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Day Fifteen, Cushing’s Awareness Challenge 2015

Way back when we first got married, my husband thought we might have a lot of kids.  He was from a family of 6 siblings, so that’s what he was accustomed to.   381 mots de plus


The Hospital Room

Time ticks;

A fragile and volatile bomb

You count the seconds pass

And wonder where they’ve gone

Meanwhile the distant and burning

Stars of outer space… 82 mots de plus


To My Father

« Just like her father, »

they say with a smile,

a legacy of dark hair

and fair skin

and long-legged gait.

« Just like her father, » 96 mots de plus


Family DNA Used To Track Down Suspect In ‘North County Creeper’ Case

For the first time in San Diego County, a suspect has been arrested as a result of a familial DNA investigation.

Forensic Industry News


This is the flower and little fruit of the jack fruit tree. I was amazed to see the complexity hidden inside the simpler version of the budding jackfruit. 249 mots de plus


SOLAR HOME :: E-CUBE (Belgium, solar decathlon 2011)

Ghent University’s E-Cube is an affordable, do-it-yourself building kit for a solar-powered house that is pre-engineered, factory-built, and easily assembled without special skills.
The house begins with a starter unit, which can be upgraded with enhancements to the PV system and interior finishes as well as with extensions to the living space. 53 mots de plus