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[Food Review] The Sushi Bar @ Ngee Ann City

I finally patronised this really popular Japanese restaurant – The Sushi Bar. The usual outlet at Far East Plaza would usual see long snakes of queues outside this bar, but in NAC, things seems to be calmer here, yet I can barely contain my excitement of the food they are about  272 mots de plus

Japanese Restaurant

Gastronomic Pizza

It sounds funny to hear gastronomic Pizza but yeah, it’s true even simple pizza could be a gastronomic one. I found a recipe from Chef Pete Evans, I have to admit that the recipe is so different from what I already ate so far. 174 mots de plus

Sunday Idea

6 #EATSSOGOOD Picks at Pound by Todd English

Pound by Todd English is set to make waves this weekend as it opens with its #PAYWHATYOUWANT promo. From February 5 – 10, 2016 visit the newest addition to the FOODEE Global Concepts Group at B:3 Bonifacio High Street. 556 mots de plus

New Kids On The Block

Top 5 best things I ever ate in Ireland (series 1)

Foie Gras Trifle

Rhubarb, Passion Fruit, Hazelnut, Bitter Cress, Tuna…

So, what is Modern Irish food anyway?  I am so glad to answer probably the most frequently asked questions as a professional cook living in the United States. 250 mots de plus

Le Gourmet de Séze - Lyon, France [A Michelin-starred restaurant]

Bonjour people!

I, recently, had a foodie friend visited me in France, so there’s no place for us to pamper and shower ourselves with food and sweets better than Lyon. 1 119 mots de plus

130 million euros

The French government has agreed to give 130 million euros from tax payers money to farmers as a support to the torture of ducks and geese in the foie gras industry. 8 mots de plus

Foie Gras