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Retelling The Tale Of MicroVision Memorial Day 2015

Of course this has happened. You’re in a conversation with someone who knows the entire story, except for the recent news, when someone new walks up, gets intrigued, and wants to hear the entire story. 1 437 mots de plus

Kissimmee aprueba resolución en apoyo a la acción ejecutiva sobre inmigración

Después de Tampa y North Miami, Kissimmee se convierte en la tercera ciudad de la Florida en apoyar los programas que podrían proteger a 253,000 floridanos contra las deportaciones… 105 mots de plus


In praise of tracking software*

*Not all tracking software will be praised in this blog.

I repeatedly recite my mantra that tracking is not the same as assessment. For years our assessment processes in schools have played second fiddle to the demands of tracking by sub-levels and even sub-sub-levels! 988 mots de plus


Bluetooth Buttons Let You Summon Siri, Snap Selfies Without Touching Your Phone

Since the inception of the smartphone, people have been coming up with ways to use it as a remote control. There are smartphone apps for controlling your TV, turning your lights on and off,  1 291 mots de plus


Flic ปุ่มเดียว อยู่!!!

เดี๋ยวนี้อะไรๆก็ touchscreen คิดถึงปุ่มกันบ้างไหม? ขอแนะนำ « Flic » ปุ่มเดียวทำได้หมด! 18 mots de plus


Flic is a smart button that controls your favorite apps

Wouldn’t it be nice if there were an actual Staples Easy Button? Well, the team at Shortcut Labs may have devised the next best thing: … 320 mots de plus


Critique de livre: Fille de flic - En quête d'âme par Nathalie Ayotte

Fille de flic – En quête d’âme
par Nathalie Ayotte
© 2014 par 100 inspirations, Éditions


Alors qu’elle n’avait que huit ans, Isabelle Bellehumeur a sauvé la vie de sa mère qui était sous l’emprise de son mari, un policier alcoolique et maniaco-dépressif. 305 mots de plus

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