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Pinky Promise For-Forever and A Day!"

It’s truly my belief that my experience is just that, nothing more & I wouldn’t change it now. Never truly have I felt like a victim; although I’ve played one well, dancing on the heartstrings of others in order to obtain, what I wanted, needed or just trivial items I coveted from (primarily predatory older men) those I came across. 371 mots de plus



I’m almost at a full year away from home, and I miss it now more than I have the entire year. I miss my friends, my house, even being able to see my family. 193 mots de plus


Family Love

Familial Love is not what it seems,

Portrayed daily; the perfect family on TV.

It haunts our minds, our night-time dreams.

Familial love is not what it seems. 43 mots de plus


Life After Surgery

My surgery was on February 10, of this year. I had my entire colon and rectum removed, and a j pouch created, due to my disease called FAP. 397 mots de plus


FAP, my diagnosis

Hello, my name is Rebecca.

My story began last year, after being diagnosed with FAP (Familial Polyposis). It’s a very rare genetic disease, affecting only about 1 in 10,000 people. 312 mots de plus


Day Fifteen, Cushing’s Awareness Challenge 2015

Way back when we first got married, my husband thought we might have a lot of kids.  He was from a family of 6 siblings, so that’s what he was accustomed to.   381 mots de plus


The Hospital Room

Time ticks;

A fragile and volatile bomb

You count the seconds pass

And wonder where they’ve gone

Meanwhile the distant and burning

Stars of outer space… 82 mots de plus