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To My Father

« Just like her father, »

they say with a smile,

a legacy of dark hair

and fair skin

and long-legged gait.

« Just like her father, » 96 mots de plus


Family DNA Used To Track Down Suspect In ‘North County Creeper’ Case

For the first time in San Diego County, a suspect has been arrested as a result of a familial DNA investigation.

Forensic Industry News


This is the flower and little fruit of the jack fruit tree. I was amazed to see the complexity hidden inside the simpler version of the budding jackfruit. 249 mots de plus


SOLAR HOME :: E-CUBE (Belgium, solar decathlon 2011)

Ghent University’s E-Cube is an affordable, do-it-yourself building kit for a solar-powered house that is pre-engineered, factory-built, and easily assembled without special skills.
The house begins with a starter unit, which can be upgraded with enhancements to the PV system and interior finishes as well as with extensions to the living space. 53 mots de plus


Family, Some Thoughts

Throughout history, there seems to have always been an emphasis on family, and familial love. And of course, rightly so, it seems one of the most integral parts of our nature, to love and respect our creators (our parents) and those who surround us in a similar manner. 718 mots de plus


Dead Pool

Memories of what was

in black and white and yellowed colors,

a gallery of familial presence,

a press of faces staring down from lacquered frames… 112 mots de plus