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Sao Paulo Bans Foie Gras in Restaurants

The Brazilian city Sao Paulo officially banned the production and sale of foie gras in restaurants on Friday.

Foie gras is a delicacy that’s made from the fatty liver of force-fed ducks and geese. 143 mots de plus

Summer Road Trip Day 4: Montreal, Quebec

We stayed overnight at Mont Tremblanc and the next morning, we headed off to Montreal. The rain was starting to pour during our drive and didn’t stop until late afternoon. 424 mots de plus

Wish List, by Carole Howard

It’s my birthday today. There, I’ve said it.

If you’re wondering what you could get me, and you can’t manage to bring about peace in the Middle East or an end to childhood hunger, here are some other ideas – of both the sublime and the ridiculous persuasion. 296 mots de plus


Eduardo Sousa: owner of the gheese heaven

Foie gras is commonly accepted as a gastronomical heritage of French cuisine and seen as a fundamental product in high class society. It is surely one of the most luxurious and sophisticated food experiences, yummy! 313 mots de plus

Harrods roof terrace

one of the best places for lunch on a sunny day in Knightsbridge. Have a post-shopping post-prandial snooze on the roof terrace bar with fresh mint lemon water and foie gras with truffle muffins – so delicious! 22 mots de plus


Do Vegetarians need Protein?

Our friend, Ross asks me to go to dinner with him. This kind of date is typically problematic. I’m vegetarian. I’ve been one since I can remember. 649 mots de plus


Be On Canton

The Travelling Pixie in Hong Kong

Be On Canton

A few weeks ago, I had the huge urge to get a proper digital camera, so naturally, I asked Toby for advice!   537 mots de plus

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