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(Almost) Effortless 30lbs weight loss

I have not exercised, nor followed a restricted diet. Yet I’ve lost about 10lbs a month over the past three months!

How? By eating minimally processed and minimally cooked foods! 335 mots de plus

Clean Eating

Adulting is hard....

Yes, I said it. Adulting is hard! I recently celebrated my 34th birthday and reminded at how quickly time flies! I am the mother of a busy 13-year-old boy and a sassy 8-year-old boy, both who keep my husband and I on our toes. 170 mots de plus

Healthy Little Limes

Good morning and Happy Friday!

I never realized how many health benefits are contained inside a little lime. After doing some reading this morning, I have found that drinking unsweetened water with lime, or adding lime slices to a recipe, can offer numerous health advantages, such as those found in the list below. 217 mots de plus

Healthy Eating

Resistance Bread

I created this tea bread so that it would be food for strength and comfort—loaded with antioxidants, yet sufficiently sweet. Indeed, my husband says he can’t think of this as bread, as it seems more like dessert to him. 202 mots de plus

Sugar, Sugar

In the diet or health and wellness world, sugar is a bad word these days.  Apparently, processed foods, even the fat-free, fat-reduced or light products are not the way to go as they are making us fatter and fatter.   178 mots de plus


An Inaugural Food Tradition

As a candidate, President Donald Trump dispensed with many traditions. Continuing that theme, he  removed Boston-based Legal Sea Foods fish chowder from the celebratory menu, where it had been a fixture since 1981. 49 mots de plus


Kitchen Tools Chefs Can't Live Without

One of Chef David’s favourite kitchen tools is his mini coffee grinder. Not just for grinding coffee beans, he uses it to fine-grind espresso for baking (adds a nice bitter touch and homogenizes with the flour better), grinding specialty peppercorns like Szechwan and making nut-paste purees (like peanut butter, pecan paste or almond butter). 36 mots de plus