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U gjendet 7 kg kokainë e pastër, në pranga 5 të rinj nga Fieri dhe Berati (Video)

Një bande kriminale në Itali i ka ardhur fundi me arrestimin e dy anëtarëve të fundit. Operacioni i policisë italiane i koduar “Il Casolare” nisi vitin e kaluar. 155 mots de plus


Roth IRA vs. Traditional IRA

Literally no one has ever asked me what the difference is between a Roth IRA and a Traditional IRA.  I’m not great at the economics of supply and demand so I’m going to write an article about it.   1 102 mots de plus

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Fierul este un mineral esențial în procesul de transportare a oxigenului spre celule, menține un nivel normal de energie al organismului și asigură un sistem imunitar puternic. 293 mots de plus


Murder, pooping and being free

One of my main goals in life is to not be murdered while taking a shit.  This coincides with a broader life goal of just not being murdered at all.   689 mots de plus

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Local Couple Finds Minimalism Through Giving up Their Dresser/Ceiling.

Portland, ORE. – Local aspiring minimalist couple, Jane and Fred Teeples, made headlines this week by taking minimalism to new levels and getting rid of their dresser. 168 mots de plus

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Are You Missing The Point?

The guy I work with buys lottery tickets.  He says it’s just fun to think about what he would buy with the money if he ever won.  366 mots de plus

The 4% Rule for dum dums like me

I have a good friend who we’ll call Eric because his name is Eric and I don’t care about protecting his first name identity.  He once said I can feel free to share his social security number to the world if I wanted so I don’t think he’ll care about me using his real name.   849 mots de plus

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