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Over the Garden Wall

Into the Unknown…

Hello everyone! I didn’t expect this drawing to go so fast but I had SO much fun making it. I have been having some really crazy days lately and I needed to unwind with a piece like this. 43 mots de plus

Dragon Wing




The single word summed up so much


How could something be filled with so much clear-cut hate?


Kings of meticulous, mechanical, merciless, and emotionless killing… 572 mots de plus


Dynamic Pose Practice

Using the amazing SenshiStock on DeviantArt (specifically here and here), I decided to practice so I’m not just drawing the same poses over and over again. 11 mots de plus


HTTYD Fanart: Toothless and Hiccup

I loved the first movie. And Toothless is the best. Pencil sketch.

Two posts in two days. This has gotta be a record. (But to be fair, I did draw this piece last December…meh) 20 mots de plus


Ink sketch: Kimonoshy.

Just an ink and marker sketch of humanized Fluttershy in a kimono, standing atop some cliffs. Butterflies emanate. This is another older work that has been in my backlog for a while now. Finally posting it.


Daily Paint 62 - I hope sempai won't notice me.

I was in a silly mood when I painted this. I used Art Academy on my 3DS to paint this image

Daily Painting