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Notes From Underground: Ben Bernanke Channels Karl Marx

Set your way back machines to and visit the philosophy of the Young Marx in his famous musings, The Economic and Philosophic Manuscripts of 1844… 858 mots de plus


Is A "Stubbornly Hawkish" Fed Trying To Fucking Kill Us, Or What?

Here’s a question a lot of people are asking on Monday:

Should I give a shit about plunging crude prices?

You’d think the answer to that for most investors would be « yes.

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US Treasury 30Y-5Y Curve Slope Dips to 93.6 BPS (Lowest Level Since November 28, 2007)

With The Federal Reserve raising their Fed Funds Target rate and jawboning shrinking their almost $4.5 TRILLION balance sheet, the US Treasury 30Y-5Y yield curve slope has fallen to 93.59 basis points, the flattest curve slope since November 28, 2007. 29 mots de plus


Gold Flash Crashes, "Jubilant" Germans, And Bank Bailouts

Well, gold plunged $18 in seconds on surging volume (18k contracts in a one-minute window) for no apparent reason, falling from 1,253 to test 1,236, the 200-DMA at around 4 a.m. 994 mots de plus

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Obama's legacy

Obama’s legacy

Queste tabelle parlano da sole: i grafici rappresentano 8 anni di amministrazione Barak Obama-Hillary Clinton e misurano il declino economico e sociale degli Stati Uniti. 10 mots de plus


When Doves Cry: Kocherlakota Is Worried That The Fed Has Abandoned You

Right, so former Minneapolis Fed chief Narayana Kocherlakota is fun.

This is a guy who, if you ask him, will tell you the story about his dramatic transformation from hawk to dove. 2 060 mots de plus