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stone, and what it means to give

give and take.

these terms come up often in our discussions of sex. in fact, they are somewhat intrinsic to how we conceptualise the interactions of sex – one person gives, the other takes. 2 691 mots de plus


To be or to love

My deepest truth is that I have never been able to disentangle my desire to be with women from my desire to be a woman. 585 mots de plus


A Smorgasbord of Feminine Rambling

No. I am not menstruating, irrational, overreacting, or a control freak. Just exhausted and back with the bullshit.

This post is for women. The strong women. 764 mots de plus


Oh hai there! I have been trying to find a way to put all the videos of me performing on my Youtube, but I don’t think I know how to make that happen. 42 mots de plus

Femme Friday – Barrie Jean Borich

Please welcome Barrie Jean Borich to The Total Femme this Friday! Confetti! Applause! Fireworks! Glitter and love! Barrie Jean is a femme author whose books have a place of honor on my femme bookshelf, an academic, an activist, a generous, nuanced, and beautiful thinker, and so much more. 1 213 mots de plus



Et tes yeux de charbon, profonds comme le Léthé

Où se noient et s’oublient, des marins du monde entier.


Leecher and Ann My Guard at the FemME V. Festival

Leecher, who playing cello-metal, was very scared for the next period. In the spring, Hungarian and Romanian concerts are also featured in their calendar, and for a few days they have been playing with the Russian Arkona on the stage of Zagreb, Novi Sad and Kolozsvár, and Ann My Guard gives a fun party in the Dürer Kert, in Budapest on March 24. 52 mots de plus