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Pokemon Starmie Staryu

1st Generation Pokemon / Traditional: Ballpoint pen on Paper / Effects: Instagram

Thank you!


Ajin Demi-humans Season 1 - Opinion

Anime: Ajin Demi-human

This was an attempt from the manga art. I wanted to try hatching, and ended up give like a lot of bruise for the MC. 1 673 mots de plus

Fan Art

The Walking Dead; Bye Glenn!

I’ve got some Walking Dead fan art for ya, instead of commissions because apparently I hate money and will do anything to avoid it. But HEY it’s Friday, give a girl a break will ya? 63 mots de plus


Refreshing My Blog

(warning: heavy image! open image in new tab to zoom.)

Hei, guys! Ayo berpikir jernih. 134 mots de plus

Author's Notes

Myers Meets Warhol?

So I drew Michael Myers. I liked it. Inked it. Colored it. Outlined it. Didn’t know what else to do. So I did this. This isn’t the entire picture…just the part I’m proud of.