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A New York Fantasy

New York, new book, new heroine. As 2017 unfolds, I plan to return to the blogosphere. For my first trick, like any good magician, I will unveil the book cover for my new release – « Wicca: The Witches of New York. 30 mots de plus


Review: Eleventh Grave In Moonlight

It’s released!  It’s here! And of course it is fabulous!

Charley Davidson continues on her adventures with the Son of Satan, (our beloved Reyes) and her quirky lovely best friends friend Cookie.   276 mots de plus

Book Recommendations

Quotes: You Have to Let Go of the Old to Begin Something New

“You have to let go of the old to begin something new. But that does not mean it is lost forever.”

– 32nd Mother of the Red Abbey, in Maresi by Maria Turtschaninoff…

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​Plot Tips Tuesday: Twists and Shock Appeal

Don’t you just love when you’re reading a story and then WHAM!–you’re hit with a revelation you didn’t see coming?

And isn’t it lame when you DO see something coming and aren’t the least bit surprised when it’s « revealed? 340 mots de plus

Teen Fiction

Ruby Red by Kerstin Gier

Ruby Red by Kerstin Gier opens as Gwyneth helps her cousin Charlotte get home after her first dizzy spell. The first sign of reaching the age and ability to time travel is feeling dizzy. 161 mots de plus


Morsmordre t-shirt

Death eater attack!

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Like a Dream

Chapter Three

Amelia finally gets back to the waiting room and sees Eli and Navid fast asleep and Leona starting to doze off. As angry as she is, she figures she may as well get some sleep. 438 mots de plus