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When technology doesn't take: Update on #EdoBlocks and #Flic

A while back, I blogged enthusiastically about Edo blocks. These are Lego-ish blocks made of cardboard. At the time, they had proved great fun to make. 333 mots de plus


Hej och välkommen

Hej och välkommen till min nya blogg. Jag har valt att starta denna blogg då jag under de senare åren hittat många roliga produkter som på olika sätt kan förenkla vardagslivet. 502 mots de plus

Automatiserat Hem

Finnish solutions for land administration, urbanization and climate change displayed in Washington DC

Text: Elina Warsta

Urbanization and climate change are affecting land management everywhere, especially in developing countries where economic growth is fast, and societies are taking giant leaps forward for example in terms of digitalization. 785 mots de plus

B4A: ABFlicB4A library for Flic buttons

You probably have seen these nifty little IoT Flic buttons around. They are a fun and relative cheap BLE button that allows you to do something when the button is clicked, doubleclicked or hold. 451 mots de plus


DT 28264

French cop in international force (7) = INFLICT

French cop = FLIC, international = INT

Arch bridges are not perfect (7) = SAINTLY

arch = SLY, bridges = containment, are not = AINT… 6 mots de plus

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