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The Keep: All Households Created During "Recovery" Were Renters

There was a movie from 1983 called « The Keep » with Scott Glenn, Gabriel Byrne, Jürgen Prochnow and Ian McKellen. A great cast, to be sure, but the nemesis in the movie was … a man in a rubber suit. 167 mots de plus

Wall Street Ditutup Menguat, Nasdaq Naik 0,6 Persen Menjadi 4,891.22

Bursa saham Amerika ditutup menguat, The Nasdaq Composite Index naik 0,6 persen menjadi 4,891.22. 418 mots de plus


Emas Turun Untuk Pertama Kalinya Dalam 8 Sesi Terakhir

Monexnews – Emas melemah pada hari Jumat, menghentikan penguatan dalam tujuh sesi beruntun yang sebelumnya membawa emas ke level tertinggi dalam lebih dari tiga pekan terakhir. 133 mots de plus


Yellen says rate increase may be warranted later in year, The Washington Post 27 March 2015

By Steven Mufson March 27 at 8:27 PM

Federal Reserve chair Janet Yellen said Friday that any increase in rock-bottom interest rates to “more normal” levels would be… 843 mots de plus


The Kelley Monetary Policy Rule

Everybody hates rules but this is a breakthrough policy to free the fearful Fed.


The Federal Reserve Board (Fed) has held the Fed Funds Rate (the interest rate the Fed charges banks) below 1 percent for 7 years.  348 mots de plus


Day 60: Hate having open positions overnight

$32.23 $912.38

So yesterday I decided to do something different and leave three positions open with SL and TP set in place. I have to say, even though they were  small positions it was very very stressful seeing my P/L range to positives to negatives, teasing me to close my account before my targets were hit. 123 mots de plus

Janet Yellen's "Pat Paulsen" Speech: The Fed May Or May Not Raise Rates

Janet Yellen gave yet another speech, this time in her home base of San Francisco. Here it is! 260150092-Yellen-Speech-March-27

In short, she said … nothing. The Fed may raise rates or they may not. 204 mots de plus