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Puppy Mark

Puppy Mark~

Source: @MIRI_0m
Translator: Ellie
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Một fanart siêu đáng yêu về MarkJin và choker của hai bạn ấy~ 202 mots de plus


Prologue: Concerning Pipe Weed

Pages To Read:
FR.Pro Section: “Concerning Pipe Weed” (~p.8-9)

– A history of pipe-weed is given by Meriadoc Brandybuck. It is native to southern regions of Middle Earth (primarily Gondor) but the Hobbits (probably in Bree) were the first to smoke it. 195 mots de plus

Daily Update

Nico Robin - One Piece

Nico Robin from One Piece! I did it as a present for a friend’s birthday. He asked me to draw her, so I did :3 The black color is so difficult to use! 36 mots de plus


#authorconfession 1

I really want someone to draw some fanart of my work.


This is yet another in the series of Transformers drawn in traditional pin-up  poses. This time, I chose to feature Ratchet, the Autobot Chief Medical Officer. 75 mots de plus

2017 Artwork

Prologue: Concerning Hobbits (Part 2)

Pages To Read:
FR.Pro “Those days” (~p.2) – “fair and square with no contradictions” (~p.7)

– A short account of the history of Hobbits is given – they originated east of the Misty Mountains but came west into Eriador as Greenwood the Great became Mirkwood. 285 mots de plus

Daily Update

[Art] Voltron Sketchathon

As my Instagram, Facebook, and Tumblr followers already know, I had engaged in a « sketch countdown » leading to the premiere of Voltron: Legendary Defender‘s season two — and, incidentally, Hunk’s birthday. 849 mots de plus