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Glasgow Film Festival: "Wyrmwood" and "A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night"


      « Wyrmwood » works more like an anecdote rather than a film. Hear it once, have a couple of laughs but don’t repeat it cause it might lose the small value it already has and that’s how I felt while watching it. 772 mots de plus


This film is considered THE GREATEST FILM OF ALL TIME… IN THE UNIVERSE EVER, THIS FILM IS LIKE THE GREAEST THING THAT THE FILM GODS BEHOLDED EVER IN THE UNIVERSE… and it totally is deserving of this illustrious title. 446 mots de plus

Cinema As Art

Groundhog Day (Random review)

Movie synopsis: on February 1st weatherman Phil Conners, news producer Rita Hanson and camera man Larry travel too Pennsylvania.But Phill Conners is a big headed and egotistical and hates going to Groundhog but after a series of change he ends up repeating he same day. 734 mots de plus


Live long and prosper, Mr. Nimoy

It seems a fitting sentiment to Leonard Nimoy on the day of his passing, doesn’t it? Sure, the iconic Vulcan aphorism has been uttered so many times under so many different contextes, yet it’s frequent use doesn’t diminish the meaning one bit. 423 mots de plus


Analysis of 'The Room' trailer.

First things first I didn’t want to review the whole film, because everyone has and well it’s too painful for me to watch ever again *sobbing sounds*. 702 mots de plus


coming to the big screen soon: patrick hall


Patrick is a senior at Santa Barbara High School and has been apart of the MAD Academy since he was a freshman. He is really in to filming and it has been a huge part of his life for 6 years. 156 mots de plus