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Dalida exhibition (Palais Galliera)

I went to the Dalida exhibition on the last day (13th of August) and realized that it would have been a pity to miss it ! 819 mots de plus


Let God Be True

A key proverb in the New Testament is: Let God be true, & every man a liar.

First, some definitions: There is one God. The word for man includes men and women, young and old. 951 mots de plus


APPEL: Commissariat de La Littorale Biennale Internationale d’Art Contemporain Anglet – Côte Basque (édition 2018)

date limite: 27 octobre 2017

La Ville d’Anglet recherche un (ou une) commissaire d’exposition (ou groupement) dans le cadre de l’édition 2018 de la Biennale Internationale d’Art Contemporain Anglet – Côte Basque La Littorale. 100 mots de plus


APPEL: Festival Circulation(s)

date limite: 24 septembre 2017

L’édition 2018 du festival Circulation(s) se déroulera du 16 mars au 6 mai 2018 au Centquatre-Paris.

Le dossier de candidature cette année est online ! 42 mots de plus


The Cross in eclipse

Once there was a church that had a large stained-glass window in the back wall of the building just behind the pulpit. In the detailed work of the colorful mural there was a likeness of Jesus hanging on the cross. 714 mots de plus

Wiles and Langlands

One of the best things that pops regularly into my pigeonhole is the European Mathematical Society Newsletter. The current issue, number 104, is particularly rich in interesting articles. 857 mots de plus


You Can't Lose What You Never Bet

Sex is the refuge of the mindless.

So, what’s your deal?  Is it you trying to run from having a mind?  Avoiding responsibility for having to use it?   410 mots de plus