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The Beginner's Guide To Fabulous Skin

I wasn’t such a beauty geek and neither was I ever concerned about my appearance so much, my mantra in life was only EAT-SLEEP-REPEAT, had no time for pampering all those sort of thing you know, until.. 639 mots de plus

Stay Fabulous, xoxo

Have you ever tried to start something and decided you just weren’t ready because you’re heart wasn’t in it?

Have you ever tried to start something you thought you WERE ready for and in reality it unearths a landslide of pent up emotion you didn’t know you were even carrying around? 339 mots de plus



Hey! today I thought of sharing a bunch of stunningly free fonts and the fonts I have listed are abso-damn-lutely puurfect for crafts/projects, greeting cards and not only that what’s more it is free for personal use woohoo! 131 mots de plus

Day 4: Practice Movies I run in my head

Why I turn my TV on to watch the Fabulous Show?

Daydreams are my home movie, on my In-Brain-Flight-Simulator. From the outside it can seem pretty lazy-hazy, but don’t be fooled, often, something fascinating and crucial is being figured out… 1 551 mots de plus

100 Days To Write A Book


What I am going to share with you is one of the greatest homemade natural face mask which is so effortless and so easy peasy to make and what Japanese ladies have known for centuries and that is RICE mask… 290 mots de plus