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It's.......I........look......its Star related? N...

It's…….I……..look……its Star Wars……its……..hobby related? No matter it's bloody cool!

Cut Scene: Kirigami Inspired by Scenes from Star Wars
Artist, Paper Dandy is producing an exhibiton of single sheet kirigami paper models inspired by scenes from Star Wars… 12 mots de plus

Wee Gamers's Facebook Wall

That one near turned me....might have to outsource my painting for these guys lol

That one near turned me….might have to outsource my painting for these guys lol

Dr Goodall – Black Death

Our Second Tortured Soul

via Wee Gamers’s Facebook Wall

Wee Gamers's Facebook Wall

John Saward - May 05, 2015 at 08:54AM

“The opposite of a true statement is a false statement, the opposite of a profound truth can be another profound truth. The poles of a paradox are like the poles of a battery: hold the together and they generate the energy of life; pull them apart, and the current stops flowing. 31 mots de plus


Facebook memories

When Facebook came out with their new memories feature, I agreed to get reminders but I was pretty sure it was going to get quite annoying after a while seeing as they come through every day. 268 mots de plus