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Student Media Production Awards 2018

Call for Entries

(As Per Film Ireland Web Source)

Creative Europe Desk Ireland MEDIA and Filmbase invite media students in Ireland to apply for support for the production and distribution of graduate film and media projects. 235 mots de plus


Resolution. It’s a strange word. New Years are all about resolutions, aren’t they? About hopes and dreams for the coming year, because let’s face it, we fumbled last year? 858 mots de plus


Emotive Project

We were asked to record some footage and sounds, and then mix them together to create an « imaginary place » which would embody a message or feeling. 57 mots de plus


'Commit to the Song' debut

Last night felt great. I’m not sure how else to really say it other than that. I think all artists desire for their work to connect with others, and the feedback, crowd response, laughter, and tears from last night’s hometown screening of my new documentary felt great. 368 mots de plus