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Digimon Films: Digimon Tamers: Battle of Adventurers

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Digimon films beyond the Adventure Canon (and even some points within those films) are often difficult to fit within the chronology of the series in which they take place. 1 566 mots de plus


Broken Arrow

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Throughout World War II, American attitudes became much more conservative and xenophobic. The Communist party was now the target of attacks by Americas own would-be fascist black guard HUAC crowd and most relevant to the film at hand is the way films during this period portrayed outsiders. 1 132 mots de plus


Interview Emily Ann Hoffman: Animation is such an expansive and diverse medium that can be used in infinite ways to tell infinite stories

It’s not every day you see a short animated movie about adult topics such as sex, contraception and having children but when you see one, it’s a great one. 845 mots de plus


Best Zombie Movie: Zombieland

I despise zombies. They are such a pointless villain. I mean, what are they? They’re dead and so need brains. But when they eat brains they don’t get smarter, so what’s the point? 350 mots de plus


a changeling of seasons

it’s officially summer, but Halloween is already on everyone’s mind. i kicked off my summer season over Memorial Day weekend with a chance to see the newly restored version of… 203 mots de plus


Honkytonk Man

In 1982, Clint Eastwood directed one of the first pictures of his career in which he wore his musical influences on his sleeve. In the film, he plays the character Red Stovall (based on Jimmie Rodgers), an ailing Country Western singer-songwriter with Tuberculosis and not long to live. 1 007 mots de plus