredible recovery. A picture of the starving toddler being given a sip of water by an aid worker broke hearts around the world when it was published in January 2016.  222 mots de plus