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The Red Divan

It became her final resting place after years of much needed rest in the small anteroom behind the temple.

Temples in this place and time period were residences for the owner for their daily work, not for « worship ». 262 mots de plus

"The Shapes in the Carpet": A Short Story for Bad Survivalist by Stephen Piccarella

BOTH OF MY PARENTS ARE dead. I live with Zeke, my older half-brother, and we take care of each other. We grew up together in the house we live in now, a one room unit like a truck with no wheels, out in the middle of the woods. 3 388 mots de plus


Lady Mary: Short Fiction

A bottle of liquid foundation came flying out of Karen’s hand barely hitting her friend’s ear. It fell with a loud thud on the wooden floor but didn’t break. 1 630 mots de plus


She's Coming For You - Chapter 35

Suleiman was the new leader of the group in A Coruna, appointed by the leadership overseas. He had spoken to his people in Vigo and Santiago de Compostela. 228 mots de plus


Textbook Takeoff

Maybe True, Mostly Metaphor Part X

We stood there, the three of us, in front of the fully inflated hot air balloon. The name Candlewind… 3 090 mots de plus


Until I Find You by Rea Frey

Release Date: August 11, 2020

Rebecca Grey is recently widowed and caring for her three-month-old son Jackson. She is also coping with a degenerative eye disease that will eventually leave her blind.  157 mots de plus

Book Review


I’ve found a cave I can use for shelter. It’s dry and surprisingly warm, and I’m alone here. There’s enough light to write at the moment, but darkness is coming. 183 mots de plus