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Post engagement shoot dinner at MUST

May 06, 2016

Still feeling romantic after our engagement photo shoot with Kim Ing and taking advantage of the fact that we looked pretty spiffy – Michael and I ended the busy day with a dinner date. 546 mots de plus

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Russell House Tavern

Overall taste: 7.75/10 | 2017 | 14 John F. Kennedy St, Cambridge, MA 02138

+++ = highly recommend | – – – = do not recommend… 253 mots de plus


Savory & Sweet: Foie Gras Crème Brûlée Recipe

Crème brûlée means « burnt cream, » and is one of the all-time-great desserts. The first recorded recipe for this custard with a burnt caramel crust is in François Massialot’s 1691 cookbook Cuisinier royal et bourgeois. 598 mots de plus

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Overall taste: 7.5/10 | 2016 | 1704 Washington St, Boston, MA 02118

+++ = highly recommend | – – – = do not recommend

Toro is a hit and miss for us. 231 mots de plus


6 specialties from Nouvelle-Aquitaines Dordogne

NOUVELLE-AQUITANE, FRANCE – This region might be best known for its quality Bordeaux wines, but its food is an epicurean’s paradise. To the east of Bordeaux, the department of Dordogne (historically known as Périgord) is best known for its gourmet foods. 510 mots de plus


Foie gras and marinated duck leg

This dish is from Périgord.

Yes, duck’s liver isn’t exactly a pretty thing to look at. But with clever plating and some shiny peeled grapes, one can… 30 mots de plus


Chestnut and foie gras "cappuccino"

This is one of those recipes that never fails to impress guests and draws oohs and aahs each time I make it. Yet, it is, as are all my recipes, very easy to put together. 293 mots de plus