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The end of the conference

The last day of the conference was over. Here are a couple of closing remarks. We have certainly heard an amazing collection of talks over the last week! 362 mots de plus


Paul Klee, un rebelle à Beaubourg.

Ce matin, j’ai eu la chance d’être invitée au Centre Pompidou pour un petit-déjeuner suivi d’une visite privée de l’exposition Paul Klee.

Parcourir un musée dans ces conditions est une bénédiction: pas de queues interminables, pas de gens qui vous bousculent, pas d’enfants qui hurlent. 513 mots de plus


Green on derangements

I have to mention Ben Green again. Yesterday he gave a lovely colloquium talk on a problem I had cracked my head against some years ago without much success. 238 mots de plus


I found this wonderful piece in the historic conservatory of the One Sansome Street building in the heart of the San Francisco financial district.  It is one of the many pieces by… 10 mots de plus

Urban Sketching

More graphs

John Bamberg is reporting on New Directions in Combinatorics on SymOmega (his report on Day 1 is here), so I will not even attempt to be comprehensive, but will just pick some plums. 811 mots de plus


Show & Tell - When It's Appropriate

We’ve all heard that mantra of, « show, don’t tell », but I honestly don’t think a lot of people know what that really means.  As I’ve thought back on it, I don’t remember anyone actually explaining in depth what it really means, and because of that a lot of people just treat it as « never do this ever because it’s bad ».  989 mots de plus


The World Of The Songstress Murders: Exposition Position! a.k.a. Types of Exposition And How To Use Them!

Today, we finish up (probably) a series of articles and podcasts in relation to my next book, The Songstress Murders, available for pre-order now!  Our topic of the moment is exposition, various types of that, and how it relates to genre fiction and world-building!