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Homemade Hummus!

Chickpeas, one of mother natures mouthwatering creations, chickpeas are the basis of any hummus. I use hummus for basically anything, dips, spreads, by itself or dolloped onto a salad. 271 mots de plus



hey guys! Just to let you know now I am back in the UK! Will be updating more now, hope you all have a lovely weekend and enjoy your Sunday! 12 mots de plus


Day 115

I watched a couple sketchy movies today on my day off. One is called The Den and the other Wrong Turn 6. There really mess with your mind movies. 148 mots de plus

Daily Journal 2015

Warning: protein bars contain hemp seeds

  • By Rachael Tolliver | Fort Knox Public Affairs

    Posted Apr. 23, 2015 @ 11:54 am

    FORT KNOX, Ky. — For anyone who relies on protein bars as an afternoon or after-workout snack, they should be warned about unmilitary-friendly ingredients in their all-natural selections.

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The Perfect Saturday

We have a video monitor to keep an eye on Asha since her room is on a different floor than ours.  She’s been sleeping in her toddler bed these days and the transition has been amazing in more ways than one.  191 mots de plus


Japanese Mandarin Orange, Setoka, Is Amazing Sweet!

I was given a gift from the resident downstairs. It was Japanese mandarin oranges (Mikan in Japanese) and the bland name is Setoka.I was surprised at the extremely thin skin that was too thin to peel easily. 224 mots de plus