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Dance Like An Egyptian

The Fire Moon

by Isabel Pelech

« They’re still out there, all of them, in the heat and the cold and no water anywhere, with no rites for their poor bones… » 469 mots de plus

Chapter Fifteen

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Another thing fables get wrong, they end when the monster is slain, and ignore the clean‑up afterwards.

The demon parts are burned to ashes in three separate fires, put into three separate weighted boxes and sent out on three different fishing boats to be dropped in the ocean.  1 844 mots de plus


Savage Divinity - Chapter 223

Sorry for the late chapter. My internet went down at home and my phone couldn’t copy all the text without crashing. Left for work, came home and all is good. 3 907 mots de plus


Beneath Black Blood - Chapter five

After all the hope and despair,

Through toil and fear.

May there be love in our hearts

———-Alexia Barrett————
Chapter 5- Bleak
I woke up inside a cell. 1 631 mots de plus


Dragon and Forest

It was somewhat inevitable that after I got the Enchanted Forest on my mind, I would have to reread the series.  And given that these books are a little over 200 pages apiece, it’s not at all difficult to do so.   495 mots de plus


Forever Favourites ~ A Court of Mist and Fury & A Court of Wings and Ruin ~ #JNGReads

I don’t want to talk about it.

I don’t think I can talk about it at the moment.

Today, I’ve decided to take the role of curator rather than reviewer. 1 560 mots de plus


Transformers: The Last Knight a.k.a WHAT THE F*** DID I JUST WATCH

After I saw Transformers: Age of Extinction, I didn’t think it was possible for Michael Bay to make a worse movie. Because it was bad. 1 203 mots de plus

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