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Through The Glass Review: Poetry without words

There are stories that are told in sentences, paragraphs, and chapters. Yet, there are also stories in which words are not needed.

In Julian Sibal’s short film… 307 mots de plus


Lucia Anniello

I liked it. I was the only guy in the theater. Wait, there was a married guy he didn’t count. Anniello, L. (2017). Rough Night. . 12 mots de plus

Going short

I have made short films in my past. Next autumn they are going to be exhibited in a local art & literature festival. It’s an exciting time for me. 287 mots de plus


A Movie A Day #167: Stick (1985, directed by Burt Reynolds)

Stick (Burt Reynolds) is a veteran car thief who has just gotten out of prison.  No sooner has Stick arrived home in Florida then he accompanies his friend, Rainy (Jose Perez), on a drug deal that goes bad.   284 mots de plus


'Toy Story' Consultant Reveals Heartwrenching Story of Andy's Father

Mike Mozart, who worked as a toy consultant on the original film, recently revealed details from the late Joe Ranft, former Pixar head writer, for the boy’s father. 11 mots de plus

Geno Scala

Review: Blue Velvet

Reissued in cinemas thirty years after its initial release (1986), David Lynch’s controversial Blue Velvet remains intact in its scarring effect.

The film is packed with raw emotional scenes that construct the film’s status of a masterpiece. 585 mots de plus