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Fan Artist UpTheHill on Dramione, Erotic Art, and the Magic of Portraits

Part of our mission at FAN/FIC Magazine is to highlight amazing fan creators and pull back the curtain on their creative processes. For our second interview, I talked to 

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Video: All original 151 Pokemon recreated as pancakes

Pancake connoisseurs Dancakes have recreated the original 151 Pokemon as pancakes, featuring all of your favorites from the Kanto region. To celebrate National Pancake Day, check out their amazing pancake art in the video below:


FanArt: Tolerable

Late last week, a fandom follower graciously messaged me, bringing new fanart to my attention. Sketches by siriusdraws over on tumblr set off a sudden flurry of interest in… 127 mots de plus

Forthright Fiction

Lost & Found I

This is my version of « Perse » from Stephen King’s « Duma Key ».
The coloration was done with a computer mouse and GIMP. 17 mots de plus


Male Merida

« There he is!”

“There who is?”

“He looks just like him!”

“What are you talking about? Hey! Where are you going?”

“See you later!” I waved without even looking back, I was not missing out on this. 275 mots de plus