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El Magatzem de la Bodegueta, Barcelona

After our late afternoon (7pm tickets, don’t you love Spain!) visit to the Sagrada Familia, we had a bit more time before needing to head to the airport. 301 mots de plus

Instant Gratification

The Food Critic

Prompt Day #301: Speculate on paper: If you were to eat your own brain matter, what do you think it would taste like? Describe it, appealing to the senses, evoking the texture and flavor. 1 005 mots de plus

Writing Challenge

We love you Sabado!

This week, Squishy is supposed to have developed taste buds! As Squishy gulps amniotic fluid, he/she will taste the food that I’ve eaten. In a couple of articles, I read that if you expose your baby to certain flavors prenatally, there’s a greater chance that your baby will enjoy these flavors later on. 279 mots de plus


"Blood porn...>"

One of my biggest challenge has been accepted. And the missión is accomplised succesfully.


The people who are living in the world of culinary – know exactly the myths of… 188 mots de plus


Dordorgne Dreaming

The Dordogne is France’s third largest department, and as well as numerous picturesque villages, it also boasts an incredible 4,000 chateaux, 10% of all the chateaux in France.   625 mots de plus


Review: L'Espalier.

On marathon night, we had a very late dinner so my father could relax for a few hours after finishing his race. We celebrated at  488 mots de plus


Foie Gras Two Ways

The bottom of the dish features foie gras seared with a fennel and rhubarb compote. On the rim of the dish is a torchon of foie gras with fennel pollon. 17 mots de plus