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Movie Review Roundup IV

I’m nearly done chasing down nominated movies, and this installment gets us to quite a few acting and picture nominees. Less than a week until the big day! 890 mots de plus


Free Fire film review

Free Fire is the sixth feature from acclaimed British director Ben Wheatley, best known for his cerebral and, at times, turbulent films, such as Kill List… 640 mots de plus



A critically acclaimed film about Ireland’s only boarding school for primary school children will be screened for one evening only at the Omniplex Limerick, Thursday, 9 March at 6.30pm. 232 mots de plus


Scouts Guide To The Zombie Apocalypse (2015)

Zombies are so overdone that even writing about them being overdone feels overdone. We’ve had zomromcoms, we’ve had biological zoms, and we’ve had Arnie trying to be emotional with zoms. 378 mots de plus


The Neon Demon - White of the Eye

The Neon Demon from Nicolas Winding Refn is one of my favorite films of 2016 – the slow burn into uncomfortable crescendo, glittering visuals and thumping soundtrack created a package I was absorbed by. 164 mots de plus


mini exhibition two

Another of the Mini Exhibition series I’m posting specifically to generate feedback before making too many decisions about putting my final degree show together.

This series was selected and sequenced by my painter/sculptor friend, Nicholas Wright, who swears he has never taken a photograph in his life and that he never wants to. 209 mots de plus


Lost and Beautiful

I recently saw a new Italian film, Lost and Beautiful, by Director Pietro Marcello. An ode to Italian neo-realist film, it is a slow-moving film with sparse dialogue and stunning visuals of the Italian countryside. 158 mots de plus