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Seeking sunshine in LA

Fall is always a difficult season for me. Dragon boat season ends, work becomes busy and then there’s the nasty thing about the weather turning cold and wet accompanied by darker days. 1 670 mots de plus

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Philippe (not his real name*) has taken to eating his dinner in the office.

The place is so effervescent at lunch time that he wants to recapture the buzz after a long day of hunting and crushing bugs. 102 mots de plus


Foie Gras and Membrillo Pintxos

Haven’t had many opportunities to savor and enjoy the beauty that is foie gras, along with that, also have a great love for tapas and pintxos – what a joy to find out that Huertas, in New York City, combined the two fabulous dishes with their foie gras and membrillo pintxos. 72 mots de plus


Parks, Pok Pok, and Le Pigeon (I like alliterations)

If there’s any way to ensure that you’ll enter into the deepest level of sleep its gotta be an active day of running, eating, drinking, drinking some more, stuffing your face with grilled meats, drinking some more, all while using walking as your means of conveyance in discovering a new city.   4 929 mots de plus


My Birthday Dinner @ Animal

We were thinking of Providence for my birthday dinner. However, I requested Animal instead at the last minute because of craving for Foie Gras.

Restaurant entrance with no sign… 324 mots de plus


L'Atelier Joel Robuchon, Bangkok TH

I wasn’t really up to date of what was going on in Bangkok. One day I checked out my facebook feed and found out the legend, Mr. 849 mots de plus


Oscillate Wildly - Strop wrests the reins from Birthday Boy for a taste of the best ever

We visited Oscillate Wildly on Melbourne Cup Tuesday, in the midst of the Festival of Andy’s Birthday. Given the usual shenanigans that mark Cup Day at his workplace, I’d made a special request for him to stay sober, at least until we got to the restaurant. 1 140 mots de plus

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