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Facebook Experimenting with Video Profile Pictures

Facebook is experimenting with video profile pictures. I’ll have to animate my South Park avatar. « Profile videos will only loop when someone visit’s the user’s profile page — they won’t appear when that person’s status update shows up in your news feed. 40 mots de plus

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Here's where you're most likely to take an Instagram photo

Certain locations are obviously Instagram photo magnets, like the Golden Gate Bridge or Times Square. Have you wondered which locations are actually the most popular, though? 157 mots de plus


So I completed the survey about the future of the BBC. Here are the questions together with my answers to them: Question One: How well is the BBC serving its national and international audiences? For the price of approx. £12 per month by direct debit for the licence fee we get a wide range of radio stations covering almost every conceivable taste in music, drama, comedy and factual presentation. In addition to these services we get educational presentations, television channels, the iplayer and one of the best websites on the internet. That's a great bargain. I particularly love the science fiction and fantasy dramas on Radio 4 and 4xtra and the Radio 4 presentaions of books and plays. I'm also a great fan of Melvin Bragg's "In Our Time". My criticism of the service is that a wider range of audiences should be served by cookery and lifestyle programmes. For instance cookery programmes should address the needs of people who are kosher, halal, diabetic, vegan, vegetarian, fruitarian, lactose intolerant, slimming etc. Question Two: Which elements of universality are most important for the BBC? I don't think universality can, strictly speaking, be said to have "elements" but I agree that a public service broadcaster should certainly strive to be as wide ranging as possible in the types of people it serves and the styles of programming. Question Three: Is the BBC’s content sufficiently high quality and distinctive from that of other broadcasters? What could improve it? The BBC's content is of high quality but there is still room for improvement. I would like to see more serious and literate science fiction by good quality authors replacing the endlessly banal "Doctor Who". I would also like to see the BBC news present more of the important events around the world instead of sport, celeb gossip and other trivialities. Question Four: Where does the evidence suggest the BBC has a positive or negative wider impact on the market? The impact of the BBC on the market is, I believe, a positive one. My reason for believing that is that, by remaining free of advertising, the BBC clearly has the advantage of not being entirely driven by existing market forces. Consequently the BBC has the freedom to go either FOR or AGAINST an existing trend in the market and thus have the positive effect of looking at trends from alternate angles and making people think. Question Five: Is the expansion of the BBC’s services justified in the context of increased choice for audiences? Is the BBC crowding out commercial competition and, if so, is this justified? Far from "crowding out commercial competition" the BBC generates a large amount of content which is later re-broadcast by commercial companies such as UKTV and TV channels around the world. These companies would be incapable of generating content of similar quality on their own because the commercial markets are traditionally timid about funding very many adventurous ideas. In addition, every time the BBC succeeds in making a new and courageous idea successful the market takes note and expands its concept of what will work. Thus expansion of the BBC's services is always worth considering. Question Six: Has the BBC been doing enough to deliver value for money? How could it go further? The short answer is YES. The BBC been doing plenty to deliver value for money. As I said in answer to the first question, the licence fee is only approx. £12 per month by direct debit and we get plenty of interesting radio, tv and web content for that tiny amount of money. Again, to the question of how the BBC could go further I can make reference to my answers to previous questions. (1) Food programmes for more different types of diet. (2) Serious literary science fiction on TV (the people who make TV adaptations of Charles Dickens and Jane Austen should embrace H. G. Wells). (3) More serious news coverage from around the world, looking at issues in more depth and less of the cliché soundbites. Less of the "fluff" items in the news (such as sport or celeb gossip). Question Seven: How should we pay for the BBC and how should the licence fee be modernised? The licence fee is fine the way it is. There is no reason to change it. Question Eight: How should the relationship between Parliament, Government, Ofcom, the National Audit Office and the BBC work? What accountability structures and expectations, including financial transparency and spending controls should apply? The BBC should continue to receive its funding from the licence fee (thus keeping the BBC free from direct control by politicians) and the government should add an amount calculated in relation to the amount from the licence fee, i.e: if the households in the UK raise, say for instance, one million pounds the government would have to match that with another million. The BBC would thus get money from the government but would not be under any obligation to the government for that money because it would be decided by the amount coming from UK households. Politicians would therefore not have any unfair pressure to put upon the BBC. Ofcom should look at broadcasting practices in relation to a code of practices document declaring the responsibilities of broadcasters and Ofcom should listen to appeals from the public to intervene if this code of practices is infringed. The code of practices should ensure the non-commercial nature of the BBC (at least in the UK) and ensure that the BBC is non-racist, non-sexist, non-homophobic, non-ageist, non-xenophobic. Old radio programmes with racist content should not be re-broadcast on 4xtra except within the framework of a documentary about such issues.

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