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Drakin, An Empire of Ashes Sample Chapter #Writing #Fantasy #SciFi


Two hundred years have passed, and the Red War has become a distant memory for most. Dragons and humans now live together in peace… but one powerful woman who has been deranged by her own history unleashes her vengeance on a helpless population. 2 192 mots de plus


Review: Changeling by Matt Wesolowski

I have to say, I do love a Matt Wesolowski read. Changeling is part of his Six Stories series (there are three others: Six Stories… 481 mots de plus

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Meet the Cast - Sior Dionysios aka Nionio

Sior Dionysios aka Nionio the Dandy, risks life and limb climbing the Saray walls for a glimpse of Fatme, the Vizier’s daughter. Will he retrieve the goats in time to get the girl? 207 mots de plus



The landline started ringing……

There was a spark in the eyes of everyone in the family. Arvind, being head of the family, picked the call. He signalled thumbs up and said it’s a ‘YES’. 293 mots de plus


Same Head, Different Body

I’m sitting on the bus when I see the messed up curly hair near the front. It’s so all over the place I can’t make out her face, and this is when I started to panic. 233 mots de plus


Dropwort Hall – Part Six

Things come to a head for poor Crowfoot the Ape…

The Madness of Crowfoot

Inspired by the water plantain (Alisma plantago-aquatica), once thought to be a cure for rabies. 1 171 mots de plus