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I love Fuji Natura 1600

I was not sure what to expect from this film. It’s a much higher speed than what I would normally shoot, and I had not seen many nature images taken with it. 139 mots de plus


A country lane. But where does it go?

I see roads like this and I just want to see where they lead. Sadly, on this day, I didn’t have the time to follow my curiosity, but it’s on my radar now. 45 mots de plus


Frugal Film Project - Sam Warner - March

Sam is shooting a 1949 Voightlander Vito ii and Kodak TMax 100.

You can read more about Sam Warner here.

Film Photography

A cat, a photograph, and memory

Gatita, 1978

I do not even remember taking this photograph of Gatita. She must have been no older than a year, then. I found it when browsing thru my archives, although I was specifically looking for photographs of her. 178 mots de plus


2018: On Reflection, Part One

2018 was the year I dove back into Photography in a big way. That isn’t to say I had stopped completely, but 2018 was definitely the year when I said, « LET’S DO THIS! 1 727 mots de plus

Film Photography

The power of bulk

If you use photographic film, you probably feel the pinch of buying and processing film. Optimizations are required.

Instead of buying individual 36-exposure film canisters, bulk film is a good solution. 509 mots de plus


Saturday Walk #04

These photos were taken last year on a cloudy Saturday morning. The building featured on the photos served as a Korean Christian church for many years. 38 mots de plus