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A Quick One-Sentence Question about Games of Thrones

Although I enjoyed the first two episodes of season six, is it okay if I mention, privately and hesitantly, about how I feel that after so many episodes, the world depicted in Game of Thrones should now be a little less mysterious and enigmatic to us, the viewers, not in the sense of wanting an encyclopedia, but rather how it often seems like the characters themselves have no interest in finding out what the other characters want or are trying to achieve or escape, even on the most basic level, like the way no one ever asks what change or improvement in the world this or that cool and knowledgeable magic man or woman is trying to bring about, even when said magic man is demanding that the character devote their life to a barely explained quest or war or frightening exploit, or how, as the viewer, one has no idea (still) how each group of magical people relate to another (or whether they even know of each other’s existence), and perhaps most significantly of all, how the non-magical people in this world seem (understandably) surprised by the appearance of giants, zombies, enchanted blades (and so on) but only ever initially, only during the actual scene itself where the magic thing is relevant, and then, afterwards, rather than asking where other giants might be, or what a bunch of wise-sounding assassins do the rest of the time, or what other powers a magical blade might have, they just accept these things and shrug, and a few times this is of course fine and plausible because they are racing away from a fire or whatever but this has been going on for years, people, YEARS, and, unlike the viewer, almost everyone in Westeros is still treating the supernatural and the uncanny merely as shadowy, ancient myths — not as staggering clues into the true metaphysics of one’s universe, not as upheavals worth investigating and discussing endlessly if only to improve one’s own chance of survival — as though these repeated encounters with the super-powerful are experiences inherently opaque to human understanding, of no interest once the immediate threat has passed, and that it’s best to go on trudging through the snow, and that, in addition, how I feel, personally, that this tendency leaves the entire series feeling less like an actual story, a coherent piece of narrative seeking some sort of conclusion, and instead more like an impossibly well-made soap opera, full of formless, indefinite action, set in an increasingly depopulated and empty continent, where magic is brought in simply to provide the viewer with the illusion of progress, to promise you that SOMETHING is going to happen and it’s going to be so amazing when it finally does, in the exact same way that you, dear reader, are wondering if I am at last going to make a definitive claim about the nature of fantasy, or of television, or of authorship, wondering if I will (at last) say something you can properly disagree with, but you have foolishly turned your head away from the young woman in the leather bikini with the spear who lunges and —


James Reka - Mirage

Le street artiste australien James Reka alias RekaOne présente son exposition, Mirage, qui se tient à la galerie Mathgoth du 30 avril au 21 mai 2016. 25 mots de plus


Expo de mai 2016: clip vidéo # 2

Je présente  dans ce clip comment j’ai conçu et peint les tableaux de la série Énumération qui seront présentés à l’EXPO DE FIN DE MAI… 23 mots de plus


Apichatpong Weerasethakul - Fire Garden

Le réalisateur et plasticien thaïlandais Apichatpong Weerasethakul présente son exposition, Fire Garden, qui se tient à la galerie Torri du 30 avril au 28 mai 2016. 24 mots de plus


Exposer, concevoir une exposition – Rappel - CFI3B02b

CFI3B02b  – Techniques de communication VIII :
Scénographie événementielle

2 mai2016
salle 604 – 17h–19h


  1. Concevoir un pré-projet d’exposition virtuelle sur un sujet au choix – si possible sur un sujet ayant rapport avec vos études, vos intérêts, voire un autre cours…
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