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Man Reportedly Lying On Tracks Run Over By DART Train

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DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – Dallas Area Rapid Transit’s (DART) Green Line rail is back to normal this morning. Service was interrupted after a man was run over by a train. 119 mots de plus


Trusting God (Psalm 13)

Trusting God: Reflections and Comments on the 13th Psalm

This was originally written for a secular English composition college course as a literature analysis essay. All the ideas expressed are the results of personal reflection on the primary text, with no outside research from secondary sources. 755 mots de plus

Fictional Plot Reflection

The plot of a story is the events that lead the story from start to finish.In plot there are 6 things.They are exposition,conflict,rising action,climax,falling action,and resolution.These are known as the 6 elements of a story.In the Story Percy Jackson and The Lightning Theif, The exposition is finding out who the characters are,details about them,the setting, and the society.Then would be the conflict, in Percy Jackson the Lightning Theif the conflict would be that his mother was kidnapped by Hades and he has to go get her back in the underworld (hell).The Rising action would be Percy getting attacked by his teacher who was a fury(four winged monster) and then discovering that his best friend Grover is a goat.Then the climax would be him finding who stole zues’s lightning bolt and Hades helmet.Then after that the falling action would be him returning the lost items to the gods and him getting his mom back and finding out who was the person who took the objects.


Reducts and Reed-Muller codes

While I was in Adelaide, supposedly on holiday, Csaba Szabó sent me a preprint of a paper he had written with his student Bertalan Bodor. I read it with interest, and was able to make a small remark on the paper. 1 537 mots de plus


House Of Braves

One year of #Braveyouth. A white house full or arts. A spontaneous #Igerslux exhibition. Crazy people. Red hearts. #followyourwhiterabbit. What an awesome night.


Octobre 2016: Prochaine exposition | Next exhibition

C’est la troisième fois que j’exposerai avec Amielle Clouâtre, photographe. Réjouissance anticipée d’être en compagnie de ma fille pour montrer notre travail d’artiste, recevoir les visiteurs et entendre leur commentaire. 66 mots de plus


Generational equivalence

If you are interested in generating sets for finite groups, you may want to read this. I started this work with Colva Roney-Dougal some time ago, and I talked about it… 702 mots de plus