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On trends in science fiction

Science fiction is arguably one of the most impactful genres in society, mostly in its ability to get its audiences to question the world around them, to provide sociopolitical commentary on current issues in our society, and to guide how our technology advances, whether it’s unconscious or not. 475 mots de plus

Summer Kist

The movie business is in big trouble, and studios are scrambling to figure out the future

(Source: www.businessinsider.com)

Anyone in the movie business who tells you they’re not scared stiff about the future is probably lying.

There’s ample reason to be fearful. 2 640 mots de plus

Money Matters

No Game, No Life Zero anime film unveils first teaser video

NEWS – The No Game, No Life Zero anime film has unveiled its first promotional video, staff, cast, and characters.


The video teases a story from myths erased from people’s memories. 180 mots de plus


A Change in scenery

Let’s say in a film, there is a scene which simply takes your breath away. Maybe a storm brewing above, the atmosphere changing in the environment. 197 mots de plus


Quentin Tarantino's Badass Female Characters

Gender pay gap, hyper sexual objectification, dumbing down of female characters, lack of quality screenplays for women, these are just some of the issues film industry is still dealing with. 1 047 mots de plus

Black Tony Says Tyler Perry Wants To Put Him In His Movie [EXCLUSIVE]

Black Tony was giving Rickey Smiley tons of excuses about why he couldn’t come to work when he casually revealed that he had a meeting with… 171 mots de plus

Rickey Smiley