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Moving With a Monologue

Opening a story with a monologue means we’re opening the story with a character telling us something about the story whether it’s about themselves or they’re going to be telling us a story about someone else. 557 mots de plus


Starting With Speech

Sometimes we might want to begin our story with a conversation, this can be a great way to introduce our characters and show them interacting. The most common problem with this kind of beginning is people try to make it mysterious by not including context. 520 mots de plus


Acting on Action

When we refer to beginning on an action note it can me action like a car chase or it can simply mean something is happening that moves the story forward quickly. 714 mots de plus


Too Fast/Too Slow

Beginnings are important which is part of what makes them so difficult to write. Do we want to jump right into the story? Do we want to build it up slowly? 534 mots de plus


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A Different Type of Beginning

This week we’re looking at different ways to begin our story.

  • Tuesday – Too Fast/Too Slow, Do we want to jump right in or build up to the action?
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Explorer le passé colonial à travers les « Peintures des Lointains »

Les visiteurs du musée du quai Branly – Jacques Chirac, sont invités, à travers différentes œuvres à découvrir la signification de l’ailleurs et de « l’autre » du point de vue d’artistes français.   847 mots de plus

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