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Fan Art - Darling in the Franxx

Been working on this for the past few days.  I know Darling in the Franxx can be a little Fan Service-y — but there’s a bit of heart to the series that I tried to capture with this little piece of fan art.   41 mots de plus

Ana Keychain

My friend Echo gave me this Ana keychain from those Overwatch grab bags, so I put her on my water bottle. Now I hear « Take your medicine » everytime I take a drink. 7 mots de plus


Doodles and stuff

A roundup from the past month or so. I draw nearly every day to keep in practise, but only a few are ever worth posting. Most are just anatomy studies or quick shape roughs.


Birthday Fundraiser for the ACLU!

Hey everyone! I mentioned at the beginning of the month that there would be an opportunity to get some watercolors. A few of you have had some really sweet comments about the paintings I’ve shared, so I wanted to show you a few more paintings and let you know about the fundraiser that I’m putting on for my local chapter of the ACLU. 82 mots de plus

Not Grumpy

Fan Art

I don’t normally draw a lot of fan art. However, I couldn’t get this idea out of my head, as simple as it is. Here we have Marvel’s Loki with a character I created a long time ago named Aura. 49 mots de plus

My Art

Space Nerds

So you may have noticed, I am a little bit of a nerd… Star Trek appeals to me not only as a premise, with space adventures being one of my favourite things, but also as an ideal of spreading peace and knowledge.


My 1st Digital Art


And guess who? Is Castiel from Supernatural. I love this character <3

Tablet used: Huion H420

Drawing app: Fire Alpaca… 8 mots de plus