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Harley Quinn Doll Custom

Here’s a doll that I customized to look like my own design of DC Comics character Harley Quinn for my twins birthday. The doll started off as a Batgirl doll from the DC Superhero Girls, and I drew on the face and made all the costume. 68 mots de plus


The Silver Eye

The Bryn Shutt Dictionary of Character Definitions includes this entry under V

Velvare: Beautifully complex. Enigmatically matter of fact. Utterly human – save the part about being held together by curses, obviously. 148 mots de plus


Hello all!

This is a painting that I’m super excited to post! The subject is Pippa, who is a character from Jenna Moreci’s upcoming adult novel ‘The Savior’s Champion’. 529 mots de plus



She is oh, so pretty. She is so difficult to draw because she is so beautiful.

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