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Weeknight rut? I've got you!

You’ve hit a wall. It’s only been three days since the work week began and you’re pooped. It’s hump day. Ain’t nobody got time to cook a fancy meal. 132 mots de plus


Master Cleanse Review: Day 3

I never noticed how many food commercials come on TV until now. In a one hour period I must have seen twenty to thirty different restaurant ads. 273 mots de plus


Run to Eat or Eat to Run?

Quick update with a side of relief: doctor says my feet could just be inflamed, but at worst, show signs of plantar fasciitis. I’ll be resting for a few days, icing three times daily and upping my Ibuprofen dosage. 530 mots de plus

Welcome to my Blog~!

I suppose this is the part where I tell you a little bit about myself and this blog.

Here at « Coco Matcha » the main focus of this blog will be Health & Wellness. 206 mots de plus


Cooking according to the oxford dictionary or in this case google, is « the practice or skill of preparing food by combining, mixing, and heating ingredients ».  6 mots de plus


No customers, glad I have a pen with me...

10 February, 2016. Parent teacher conferences tonight. Yes, as a matter of fact I would sincerely love to conference with a parent or two. I’ve cleaned the art room. 117 mots de plus