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Understanding my mother

I see the words fuzzily dance up and down, slowly, in the computer screen ahead. I sit and stare just as she would, for what seems like a long time with no other plans in my life. 11 mots de plus


A conversation to remember

Months ago, my always smiling late grandma had said, « Look at you nani, gazing deeply elsewhere. What profound things you must be thinking of. » 34 mots de plus


Emotional abuse

Abuse does not have to be romantic, familial, or physical.

Abuse is defined as:
1) To use wrongly
2) To speak insultingly, harshly, and unjustly to or about… 12 mots de plus

New familial DNA brings Utah's 1st arrest, as California nets conviction of serial killer

Salt Lake City — (KUTV) Tooele police made an arrest Friday, in a 5-year-old murder case, thanks to new DNA technology.
Rogelia Diaz Jr., 23, of West Valley City was arrested near his home. 36 mots de plus


The everything in little things

Too busy making plans right now.
There will come a day when little things will be vocalized like they’re a big deal
Like telling the other that the fireplace needs new wood… 71 mots de plus




Family, famil, familiar
two then three, then four.

Front stoop chalk, campfire tales
I Spy and mountain trails.

Telephone talks on and on
car key nerves to cap and gown. 30 mots de plus



This is a story about regret.

Daily I am reminded that I am not a good sister.

She was crying. I could hear her through the walls of my bedroom, sobbing. 1 561 mots de plus