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Readers’ Poll 2016

Hold the bubbly, we’re only halfway through our 2016 Annual Report.

Over the last two weeks, we’ve kept ourselves prettay, prettay, prettay busy unveiling this year’s… 149 mots de plus

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I’m currently both a little under the weather, and somewhat snowed under, (weather pun, always a joy), with the written aspect of my university modules, (anyone fancy taking over on my 2.3 zillion word dissertation on developments in Post War Japanese photography? 162 mots de plus

Stuart Hyde

Egyptian Impossible! The Mummy Full Trailer

After the Teaser last week which was more than a little vague, we now have the first full trailer for the new Mummy film, starring Tom Cruise, and it is……still confusing. 267 mots de plus


"Goodnight, Irene"

« I sleep only in two drops of French perfume… ». It’s Anita Ekberg guying herself in La Dolce Vita but – as a certain great lady of today would say in sonorous swooping tones – « remind you of anybody? 1 005 mots de plus


Black Christmas (1974)

We are into December, and the bells are jingling as we dust off those Christmas classics and pull them out of the cupboard for their yearly viewing. 444 mots de plus


Film Review: Train to Busan

Any good zombie film has to have three components working in perfect synchronicity for it to be a success: a cavalcade of inventive gory deaths, a few salient points on society and the human condition, and a whole lot of people doing stupid and selfish things, which may collapse neatly into the prior component. 354 mots de plus