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"It accelerated smoothly, leaving physics squirming in its wake ..."

I have written my fair share of fan fiction (lo these many years ago) but never fanart – never had the knack. Turned out all I needed was a change of medium. 274 mots de plus


[Toons] Markers - Captain America

Another quick marker doodle I did on 4th of July!

I thought I draw a DUDE as well for 4th of July due to my overfluctuation of girls in my gallery. 61 mots de plus



I’ve never related so well to a Disney character.

Erwin Smith - Attack on Titan

I’ve gotten back into watching anime, recently finishing the first season of Attack on Titan.  This show is awesome, I tell you what — and it inspired me to start working on more than just quick little sketches and actually get out something painted. 11 mots de plus


Red Palms (Kai fanart) + ASC


Process Film:


So my portrait drawing skills still didn’t quite came back, I have more unfinished, messed up drawings since then. About Jongin too, a pencil portrait. 381 mots de plus