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Valley Forge Engagement Session | Film Photographer | Suzanne & Zach

I’m so excited to see this amazing couple, today! Happy wedding day to Suzanne & Zach!

« When the sun has set, no candle can replace it. 8 mots de plus


One more voice in the party

Stillness of Heart was born on July 30, 2010, and since then I’ve celebrated a wide variety of interesting stories, news items, music, videos, and history. 107 mots de plus


Oh My Horror! The Children are on the loose!

I’ve been watching kids of all ages, observing their behaviour, I mean, and I must admit that differences in personalities can be seen at a really young age! 531 mots de plus


19th Far East Film Festival: New Trial

Injustice, corruption, and oppression of the underprivileged are continuing topics in the South Korean motion pictures, but instead of focusing on the themes of personal vengeance, filmmakers often turn to common social issues to raise public awareness. 585 mots de plus


Time Again To Be Late for the Moriarty Movie Quiz

Among his regular readers, blogger Dennis Cozzalio (he of the wonderfully titled Sergio Leone and the Infield Fly Rule site… and that’s not him pictured above, btw) is well-regarded for his in-depth film knowledge and the thoughtful essays he gladly shares.  969 mots de plus


Guardians of the Galaxy

This movie is funny. I don’t read comic books or delve deeper into Marvel and DC further than the cinematic universe but this movie I really enjoyed. 513 mots de plus


Revolutionary horror film Get Out

Get Out is a revolutionary horror-edy film that’s extremely socially and racially poignant.

The spine chiller begins when African-American boyfriend Chris travels to meet his girlfriend Rose’s parents for the first time. 162 mots de plus