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Fresh pasta recipe

Gluten free fresh pasta

First try today! 😁

I made « normal » ones for others, and gluten free ones for me!

It was really good, everybody enjoyed the meal 😋


Save your tears for someone who really loves you

Like my grandma, she cradled me in her arms and rocked me to sleep. She took me on pilgrimages to a thousand temples, as far as the eyes can see. 81 mots de plus


Just when I thought my life sucked

Just when I thought my life sucked, I saw little birds take refuge over a floating ice sheet, and I hailed.



Ad World

Recent ads are more frightening instead of being informative. I dunno who invented this concept of advertising :P Its like these companies behind the ads are trying to take on a so called social role. 230 mots de plus


To Give Your Life Away

By Shana Schutte

In his book, “The Fulfillment Factor,” author Mike Kendrick shares an engaging story about two kings.

There once was a king who wanted to make his name great among his people, so he built a grand castle shooting into the sky to grace his world-renowned city. 739 mots de plus