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Wonder Woman

I saw Wonder Woman on Saturday and naturally started working on some art for it since it was AMAAAAAZING!! This took about a couple hours or so, but I was working on it for a few days since I started it on an old PC and finished it with a new Mac (yay!) :)

Digital Art

The Dark Side by Alex Hess

Alex Hess is a Professional Graphic Designer and Illustrator based on Pittsburgh, USA. Visit his Page to see more of his work. Source: Tumblr.

Star Wars

New Venue Announcement!

The Geek Mart has found a new home! On July 15th, we’ll be opening our doors in Filmbase in Temple Bar.

The full line-up of vendors will be made available soon. 642 mots de plus


My Hero Academia

I love this Anime and it’s Characters!

(This Character is not mine)

Emilia Clarke - First Portrait Sketch

My first ever portrait sketch and who better to draw than one of the most adorable and beautiful woman Emilia Clarke.
I have always seen her smiling and laughing in all the talk shows and she looks truly adorable and the happiest person in the world. 133 mots de plus


Past Tense

I’m gonna kick off this blog with some old art I guess! This was a colour study for me in 2015 and I learned quite a bit from it, featuring my character Tethys Lavellan from Dragon Age: Inquisition. 79 mots de plus