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To My Daughters

Following religion or the crowd is for petty simpletons because
within you lies power,
within you lies choice and opportunity,
neither of which should ever be given away. 406 mots de plus


Single Parent

It isn’t fair to be the only one who is responsible:
To be the one who arranges dentist and doctors,
The one who trims hair and clips nails, 127 mots de plus


A Child to Break Us

slowly things fell apart
events started tripping
over themselves as we matured
time culling out the undergrowth
and our reaching branches
began battling for space… 88 mots de plus


Family Love

Familial Love is not what it seems,

Portrayed daily; the perfect family on TV.

It haunts our minds, our night-time dreams.

Familial love is not what it seems. 43 mots de plus


Life After Surgery

My surgery was on February 10, of this year. I had my entire colon and rectum removed, and a j pouch created, due to my disease called FAP. 397 mots de plus


FAP, my diagnosis

Hello, my name is Rebecca.

My story began last year, after being diagnosed with FAP (Familial Polyposis). It’s a very rare genetic disease, affecting only about 1 in 10,000 people. 312 mots de plus


Day Fifteen, Cushing’s Awareness Challenge 2015

Way back when we first got married, my husband thought we might have a lot of kids.  He was from a family of 6 siblings, so that’s what he was accustomed to.   381 mots de plus