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The Skylarks’ War – Hilary McKay

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My secret trick for dealing with winter blues: children’s fiction, both classics like The Secret Garden and Ballet Shoes, and modern classics in the making like… 648 mots de plus

7 days until 'Invisible Frontline'

The most audacious plan of the First World War. A team of rogues to carry it out. What could possibly go wrong? 169 mots de plus

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22nd February 1919

Henry Cecil Johnson, aged 31, died at home in Knowle on 22nd February 1919. He is buried in Knowle churchyard and his gravestone notes that he « died from injuries received in the Great War. 278 mots de plus

First World War

'Of course you know why I'm writing': War letter from 1917 a tale of friendship and sacrifice

In early May 1917, Earl Sorel, a young teamster from Manitoba, was laid up in a British hospital a short ferry ride across the River Mersey from Liverpool when he got his hands on a pencil and a piece of paper, noted his temporary address in textbook cursive at the top right corner of the page and began to craft a letter home to a teenaged girl named Pauline Rochford. 1 018 mots de plus


Harry Holland’s wartime political default

In late April 1915 the first major military engagement involving New Zealand troops took place on the shores of Turkey: a bid to open the Dardanelles Strait to allied shipping and deliver the Turkish city of Constantinople (Istanbul today) as a prize to the despotic czar of Russia. 3 622 mots de plus

Working Class History

The news that's fit to print.

It is estimated (says the London correspondent of the « Age ») that there are over 300 war correspondents attached to the armies now in the field in Europe, but they are under strict supervision, to prevent them despatching to their papers any information which might prove of use to the enemy. 203 mots de plus


8/2/1919 to 20/2/1919 Reparations and racial equality trouble the Paris Conference while assassins strike and war continues to rage in the East

Unfortunately my commitments to science fiction have obliged me to neglect the First World War. Here are some fascinating events that occurred a hundred years ago since the… 169 mots de plus

First World War