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Hello and welcome, today’s fusion is a fusion between Blastoise and Nidoking, as always if you have any suggestions or challenges for fusions post them in the comments below :D


Legend of Korra...

I made due with the markers I had available so I decided to draw my first ever fan art. (Feel like such a little school kid lol). 78 mots de plus



Favorite character this season.

What I do in this past few days was sleep, eat, shopping, read manga, play game, eat, sleep…….

I-I swear I will update more ;_;

I'm Commander Shepard and This is My Favourite Asari on the Galaxy (Mass Effect Spoiler ahead)

« All those little blue children will be disappointed I didn’t have a speech. »
That line gets me every time. One moment, I need to go to a corner and cry like a little child. 868 mots de plus