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Nenya pendant, Lord of the Rings jewellery
Graphite pencil, approx. A4
© Jana H., 2013


April 29, 2017

Short update

Just a short update today to keep y’all in the loop: on Monday we’ll have a few pages to catch up with Frodo in the Shire. 58 mots de plus

Daily Update

The 100 (Girls):

I am a huge fan of the tv series « The 100 ». And I generally like to draw fanarts of the characters from my favorite shows I like. 81 mots de plus

Digital Art

i had plenty tabs open looking at hand placements and another plenty with pictures of napoleonic clothing

Artworks: Man and His Mask

« Because when people see good, they expect good and I don’t want to have to live up to anyone’s expectations. » – Damon Salvatore… 9 mots de plus