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Jesus is the Victorious Suffering Servant

Who are you? How would you answer that? What defines you?

Let me help you answer correctly with more questions:

Who is Jesus? What has he done? 4 316 mots de plus


Montreal Museum of Fine Arts | Unplugged event

The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts (MMFA) has become the most visited museum in Canada. We are so lucky to have this establishment at proximity! In the past few years, they have focused on increasing the youths (25-45 years old) commitment to the arts by hosting their now well-known and continuously sold out  231 mots de plus

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Appel à candidature - FACTATORY

pas de date limite

À l’attention des artistes, designers et architectes Rhône-Alpins, la galerie Tator lance un appel à candidature pour la mise à disposition de 3 ateliers de travail au sein de la Factatory, sur des durées déterminées variables. 351 mots de plus


fresh starts and on opening up

have migrated myself over here because honestly i’ve lived two years dealing with livejournal’s terrible functionality, lousy formatting and all around clunkiness and i have, finally, had it. 131 mots de plus


fresh leaves

i couldn’t do anything for inktober, so i decided i would bring this back and just ramble a little bit every day-
and truthfully i am not really in the inktober spirit, 28 mots de plus


Trust the reader to keep up

I don’t like expository dumps.

An expository dump (or info dump) is a « a very large amount of information supplied all at once, expecially as background information in a narrative. 991 mots de plus