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Israeli soldiers duped into installing malware via fake Facebook profiles

In a recent post on their official blog, Israel Defense Force (IDF) detailed how Hamas operatives used social engineering to trick IDF soldiers into installing malicious apps on their phone that allowed for easy eavesdropping, all by using some of the oldest tricks in the book. 502 mots de plus


Study: Facebook can actually make us more narrow-minded

On the surface, it seems like social media has the boundless potential to expand our world, connecting us to ideas and people we otherwise would never have found. 560 mots de plus


Those of you on the left leave Trump's 10 year old son alone! ( Is that clear. ) 

Below is a posting from Facebook. The writer is right on the money. No matter if a parent are from the left, or the right the child should be off limits. 251 mots de plus

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Upravo se dešava ono o čemu sam pričala- fabrički reset. Opet moja dilema oko naslova i  da li da stavim jedan od onih dana. Mada, nedrž je dosta slikovitiji. 486 mots de plus

Huawei partners with the Saatchi Gallery for a selfie exhibition

Saatchi Gallery upcoming exhibition will explore selfies as an art form.

Huawei has announced that it is teaming up with London’s Saatchi Gallery to present an exhibition to explore the history of selfies. 293 mots de plus


How to fix Google Pixel battery life problems

How do I extend battery life on my Google Pixel?

Google’s Pixel XL offers impressive battery life for a phone of its size, but determined users can definitely drain it over the course of a hectic day. 1 205 mots de plus