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Folio: Martin Cannon

This featured folio comes fom Martin Cannon, a filmmaker based in Wales who, in the last year, was taken by the process of still photography. His current approach is somewhat documentary in its style, keeping a distance from his subject and giving the viewer a glimpse into the environment in which the person is in. 175 mots de plus


Folio: Masked by Alexander Kafka

Masked is a new series from Washington D.C.-based photographer Alexander Kafka and features model Theresa Manchester. Alexander is art director for SmokeLong Quarterly and studied fine-art figure photography with Missy Loewe at the Washington School of Photography and portrait photography with Sora DeVore at Glen Echo Photoworks. 15 mots de plus


Folio: Running from the Sun by Parker Reinecker

Parker Reinecker is a documentary and street photographer based out of Atlanta, Georgia. He is currently working in North Georgia, North-eastern Pennsylvania, and the American Southwest. 603 mots de plus


Folio: Sea Sight Seeing by Anastasia Deligianni

See Sight Seeing is a decade-long series from Psychotherapist and Photographer Anastasia Deligianni. The series, shot on various beaches across Greece is a study of what happens when you take out colour and you put details of bodies and action in front of or against continuous beaches, the endless sea and the horizon line. 166 mots de plus



My name is Laura Alberts and I am a wife and mother (of five!). I believe that anyone can be a creator of beautiful things, you just need to find your niche. 71 mots de plus