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Deep Neural Decision Forests

Diogo Almeida, Nate Sauder, Sasha Targ, Vrushank Vora


Reading groups have great potential to interactively identify new research directions; however, in practice, common failure modes include too much lecturing, participants without adequate preparatory reading, and discussions that, while stimulating, raise many questions without answering them. 2 139 mots de plus


Milanese dimensions

LARGE BROCHURE | Milan – Salone di Mobile 2015

SMALL MOON | Milan – Salone di Mobile 2015

LARGE PEBBLE | Milan – Salone di Mobile 2015… 37 mots de plus


Loving The DEVIL.

Is love with limits? Does love have a boundary of which it cannot go beyond? Is there someone that cannot be loved rightly? Without much thought, your answer would be: Love is boundless and without limitations. 1 192 mots de plus


How I’d Like to See 4X Development Evolve: An eXposition

The world of 4X is changing. The genre is innovating like never before. Endless Legend brought a revelation in faction differentiation. Thea: The Awakening showed that card-based combat can be done properly. 3 030 mots de plus

Sorcerer King

APPEL: Galerie d’art du Vieux Presbytère

date limite: 26 janvier 2016

La #Galerie d’art du Vieux Presbytère est une #institution qui a pour mission de mettre en valeur, de faire connaître et de rendre accessible les arts visuels à la population flavienne et aux visiteurs de la région, du #Québec et de l’extérieur. 153 mots de plus



From 1 November 2015 until 27 December 2015 six of my works will be on display at Café Restaurant  Vlaanderen at the Beestenmarkt in Delft (google maps).