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Absolutely fabulous 

Det behövs kontraster, dagen efter en mycket solig och fin midsommarafton. Nog med jordgubbstårtor nu.

Det här är egentligen en dag då man ska vara tidigt ute på Skansen och fotografera. 25 mots de plus


It's about People

Episode 7

“When Jana and Natalia appeared on their wedding dresses, the whole assembly held their breath. They were both wearing loose and really colourful dresses, the tissue fluttering in the wind coming from the sea, their hair braided with real flowers garland. 436 mots de plus


#RESIST is the new #FABULOUS by Marie Cartier

As promised in my blog last month, in which  I sent photos from the Long Beach 2017 Dyke March,  here is a photo essay from this year’s Los Angeles  #RESIST March. 407 mots de plus


This Video Of Kobe Bryant And His Baby Girl Bianka Dancing And Playing Is Adorable

Kobe Bryant enjoyed a very successful basketball career full of success and awards. Well that’s over because he has recently retired. But that’s ok because he’s still winning in life. 100 mots de plus

A special water park that welcomes children with disabilities opens in Texas

Around the world people are fighting to make travel and public utilities more accessible for people with disabilities. But a special, all-inclusive water park opened up in Texas last week. 284 mots de plus