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Sin is a choice, so is watching The Counselor - both of which you probably should avoid

A lawyer finds himself out of his depth when he gets involved in drug trafficking.The Counselor (Michael Fassbender) decides that, for one time only, he is going to involve himself in a joint operation with one of his rather flamboyant clients, Reiner (Javier Bardem) smuggling drugs into America to line his pockets with a little extra cash. 650 mots de plus


Feeling Kind of Unfulfilled #Movies

You know, as someone who grew up loving (I mean really loving) movies and admiring different actors for portraying an array of characters – movies just do not touch me the way they used to. 857 mots de plus


FILM | Project X: Why Advertising Your Party On Facebook Is A Great Idea

Hi! Magazine, February 2012, Link

Do you remember The Hangover? That little comedy film that ended up making almost $500 million worldwide and smashed three unknown actors into the world of A List super stardom? 633 mots de plus


'AKIRA' - Paving The Way For The Sci-Fi Genre

Akira is a Japanese anime, sci-fi film, made in 1988 and is directed by Katsuhiro Ohtomo. ‘Akira’ is hugely influential, not only within its home nation, but across the globe, as it helped to define the sci-fi / fantasy genre; and its influences can be seen in many recent western films. 277 mots de plus


Lily Absinthe Takes One Last Look At the Movie Tombstone

Well, just when you thought that we had explored this topic to death, once again we’re back! :-) In our past posts, we primarily explored the types of female costume seen in the movie and touched a little on the male ones with the aim of deconstructing some of the details. 636 mots de plus

Lily Absinthe Corsetry And Couture

38: Mr. Holmes

I think as a culture we have become oversaturated with Sherlock Holmes in the past few years whether it be ‘Sherlock’, ‘Elementary’ or even Guy Richie’s Adaptations, it feels we have explored every deep dark corner of ‘The world’s greatest detective’s mind. 568 mots de plus



Director and writer: Peter Travis and Alex Garland. Cast: Karl Urban, Olivia Thirlby, Wood Harris, Lena Headey and others. Studio: DNA films. Release date: 2012… 473 mots de plus