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Wall Street Gagal Pertahankan Gain di Akhir Pekan

Monexnews – Wall Street ditutup melemah pada hari Jumat, gagal untuk bertahan di level tinggi, seiring investor fokus pada data inflasi dan pidato Gubernur the Fed… 244 mots de plus


Inflasi Dan Pernyataan Yellen Dukung Penguatan Dollar

Monexnews – Dollar AS mampu mengungguli pasangan mata uang utamanya berkat laporan inflasi dan outlook Gubernur Federal Reserve terkait suku bunga yang berpeluang dinaikkan di tahun ini. 111 mots de plus


Former Fed Governor Predicts “Wrenching” Market Adjustment

From Wolf Street, by Wolf Richter, May 2015

Lawrence Lindsey, a Governor of the Federal Reserve from 1991 to 1997, was right before. And got fired for it. 340 mots de plus


Day 99: Bull dollar!

$30.58 $1,727.30

What a great week to be long dollar. As I stated yesterday, I saw a dollar rallying coming soon. We’re slowly seeing better economic numbers for the U.S and a rate hike is slowly approaching. 190 mots de plus

Yellen could map rate-hike road map as Americans hit road

If you’re one of the estimated 33 million Americans that AAA says will pack up the car and head out early for the long Memorial Day weekend, keep your radio dialed to news around 1 p.m. 394 mots de plus


MONEY: Save the penny; it's educational

If You Want People To Keep Using Cash, Support Killing The Penny
By Justin Pot on 15th May, 2015 

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There’s quote you might have heard.“A penny saved is a penny earned” -Ben Franklin… 327 mots de plus


Despite Fed’s warning, bond investors keep buying

Common sense says bond investors might want to lighten up on their holdings of long-term government bonds and other fixed-income investments after the Federal Reserve warned of coming bond market turbulence in Wednesday’s release of the Fed’s April meeting minutes. 277 mots de plus