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Turkish delight- Divan Patisserie at The Dubai Mall 

Being a dessertarian, I couldn’t be more happier to visit Divan and explore Turkish delicacies and desserts in-depth.

Divan has been serving customers since the late 90’s and is proven to be one of the most popular dessert parlour in Istanbul for its treats such as colourful macaroons, handmade chocolates, fruit tarts, cakes, pastries and cookies. 271 mots de plus


The Key to Being an Amazing Reader (2 min read)

Written by Millionaire’s Digest Staff Member: Precious Kc George

Founder & Owner of: Think Digest

Millionaire’s Digest Staff Team, Author, Successful Living Writer

« Today a reader, tomorrow a leader » W.

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Are You Going To Eat.....Clean?

One thing I have learned from joining various diet forums and net based support groups is that people behind a keyboard become great, brave, judgey bullies about diet and weightloss theory when they get to comment from a safe and virtual place. 1 577 mots de plus


Cuisine Machine 2016 // Festival Review

Maybe you’ve noticed the bright yellow posters hanging all around Middelburg or perhaps you’ve read Yonna’s recommendation here at Tabula RASA, but last weekend Cuisine Machine took place. 414 mots de plus


Travel Notebook Excerpts - Tokyo, Japan - June 2016

I sat in various coffee and tea shops and trains along the way, testing out a portable keyboard I bought in Shinjuku and observing the pace of life as it swirled around me. 1 291 mots de plus


Easy Fish Tacos

Things get quite busy in our house during the week, so easy dinners can be a lifesaver. I make a lot of quick dinners during the week and this is one of the easiest ones that can be ready in less then 30 minutes. 252 mots de plus