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Soul 9+ - A Little Gem by the Post-90s

Along Kam Ping street of North Point, this little area is saturated with so many restaurants to choose from, but the one that catches my eye is Soul 9+. 306 mots de plus


Poor John in tripe heaven

Tripe has multiple meanings. In the world of slang, it is something silly, false, worthless or a load of rubbish. In the world of food, it is part of the stomach of a cow, sheep, goat, pig or ox. 279 mots de plus


Le Bistrot, Aix en Provence, France

The weekend that we were in Aix, the city was overflowing with an extra several thousand people, there either to perform in the Half Ironman or cheer someone on. 151 mots de plus

Instant Gratification

Pareidolia, Foie Gras, and Guardians of the Galaxy 2: A (sort of) Terrible Review

Have you ever been in the midst of a dream, and then realized that you were dreaming? You’re there, and you’re standing naked in front of the class, or you’re taking the stage and you’ve forgotten your lines, or you’re soaring in the sky with psychedelic dolphins or whatever, and it clicks:  1 150 mots de plus


UK pub owners forced to remove foie gras from menu

The harassment and intimidation of The Bridge Inn at Calver has finally taken its toll. The Derbyshire Times states that after all of the harassment and intimidation from so-called animal… 431 mots de plus

Foie Gras

Is it possible to appreciate French cuisine without having foie gras? I was timid about force feeding birds, and castrating chickens because I watch YouTube videos [ 144 mots de plus


Rodeo Grill | Beach Rotana Abu Dhabi

Rodeo Grill located in the heart of Abu Dhabi’s Beach Rotana Hotel, has made quite a name for itself in little under two decades. You see, Rodeo Grill was the first all American steakhouse to open in the capital back in 1998 and is still regarded as one of the premier choices in the city for those looking to insatiate their carnivorous desires. 787 mots de plus