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Shout out to The Itinerary blog: for his post on Manitoba, Canada

I really enjoyed this post, it’s brief, but informative and has a good amount of photos. And the bison burger was an interesting touch. You get my daily shout out, great work! 50 mots de plus


Son of Saul

Son of Saul is a hard film to love. Not because of any faults but because of its subject matter. Set in Auschwitz, it follows Saul, a… 417 mots de plus


The Best One-Take Scenes in Movies - Top 10

One-take shots are some of those scenes in movies you forget are even happening until the first cut for the next scene comes into play. We see them in all genres of film and we don’t even realize how exhausting they are to shoot, but us film fanatics know the good ones when we see them. 930 mots de plus


...Use the Force

May the fourth be with you, and a very happy Star Wars Day to all!

If none of that made sense to you, I have some bad news–you’re not a nerd. 267 mots de plus


Film: Marvel’s Thanos can’t be like Loki or Ultron

On 4th May 2018 and 3rd May 2019, Marvel and Disney will release Avengers: Infinity War parts I and II. Everything Marvel has set up since the very first Iron Man film, way back in 2008, will come to fruition. 660 mots de plus


Old School Review: Troy

I can’t stand gore. This isn’t news. But I do love action movies and history. Troy combines those two elements and the battle gore is at a level that I can handle. 407 mots de plus