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C&I Lending in July Falls Below 2% YoY For First Time Since April 2011 (RE Lending Falls Below 5% YoY)

Commercial and Industrial lending at commercial banks dropped below 2% in July.

The last time C&I lending was less than 2% was in April 2011. 68 mots de plus

Notes From Underground: Its Was a Great Week for S&Ps

The news was extremely positive for the equity markets last week. FOUR key points:

  1. Retail Sales proved to be much stronger than consensus;
  2. The FOMC…
  3. 682 mots de plus

California And Maryland Lead The Nation In Mortgage Fraud Risk Correlation (San Francisco, Baltimore and San Diego Lead)

According to CoreLogic, California and Maryland are the states that are most highly correlated with fraud risk (and are the areas that will be the best predictors of nationwide mortgage fraud). 74 mots de plus

'We Are In A Dive, I Repeat'...

This week started off on a decidedly downbeat note when, following a weekend of violence in a place that’s not used to seeing Nazi rallies, vehicular manslaughter, and helicopters falling from the sky, Donald Trump used the Q&A session of a press conference about infrastructure to defend white supremacists and talk about Thomas Jefferson’s slaves. 933 mots de plus

S&P 500

Whip It! Univ of Michigan Inflation Remains Unchanged at 2.6% (But Declines To 2.5% For 5-10 Yr Ahead)

The University of Michigan survey of consumers just released their montly update on inflation expectations. If only The Fed’s Janet Yellen was watching consumer inflation expectations because consumers expect more inflation than The Fed’s inflation target of 2%. 134 mots de plus

Notes From Underground: The ECB, FOMC Minutes and Dudley's Speech

On Wednesday, I joined Rick Santelli for a chat, which was centered on the ECB and other central banks’ impact on global equity and debt markets. 1 081 mots de plus