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Fed’s Fischer Sees Productivity Behind Slow U.S. Growth(?)

I frequently get a headache trying to understand Stanley Fischer’s speeches or interviews.

OK, US labor productivity is declining. But he is hoping the technological advances with fix the problem? 151 mots de plus


LIBOR Surge May Rule Out September Fed Rate Hike

WEEKLY UPDATE – August 29, 2016

After rallying for weeks, the major indexes fell last week ahead of key remarks by Federal Reserve officials and turbulence in money markets.[1]  For the week, the S&P 500 lost 0.68%, the Dow fell 0.85%, the NASDAQ dropped 0.37%, while the MSCI EAFE gained 0.16%.[2] 1 406 mots de plus

Market Update

Why the Convoluted Message From Yellen?

Why the tough talk out of one side of her mouth and ‘other policy tools’ language out of the other (ref. Yellen Lays Out Tools… 243 mots de plus

Stock Market

Wall Street Berakhir Positif, Ditopang Sektor Keuangan

Monexnews – Bursa saham AS ditutup lebih tinggi pada hari Senin, dengan sektor keuangan dan material pimpin penguatan, di tengah investor yang mencerna data ekonomi sambil mencari petunjuk untuk langkah selanjutnya Federal Reserve. 147 mots de plus


Minyak Turun Hampir 2% Karena Lonjakan Output OPEC

Monexnews – Harga minyak jatuh hampir 2% pada hari Senin, hentikan penguatan selama dua hari terakhir, karena kehati-hatian investor terhadap lonjakan produksi minyak di Timur Tengah dan menguatnya dollar yang ditopang oleh spekulasi kenaikan suku bunga AS pada akhir tahun. 142 mots de plus


Emas Bangkit Dari Level Rendah 5 Pekan Karena Pelemahan Dollar

Monexnews – Harga emas rebound dari dekat level terendah lima pekan karena dollar yang melemah pada hari Senin, mengabaikan tekanan sebelumnya dari komentar pejabat Federal Reserve… 144 mots de plus


Day 409: Rebound

Profit: $2.48 Total: $1,104.81

Friday’s excitement was all about Yellen’s optimism on the upcoming U.S. rate hike. Dollar had a great rally and the percentages of a September – December  rate hike went higher. 104 mots de plus