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Business Expo Coming To Bundaberg!

Get serious about Sales and Marketing for your business by attending the Bundaberg Business Expo on Thursday 21 and Friday 22 May 2015 501 mots de plus


Une expo haute en couleurs au Château de Waroux

Jusqu’au 17 mai, le Château de Waroux vous en fait voir de toutes les couleurs ! De Gauguin à Calder, en passant par Matisse, Chagall et Warhol, c’est toute l’histoire de la peinture au XXe siècle qui est passée en revue à travers une expo à ne pas manquer. 361 mots de plus


Book reviews: Bound (Alex Caine #1) & Aurora: Darwin (Aurora #1)


These books. Both by Australian authors, both… missing greatness.

I wasn’t going to do a proper review of these two books. Each had good points and bad, and whilst I felt they were solid overall (I’ve both rated as three out of five), I was concerned that my comments would come out sounding more critical than I intend and be unfair*. 2 532 mots de plus


15 minutes de célébrité / 15 minutes of fame

Merci à la Galleria d’Arte Mentana de Florence de m’avoir offert mes 3 premières minutes de célébrité sur Toscana TV ( avancer jusqu’à 17min35 si vous êtes pressés :-) 39 mots de plus


Mutual Conversion

An exposition on Acts 10 & 11*

Cornelius’ faith changed everything for the early church.  Here’s a Roman military commander and generous man of God who is visited by an angel in a vision.   1 043 mots de plus


Scottish Combinatorics Meeting

At the end of April, I was at the first Scottish Combinatorics Meeting in Glasgow.

The first day was somewhat overcast, but we were safely indoors in the Mathematics department: coffee, lunch and tea were provided in the common room. 1 058 mots de plus


Prologues--Or a Lack Thereof

So I was talking with a friend a few days ago, and this friend was telling me about how she wanted to write a novel but didn’t know how. 629 mots de plus