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RECIPE: Blueberry Pancakes

So after starting on the overnight oats trend we started to push this onto pancakes.

Yes – I know we can make them in the morning but when you are busy and have to be in the office early I would rather make the night before and feel super organised when I wake up. 145 mots de plus


It's only food

I’ve been reading about addiction. My father was an alcoholic and I wanted to understand more. I like a glass of wine but don’t drink too much (most of the time). 253 mots de plus

Weight Loss

My Morning Cup -

Fours years ago, I was diagnosed with Non Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease. I also have Celiac. The two together make sense. Your liver filters everything and I was eating gluten which was making me sick, clogging up my liver. 244 mots de plus

March 21, 2018

Well this morning we decided I would take Brandon to school and my husband would take Savannah  to school. I dropped Brandon off came home made Savannah waffles and sausage and gave her some raspberries as well. 302 mots de plus

Patty B, Pemberton Wedding Duck

The sounds of spring are in the air. Birdsong fills the yard, and the egg incubator hums in my living room. Every spring we carefully place colourful, fertilized chicken and duck eggs in the racks and wait patiently, until we can hear, with ears pressed to warm shell, the muffled rustles and faint peeps of tiny birds inside. 662 mots de plus


pin-spiration: PASTA

Just thought I’d follow up my ode to carbohydrates with a wheat-filled pin-spiration post. I love marinara, but only my mom’s, so these are all pictures for buttery, cheesy, herb-y pasta dishes that are literally making my mouth water. 9 mots de plus


Bill Cosby Wants Judge Replaced Because of His Wife’s Advocacy

Mr. Cosby, nearing a retrial on sexual assault charges, says the judge must recuse himself because his wife is an advocate for assault victims. Legal experts disagree. 9 mots de plus

Ian Bagley