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Stepping into the rain drops with my cat

You wouldn’t expect a rainy, cold, dark day around summer time. Everything’s back to freezing, and I hate having to wear winter clothes that I’ve put aside once more. 212 mots de plus


[Gratuit-720p™] Sherlock Gnomes Streaming VF (2018)|Film Complet VOSTFR

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Savez-vous ce que font les nains de jardin quand nous avons le dos tourné ? 283 mots de plus

[Gratuit-720p™] Pierre Lapin Streaming VF (2018)|Film Complet VOSTFR

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Le petit lapin préféré des jeunes lecteurs depuis des générations est désormais le héros d’un film plein d’aventures et d’espièglerie ! 253 mots de plus

19 Years Well-Spent

Not a day went by, where I didn’t feel loved,
always felt the both of you bubbling in my blood.
28 years of marriage that cannot come undone, 203 mots de plus

Spoken Word Poetry

Sin(My definition)

Any act that deprives you of the ability to perform individual, familial,societal, national and humanitarian duties is sin!
All acts included alcoholism,dishonesty,over worshiping God,sex,prostitution,chasing Gurus,….. If everything that suits your mental makeup is done in moderation will give you enough bandwidth to perform your duties without any let! 55 mots de plus

So You're Single: Acceptance

In a time when it seems everyone is in a relationship, boo’d up, or at least « talking » to someone, there is a good group of twentysomethings who are either coming out of relationships with their college sweethearts, or finally coming to terms with never having been in a relationship at all. 682 mots de plus