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Quick Vent

I have about 40 minutes before I need to run out the door to go on date #3 with Z. I am drowning in thoughts and thought I’d take the opportunity to get some of them « on paper ». 1 646 mots de plus


19/2017 ●○●○◇○●○●

Lack of title and symbols do not a happy person make. I haven’t blogged for a while for various reasons. One, I am still grieving. Two, my sister broke her nose and wrist. 106 mots de plus



Dearest Reader,

2016, as most of the people I’ve encountered have said, was, by no stretch of the imagination, lacklustre. It was the home for pain, sacrifice and countless reflection. 421 mots de plus

Dewitt Valentino

Returning to Kratis

Finally found some time/inspiration to write a small sidepiece. For the return to Kratis!

The wind had settled again, much to the annoyance of the clergyman. 519 mots de plus


Day 17: January 17, 2017

Exposition. It’s one of those writing days that information and backstory need to be addressed. So, how do I deal with exposition, without using exposition? There is more commentary about this subject than I care to address or link to. 272 mots de plus

On Writing

Exposition - Michel Soucy / Yolanda & H

Exposition ‘WAVES’

Peintures de Michel Soucy et Sculptures de Yolanda & H

30 janvier > 18 mars 2017

La galerie BEGRAMOFF a le plaisir de présenter l’exposition ‘WAVES’ regroupant des peintures abstraites de Michel Soucy et des sculptures de Yolanda & H. 239 mots de plus


Shrewd, pugnacious, saucy, intelligent Negro gives advice.

Wilson Advance, 11 June 1891.