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A few years ago I practiced writing by taking three words at random and trying to incorporate them into a short (very short, 500 words short) story. 34 mots de plus


Writing Tip — Evoking More Sight — JPC Allen Writes

In my own writing, I often use color to describe characters. I have a lot of characters, and color is one way I can help readers keep them straight In my novel The Truth and Other Strangers, I have several characters with brown eyes.

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Writing Tips

Design #1: High Level Wants and Needs

As fun as it is to jump right in to sketching plans and shopping for wood, it’s awful difficult to do those things effectively if you don’t know what you want. 352 mots de plus


Chemistry - In English please.

Chemistry is bluntly, the study of stuff. The stuff I’m referring to are known by a different name (among most egg-heads), atoms.

While it’s easy to think of chemistry as just involving test tubes, bunsen burners, and wild-eyed scientists, these things are just used to explore and learn more about atoms. 413 mots de plus


Project Kickoff: Building a Custom Gaming Table

Welcome. I assume if you’re reading this, you’ve come from boardgamegeek, /r/boardgames, or some other site for board game enthusiasts like me. If so, it’s likely you’ve seen reviews and posts for the rather expensive board game tables by the likes of Geek Chic (now defunct), BoardGameTables, Rathskellers, Geeknson, etc. 479 mots de plus


1984 Louisiana World Exposition Framed Poster

1984 Louisiana World Exposition Framed Poster
Beautifully Framed Vintage 1984 Louisiana World’s Fair Poster By Hugh Ricks. Poster Displays The Theme Of "The World Of Rivers – Fresh Water As A Source Of Life." Poster Was Professionally Framed In ’84 With Three Mats And Gold/brass Metal Frame. 30 mots de plus