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Day 349: A Cue Stick for Garbol

Whenever someone comments on Garbol’s wizard staff, his pool cue, and wonders if he’s satisfied with it, it always reminds him of the day he earned it. 1 260 mots de plus


A message from Aku, the demi-divinity from the end of time

Born in the end of time,

Death holds no meaning.

Chosen by the divine beings,

I travel through times, dimensions and realities.

Not human, nor divine, 78 mots de plus

Welcome to The Rages

Finally! Out of my head and into my hands.

Three more books in the next 20 months and I can finally let my mind slip blissfully into insanity.

2017 NFL Draft: Jets undrafted free agent tracker

The draft might be over, but New York Jets general manager Mike Maccagnan and company are not done yet.

With the conclusion of the draft comes the additions of undrafted free agents and the Jets have already gotten to work on that front. 72 mots de plus

New York Jets

Yet Another Update! I Know, So Shocking, You Never Saw This Coming...

Alright, first off, I’d like to say this: I’m glad you guys like my writing and I really appreciate the support of those of you who have followed my personal blog, but I have to let you know that doing that is purposeless. 896 mots de plus


ARC Review: Avenged

Avenged by Amy Tintera
My rating: 4 of 5 stars
Release date: May 2, 2017

Emelina Flores has come home to Ruina. After rescuing her sister Olivia from imprisonment in rival kingdom Lera, Em and Olivia together vow to rebuild Ruina to its former glory.

475 mots de plus

The Crow Flies Monday

I’m poking my head up to remind everyone that When the Crow Smiles should be available Monday, 5/1/17, with the print edition to follow by about two weeks. 260 mots de plus