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Monsters Ball by Toby Caswell

My tribute to the amazing work of Greg Nicotero.



the characters Dedan and Sugar from the game « OFF » by Mortis Ghost

Completed Works

They're Just Toys, Right?

Writing about fictional characters it’s easy to say ‘they’, ‘he’, as though these people really existed. But the choices ‘they’ make are made for them – by directors, actors, artists, costume designers, writers, editors, marketing departments… This becomes much more obvious when all those external forces are reduced to a single guy with a camera.  562 mots de plus


SFPop Continued

Hey there. Was under the weather last two weeks; my brain was frozen. Happens every once in a while.

To pick things up again I present to you my second installment of StreetFighter Pop. 40 mots de plus

Pop Art


Poor Hellboy, always getting zerged by annoying creepy things