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NFL Films and Comedians on Football

I love football…or I love comedians talking about football even more.

Is a Hail Mary Pass really the last resort, the equivalent of buying a lottery ticket when all else has failed?  34 mots de plus


204. The Foreigner


« The Foreigner » is the most « this is not what I expected this to be in the slightest » movie I have seen so far in 2017. 373 mots de plus

tukʷtniɬxʷ – tule mat house Indigenizing the Built Environment

I spent 4 days on geothermal reconstructed earth at UBC Okanagan inside the woven walls of Shawn Brigman PHD’s Tule Mat Lodge. It is the exact image I received when I listened to her on digitized audio returned from Wendy Wickwire’s early research. 34 mots de plus


Happy Death Day : Groundhog Day's Grisly Update

Going into Happy Death Day, I had seen the trailer once and read a vague synopsis of the film so didn’t know what to really expect. 263 mots de plus


31 Days of Horror - 19 October 2017: The Legend of Hell House (1973)

After so many heavy films, I was glad I picked The Legend of Hell House as my next movie–I try to space out old versus new, cheesy versus scary, etc., as best I can, but sometimes I get several in a row of a particular kind. 335 mots de plus

31 Days Of Horror

31 Nights of Horror - It (1990)

The 1990 adaptation of the Stephen King book It was a two-part made for television miniseries, it’s 187 minutes so buckle up. First things first, this is one that I would absolutely recommend reading before watching. 471 mots de plus