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To Give Your Life Away

By Shana Schutte

In his book, “The Fulfillment Factor,” author Mike Kendrick shares an engaging story about two kings.

There once was a king who wanted to make his name great among his people, so he built a grand castle shooting into the sky to grace his world-renowned city. 739 mots de plus


Unspoken Connection

Astrology tells us about the kind of people we are going to meet in our life. The relationship we have with them is shown through the connection between personal planets and points. 778 mots de plus

The Artemis,Apollo diary

To start off an astrological blog, the sun and the moon are the best introductory because astrologers, or people in general, when reading natal charts, the first things they look for are the signs the sun and the moon occupy, the degree, the placement within the natal map- I do that-There are many articles talk about the functions of the sun and the moon within astrology. 1 337 mots de plus

What Genes are Related to Cushing's Disease?

The genetic cause of Cushing disease is often unknown. In only a few instances, mutations in certain genes have been found to lead to Cushing disease. 524 mots de plus


Peeing Orange

I dreamt that five people held me over a toilet. I peed, and it was orange! My mother and her boyfriend were both holding me. It was slightly awkward as he is arrogant and a doctor.