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"[film] editing is a form of visual poetry."

« editing is a form of visual poetry. »

— George Lucas, direction, film director, film, cinema


JOB OFFER? What To Look For In Your Writers Contract

With all the contracts that we agree to either verbally or non-verbally, left, right and centre, why do professionals and specifically artists in the media industry take them lightly? 803 mots de plus


Red Billabong

Luke Sparke makes his creative debut in Australian monster feature Red Billabong, premiering August 25th.

Brisbane Weekender’s Jess McMillan sits down with actress Emily Joy to discuss legends, brotherly bonds and how humour can bring monsters and men together. 814 mots de plus


Reparations, Race and Religion at 10th African Diaspora International Film Festival

This year the African Diaspora International Film Festival celebrated its 10th anniversary in Washington, DC at the Marvin Center on the campus of George Washington University. 508 mots de plus


Secret Life of Pets “The Movie”

The fun loving animation The Secret Life of Pet’s is a story of two dogs and their adventures of finding their way home to their much loved owner, with needed help from their neighbourhood friends. 278 mots de plus


Retro Review: Shadow of the Vampire @ Infinispace.net

The text below the break is part of a theatrical review originally published on January 27th, 2001.
Here are some updated thoughts:  I’m not sure Shadow of the Vampire went on to become a “cult classic,” but I was right about Willem Defoe‘s nomination for Best Supporting A… 20 mots de plus


A Testament of Youth

I already loved Alicia Vikander; this movie just cemented that admiration.

What a performance.

As the only daughter of wealthy British parents, Vera spends most of her time with her brother and his two friends. 107 mots de plus