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'Tip That Cap' a nod to Expos Hall-of-Famer Tim Raines

Local rapper and ExposNation ambassador Annakin Slayd, celebrated the induction of Montreal Expos’ legend Tim Raines into the Hall of Fame over the weekend, the best way he knows how — with a musical tribute. 629 mots de plus


We're All In agreement Bud Selig Getting Inducted Into the HOF Is Bullshit, Right?

Truth be told, I don’t really think commissioners should ever be inducted into their respective Hall-of-Fame’s. A commissioner is just the mouthpiece for the owners and if we’re being honest, the best commissioner is one that you never really think about. 313 mots de plus


Montrealers stand proud as Expos' Tim Raines inducted into Hall of Fame

For Expos fan and former sports reporter Marc Lalonde, Tim Raines was always more than just a baseball player; he was a childhood hero.

« I batted like Tim Raines, I tried to throw like Tim Raines, Lord knows I tried to run like Tim Raines, but I couldn’t, » Lalonde said. 419 mots de plus


Part 3: The Pre-Season

Olympique Stadium – Exhibition Game Jays vs Mets

March 29th, 2014. Blue Jays shut out the Mets 2-0.

Our journey across America to see all 30 current MLB stadiums continues in none other than non-America aka Canada where we visited a former MLB stadium but more importantly a former Olympic stadium. 681 mots de plus


Rays of Sonshine: Jerry Carter

This month’s Rays of Sonshine has really put some miles on the road since getting involved with Access-Life in 2013. In fact, while he lives in East Tennessee, He has spent almost as much time in TX and FL helping the ministry as in his home state’s backyard. 209 mots de plus